A collaborative campaign to expose the truth about Accenture

How to Contribute

You can help bring down evil empire a.k.a. Accenture.

You can be a part of this movement.

A campaign like this has never been done before, but companies less evil than Accenture have fallen (think Enron, Arthur Andersen, Lehmann Brothers, etc.)

You will be completely anonymous, of course.

Ways to Contribute

There are six main ways you can help us expose evil empire:
  1. Write about your personal experience of Accenture

    We believe the most powerful thing you can do is to tell the world how it was for you to work at Accenture.

    When a career candidate needs to decide to accept or decline an Accenture job offer, your story can make a difference. Candidates need to read what happened to someone else who was in a similar situation to theirs, someone who was told the same clichés from HR and who knows what happens next. You can be someone they can relate to. This way you can really make an impact.

    There are many good people like you who are currently stuck in this machinery of evil for 60+ hours a week. When these men and women can relate to your story, it will surely save their day, week and hopefully their careers if they decide to leave Accenture because of your story.

    See our writing tips to get started.

    Use our form for submitting a personal story or send us an email.

  2. Blow the whistle on a failure or a scandal

    Accenture is a well-oiled communication machine. Senior Executives put the lid on layoffs and things that could hurt Accenture’s reputation, and pour tens of millions of dollars into advertising.

    Do you have information that the world should see, such as covered up scandals, overcharging incidents, cancelled projects, or project failures?

    Please use our form for reporting a failure or scandal or send it by email and we will publish it.

  3. Write an office guide about your local Accenture office

    We plan to publish specific information on each Accenture office for job seekers and potential Accenture clients. We need help by employees or former employees of each Accenture office for this.

    Typically we would need: photos of the office, known (or unknown) failures and scandals the office is responsible for, resources for employees (such as free legal advice for employees in conflict with Accenture, psychologist that can help employees who burn out), local salaries, etc.

    You can find some examples in the Accenture offices topic.

    Please send your article by email or use our write an office guide form and we will publish it.

  4. Help us write any of these requested articles

    Some articles we currently look for from volunteer writers:

    • The Story of a Talent Fulfillment Specialist (HR Rep)
    • Jobs in Accenture IT Consulting (similar to this article, perhaps?)
    • Interviewing for IT positions
    • Interview questions and process (all areas)
    • Office Guides and a Country Guide for Accenture India, Accenture Bangalore, etc.
    • Write up of the NHS Scandal (UK)
    • Careers after Accenture (tips, info and ideas)
    • How to get into top consulting firms (er… not Accenture)
    • How to get out of Accenture (job searching "on the side" of EE)
    • How to move from Accenture into freelance consulting

    We also need help doing write-ups of scandals as they happen, i.e. summarizing articles from the media.

    (Un)fortunately Accenture keeps messing up faster than we can write about all their scandals!

  5. Share information about Accenture

    Even if you don’t have information on huge scandals, you can still help us with information, such as salary statistics, attrition rates, Accenture’s People Directory, photos, videos, emails, policies, employment contracts (offers), etc.

    We will never reveal your identity. Please see our anonymity tips.

    Please contact us by email if you have something for us. You can encrypt you email and documents using our public PGP key.

  6. Help spread the word

    According to Accenture’s former chairman, Accenture receives 2 million CVs per year. We need to reach as many of these people as possible.

    Some ways you can help spread the word:

    • Share our site or an article on social media, such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
    • Mention us on your blog with a link to our site.
    • And of course, we would be happy if you would follow us via our email newsletter, RSS feed, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. We want to keep in touch with people who support the cause of bringing down Accenture.

Other Ways to Help

Do you have special skills that the campaign could benefit from? Copy writing? Web development? Design? Translating? Want to get involved? We would love to hear from you.

And of course, if you need help or advice, we are here for you – just write us.

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Do you know of Accenture affairs that should be made public?
Blow the whistle anonymously and we will publish your story.

We need info on Accenture's:
  • Illegal practices
  • Immoral behavior
  • Overcharging & fraud
  • Project failures
  • Bullying
  • Etc.
Using our forms or email you can easily send us: Or see how you can contribute.