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Anonymity Tips

If you contribute to ExposingEvilEmpire.com, we recommend:
  • Always use a nickname, not your real name. But beware; usernames are public on exposingevilempire.com, even if you choose to use a so called "nice name". The username is used in the URL in certain links (e.g. /accenture/author/johnsmith/ could lead Accenture to you). Don’t use your name or hints to your identity.
  • Never post to this site from an Accenture office. Not only can you be seen (e.g. by a senior executive sneaking up from behind), but you leave digital traces as well.
  • If possible, try to avoid using your work laptop to write or post content to the site. Doing so can leave a trace even if you permanently delete the word files, etc. If you already did, consider using permanent removal software (for example BCWipe and R-Wipe And Clean).
  • Don’t use your work email to create an account with us. In most countries employers have the legal right to access their company’s email accounts.
  • No email addresses are published, but once again, don’t use an account that Accenture can connect to you (e.g. the address you sent your job application from, or one that has your name in it, e.g. johnsmith@hotmail.com).
  • When uploading content such as images and archives, make sure your name is not in those archives. Use MS Office’s function to clear personal info under File -> Info -> Check for Issues -> (Inspect Document) -> Document Properties and Personal Info. Check Properties to make sure your name is not under author (e.g. right-click the file). You could also open the file in a text processor such as Notepad or Textpad and search for your name.
  • Don’t write clues to your identity. E.g. "I work in the Dallas Office in the Supply Chain Practice" or "I’m a consultant on the BP project in Florida" or "My Career Counselor, John Green, sucks ass". All these statements would narrow it down for Accenture in trying to identify you (and most likely fire you or even sue you for writing on this web site). Ask a friend or trusted colleague to proof read and ask if they would be able to use your text to identify you based only on your text.
  • Put out some false clues We encourage you to change unimportant details about yourself in the text. While it is important to be honest in order to maintain credibility, you could change certain things. If you work in Dallas, write that you work in Houston. If you have worked for the empire for 2½ years, write that you have worked for it for 2 years (it’s better to decrease rather than increase, out of credibility reasons).
  • To summarize, if you want to be 100% anonymous, go to a public internet café and create a new anonymous email account. Stay at the internet café and use that account to create an account and join this site or when sending us material. That way there are no log files with your IP address on any server you accessed or temporary internet files or word files on your (personal) lap top, etc.
Accenture’s Senior Executives are extremely aggressive which is why we strongly recommend writing anonymously. While getting fired from Accenture is a good thing in the long term, we understand that you most likely want to choose for yourself when to leave.
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