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Writing Tips

For crafting an influential story or article, consider the following:

Use Story Telling-Techniques

If you are writing a personal story, try using story telling-techniques.
  • Tell the reader what your goals or dreams were when entering Accenture.
  • Why were these goals important to you? Tell us a bit about yourself so that the reader can connect with and relate to you as a character.
  • What obstacles were in your way when trying to achieve your goals? Show the conflict between you trying to achieve your goals and the obstacles. Examples of obstacles could be your Career Counselor, HR Representative or Senior Executive. An exciting story has a strong conflict. What happened next?
  • Make it into a well flowing story. Re-read it and polish it. Have a friend read it and comment on it.
  • Where are you now? How has this change positively influenced your life? This will give people inspiration that things can change for the better, even if it is scary.

Write for Quality and Credibility

Credibility is very important when trying to create results. This campaign is all about exposing the truth about Accenture.
  • To increase your credibility:
    • Double check so that everything you state is correct. If your article contains inaccuracies, it will be removed. Don’t worry, you can still write opinions and hypothesis, but make it clear to the reader that they are not hard facts.
    • Insert references or links to your sources.
    • Take a photo, if possible, and include it in your article.
    • Include facts, figures and quotes.
    • Use spell check and ask someone to proofread your post.
  • Don’t just say "Accenture sucks!" Found your judgments. E.g. in what sense does it suck? Compared to what? What facts or observations do you have to support your statements?
  • It is ok to write long articles. But keep in mind people don’t generally read excessively long texts on the web. That being said, be concise and get rid of all phrases that are not needed.
  • Stay positive and likeable. Let Accenture be the aggressive and rude ones. We critique and inform, but we communicate with people out there who don’t want to read overly angry texts.

Review our Guidelines

We hope this check list of basic tips can be useful.
  • CNN’s iReport site recommends that a story should be: true, yours, and new and interesting. Their toolkit "The Ingredients of a Good Story" has some great tips.
  • In order to draw focus to your main ideas, work with one idea per paragraph, use lists and highlight keywords.
  • Write good titles, headers and sub headers. Be informative in your headers, rather than clever.
  • Don’t mix topics in one article. Write two articles if it makes more sense.
  • Link to outside material when appropriate. The link titles should be descriptive (i.e. "Accenture drops Woods" is better than "click here").
  • You can add photos, video and files.
  • Write a teaser and send it to us. The teaser is shown on the campaign home page and in Google’s search results. You can also send us a thumbnail picture that will be shown on the homepage next to the teaser.
  • Don’t reveal your identity (or hints thereof). See our anonymity tips
  • Remember that you are legally responsible for the content you post here. Your post may not contain libel, hate speech, incitement to crime or criminal activity, unauthorized use of copyright material, etc. See our user agreement.
  • Explain any acronyms you are using by writing out the words the first time you use them, followed by the acronym in parenthesis. Example: My career counselor (CC) asked me to meet him yesterday.
  • Do not refer to others with their full names. This site is for critiquing Accenture, not for personal attacks on individuals. Try saying something such as "My career counselor, we can call him Joe, did something horrible in our yearly career meeting."
  • You can also provide your story in word or pdf format. By sending it to us you agree to our user agreement. Direct it to:
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