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Working in Accenture’s Call Centers – One Insider Leaks the Details

Call Center

Anti-Accenture Movement’s note: A while back we received a story in our inbox. It’s the story of someone who works (or worked) at Accenture’s call center in Manila, The Philippines.

More specifically he or she was on one of the teams handling the Washington Gas account at Accenture.

Naturally, we are fascinated with people’s experiences at Accenture so we decided to publish it. So, without further ado, over to our insider man (or woman):

Customer Service and Outsourcing Do Not Mix"Customer care and outsourcing do not mix" – you did not know how right you were, my friend!
Washington Gas (WG) outsourced its front office (call center) and back office to Accenture back in 2007, and Accenture took the work to their Manila Delivery Centre (MDC) in the Philippines. 300 positions were eliminated from the US, according to The Washington Post.

Bad decision by WG. Let me describe the working situation for us here at Accenture.

The People in Accenture’s Call Center

The staff doing the front and back office work is composed of Filipinos earning a 1/6 of the US salary. The call center, which has been in Manila for almost six years, has an extremely high turnover rate. Accenture is continually hiring Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) for the WG account.

The WG account is on its fifth year, and hiring is already on wave 27 as of December, 2012 (so that’s hiring about five times a year).

Since the turnover is high for this account, people from different walks of life come and go.

Accenture hopes to prevent this high turnover rate by slapping a bond amounting to PHP 100,000 (around US$2,400) to all new hires if they do not stay with Accenture for a year; which is illegal, but don’t worry, they don’t chase you for that when you quit.

The unfortunate but wise ones (who; through just sheer bad luck got assigned to this god-forsaken WG account by Accenture’s ignorant HR) choose to ignore this bond, choose to quit fast rather than die young, and then go on hating Accenture for the rest of their lives.

Accentures call center in Manila, Philippines Accenture’s call center in Manila. Workers removed to protect their identities.

The Culture

Office politics, incompetent management and favoritism have ravaged the working environment at the WG account at Accenture’s Manila Delivery Centre (MDC). It is toxic and more rotten than an open sewer.

On your first day, your team leader will say, "Oh, office politics, which company doesn’t have that?"

So there.

If you kiss ass and agree with the team leaders and managers then you will become their favorite, and you will become like them.

Inappropriate sexual relations among the team leaders, managers and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are rampant.

Some CSRs have managed to get out of the account and even got promoted by providing sexual favors.

It’s sad really; there have been serious, hardworking people there who spent 3-5 years of their lives in that account and then just got fed up and quit. They had dreams when they started, hoping that they’ll be promoted to supervisors/team leaders after a few years or at least get transferred to other accounts.

However, years of favoritism, office politics and sexual discrimination made the good people leave Accenture’s Delivery Center.

I say sexual discrimination because one of Accenture’s Operations Managers (OM) was a lesbian. She had a female protégé and their relationship was no secret. Then after a couple of years, the OM got promoted and left for another account, so naturally her protégé rose to become the new OM.

However, it turned out that the protégé was a heterosexual, hyper sexed female who drooled over handsome men. So, now that she became the “Queen B”, almost all of the supervisors and the team leaders are mostly handsome young men promoted by no one else but her.

This new OM (“Queen B”) is unmarried; but no matter how hard she tries to hide it, it is no secret that she is in a sexual relationship with one of the supervisors who is around 5-7 years younger than her. She insists on scheduling parties, town-hall meetings and celebrations on Sundays and holidays without any regard for the situation of married people who have families. This is not very popular.

Silly ActivitiesParticipate or else…
If you do not participate in the silly activities planned by the managers then you will be ostracized and expelled from the group of employees in good standing and this will affect your performance review.

Performance Management – Accenture Style

Apparently, management is concerned that it’s always the same teams that become the first or second ranked team every month. So with their flawless critical thinking skills, they concluded that the composition of agents among the teams is unfair, and to solve that problem they decided to break up the teams and shuffle the agents.

Instead of putting the time and effort and train the team leaders of the bottom-ranked teams ("losers" in the eyes of management) to become better at their job, management decided, "Ey, you know what? Let’s just shuffle the agents, hoping that the best performing CSRs will be randomly distributed among the teams so that it won’t be unfair to those losers whose teams always rank last every month."

Meanwhile, everyone else wants you to stay in the account and be a CSR/slave forever; the team leaders, managers and your pathetic co-workers constantly feed you bullshit every day. They would even badmouth other existing accounts at Accenture MDC just to make you believe that the WG account is the place to be in the world for a "hopeless person like you who’s too fat and lazy to find a better job".

Soon after joining Accenture, I felt like I was failing miserably in life. So my advice to my co-workers: get out while you can. Unless you’re ok with feeling horrible day in and day out.

Worst day of my life at Accenture

Performance Measurement – Accenture Style

Oddly enough, Team Leaders have been emphasizing customer service, but customer service is not a metric used to assess the performance of the CSRs.

Accenture and WG have decided that their performance will be assessed every month using the three measurable metrics:

  1. Average Handling Time (AHT),
  2. Call Quality and
  3. Service Order Accuracy.

So, the CSRs just focus on meeting the required scores every month so that they can keep their job. If they fail to pass the required scores for the three metrics, they will get fired.

The AHT target every month is 300 seconds/call. How in heaven’s name can you do anything for the customer in five minutes?

Monthly performance assessment of call quality is a joke, out of the more than 1,700 calls you take every month, they just listen to three calls.

The only reasonable performance metric of these three is Service Order Accuracy.

High Performance is doing it in the Sewer called Accenture.

Customer service is not part of the training the newly-hired employees receive.

Instead, they train the CSRs to be tough on their customers.

Accenture Clown"So I trust I have resolved all your questions today, Sir. No? Oh well, that’s too bad, but your 5 minutes are up. Bye."
To compensate for long calls (to lower the AHT), the CSRs sometimes drop their calls; or just don’t help the customer to limit their calls to 2-3 minutes, even though some issues would definitely require a much longer time to resolve.

The CSR is more concerned with his/her performance as an employee. Customer service is the last thing on the CSR’s mind when he/she is taking calls.

The HR Puppets

The quality of the employees hired for this account is unstable. Put a big FAIL sign on Accenture’s big, dumb HR for hiring employees who lack the skills and the drive required to be effective on this job (English communication, critical thinking, etc.)

Don’t get me wrong; some people here are good at what they do. And I don’t want to talk bad about the workers; in fact, many of them are my friends. The thing is, people have different talents and not everyone is suited to work in a call center. If you’re great with kids, you should work in a kindergarten. If you’re creative you should work in advertising, not in Accenture.

HR assigns the newly-hired employees to the account wherever manpower is needed without taking into consideration their abilities and educational/employment background.

And yes, high turnover on the WG account means that it is always understaffed and HR is putting innocent, gullible new hires to take on this job.

The deceitful recruiting is why people with the "wrong" skills end up working here at Accenture.

The HR Representatives are there to supposedly supervise the account; however, they are nothing more than puppets of management. They mean well, but they’re weak and stupid.

HR PuppetsThe HR puppets at Accenture?


Office politics and mismanagement, flawed metrics and poor employee quality are the reasons for Washington Gas’ horrible customer service.

Washington Gas has a 10-year outsourcing contract with Accenture. The WG account has been going on for almost six years, regrettably. CSRs who are unfortunate enough to have been working in this account have not much of a future left in their careers.

We considered pretty much every ‘what if,’ and we’re positive that we can work to the benefit of both parties
– Washington Gas spokeswoman K. Greer, June, 2007 (Source: Washington Post)
They have no marketable skills. They will leave this account without even learning what basic customer service is.

The job of the Customer Service Representative at the Washington Gas account at Accenture’s Manila Delivery Center is nothing more than a paycheck.

The contract is worth US$350 million to Accenture.

Note: We normally advices contributors to not give specific details that can help Accenture find out their identities (like which specific project or account they work on).

In this case, we have discussed the anonymity issues and the contributing author feels secure and confident enough (perhaps also defiant enough) to write what he or she does. Kudos!

Guest Writer
December 1, 2012
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  1. Yeah been to that account, is there such thing as 2 hrs OT every day for a whole week sometimes or most of the time for 2-3 months straight. I know people who had perfect health when they came. I do not regret leaving accenture rather than spending another month at that hell hole. peace!

  2. I didn’t know that there was a “movement” such as this.

    Four months ago, I got booted out of the Evil Empire for “attendance infractions” which were all backed up by supporting documents. I felt really devastated because, at the time, I loved working there (although the “project” I was in – the WG Account – leaves a lot to be desired). Equally devastating was the fact that they are charging me an employment bond, despite the fact that I was unfairly stripped of a job (the collection agency that they hired still hounds me up to now; constantly “reminding” me that my name has already been “blacklisted” from my country’s association of BPO companies.)

    As I’ve told people I’ve encountered since, I have no bad words to say about the Evil Empire (I actually tell people that it’s a nice place to build a great career, but the “project” that I was with has been the worst experience that I had in my four years working in the BPO industry. I don’t know exactly the kind of “happenings” that take place in the Project Management Office, but I’m pretty sure that they’re damn crooked.

    I guess there’s no denying that I’ve been duped. Shame on me.

    I work in another company now; reputedly, one of the Evil Empire’s greatest adversaries in the Americas for the last three years (so my headhunter told me). It has just set up their BPO operations in my country, and I belong to a “pioneer” account. So much promise, the opportunities are limitless. I brought with me the good memories that I’ve left from working for the Evil Empire, and will use them as an inspiration to better myself and improve my craft. I just hope that my new employer won’t screw it up like the Evil Empire did.

    • Dear (Previously Reluctant) Ex-Evil Empire Employee:

      You did the best decision. I was also at that account and quit. I received threatening emails and phone calls regarding the bond but I just ignored them. You must be a newbie (less than a year). The Management is very happy now because most of the Level G’s quit and they will save a LOT of money!

  3. Below is a copy of the most recent demand letter that I got from the collection agency of choice from our local Evil Empire “delivery center” (obviously, I changed some vital details, as I don’t want to name names):


    Previously Reluctant Ex-Evil Empire Employee
    123 Anywhere St.
    Anyplace, Planet Earth

    Attached is the demand letter for your unpaid employment bond with our client, ACCENTURE INC.
    You have been notified before for this accountability. However, settlement has yet to be made.
    We encourage you to immediately settle the unpaid bond within the next five (5) days. Please present attached computation in the demand letter when you remit payment to the Cashier at the address below:

    Site Floor Extension # Days Time
    Local EE Site 1 GF 16857 M to F 9AM – 1PM, 2:30PM – 6PM

    Local EE Site 2 GF 37271 Monday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Wednesday 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
    Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Local EE Site 3 GF 27106 M to F 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, 2:30PM – 5:30PM

    Please get in touch with us once you have received this e-mail so we may discuss how we can address this concern.

    Thank you,
    -name of collections office representative-
    Recovery Officer – Operations
    Direct line: (##) ###-####, loc. ###.

    The nerve. And, like I said in my previous comment (above), the local EE “delivery center” is charging me an employment bond despite the fact that I was unfairly stripped of a job (i.e., terminated as a result of random “attendance infractions” which were all backed up by supporting documents). And might I add that someone from their inHuman Relations office told me that I’m not entitled to any back pay because I “left” the company 3 months’ short of my 1st year anniversary.

    Well, dear local Evil Empire “delivery center”, I WILL NEVER pay that extortion money (er, “employment bond”) that you’re asking from me. After my 10 months’ worth of loyal servitude, this is how you pay me back. Shame on all of you. Wait until I finally decide to send all your bums to court.

    • @(Previously Reluctant) Ex-Evil Empire Employee

      Thanks for sharing this! It’s exactly what we need to show about Accenture. Well, they are doing many horrible things like this, but if we all write about what they do, we can make a difference!

      Great work man! Don’t pay those suckers a cent!

  4. It’s official. The Operations Manager (OM) or the “Queen B” that I
    mentioned in the article is going to quit Accenture on April 20.

    Apparently, the upper management of both Accenture and WG was gravely
    concerned of the following:

    1. The Service-Level Agreements (SLA) of the WG account are not being
    fulfilled (poor customer service, too many mediocre-performing Customer
    Service Representatives or CSRs),

    2. The serious turnover problems of the employees hired on the WG account
    (forced overtime of two hours every day during the months of January,
    February, March of this year, resulting in to many newly-hired employees
    quitting just after training); and,

    3. Allegations of inappropriate sexual relations among the superiors (OM,
    supervisors and team leads) and the employees that they supervise (two
    mediocre-performing CSRs have been promoted to supervisor level; those two
    have supervisors / team leads as their boyfriends / girlfriends, despite
    the fact that there are many other high-ranking and performing CSRs before

    As I told you in my article, the workplace at that account is as putrid and
    toxic as an open sewer.

    The sexual depravity of the team leads / supervisors is appalling.

    Let me tell you the story of that “Queen B.” That Queen B came to the WG
    account as a lowly CSR when the account has just started in 2007. By
    establishing an inappropriate sexual (lesbian) relationship with the OM at
    that time, Queen B was rapidly promoted to supervisor, team lead, and then
    OM in a rate unprecedented in Accenture. Within 5 years, she became the OM
    of the WG account.

    However, she was only concerned with her standing in the eyes of upper
    management and with the welfare of the people she likes; she did not give a
    damn about the other employees, the lowly CSRs who silently toil endless
    nights for the account.

    What she did was she became stingy with the incentives (individual
    performance bonuses, “Celebrating Performance-points”) that is usually
    provided to CSRs (and generously provided in other accounts) to motivate
    them to perform well.

    Also, she made it very difficult for the CSRs in that account to move up
    from Level H (entry, non-university graduate, minimum-wage level) to Level
    G. In fact, there have been many employees with previous experience who
    came to the account as Level G’s. However, they are the ones who are the
    focus of bullying of upper management, OM, supervisors and team leads so
    that they would quit, leaving the account with lower-costing, cheaper and
    eventually dumber Level H CSR’s. Nevertheless, in the eyes of upper
    management, using Level H employees is better because they will pay less
    given the same job.

    Queen B was successful in limiting the number of Level G people in that WG

    Then, during annual performance reviews before upper management, she
    presented these stingy and inhuman acts as “cost savings,” thus making her
    well-liked by the equally inhuman upper management of Accenture and WG.

    In retrospect:

    The WG account has served Queen B’s purpose well. She used the resources
    of the account (the people and the money) to further her own career
    ambitions. She will leave the account smoldering in ruins. She will go
    somewhere else, taking with her all the money taken from the WG account she
    richly deserves.

    The upper management of Accenture and WG are equally successful in
    achieving their purpose. They have and continue to squeeze every last drop
    of blood, sweat and tears from all the lowly CSR’s they have hired, chewed
    and spit out.

    They will continue on doing so.

  5. There are no arrangements that can be made with Washington Gas. Washington Gas does not care about customer service. Washington Gas is a 150-year old corrupt utility company that outsourced every aspect of their non-core business to Accenture; which is another corrupt consulting / outsourcing company (remember Enron). By doing so, their objective is to cut costs to the bone so that it will result to more profits for management. Washington Gas outsourced the fieldwork to the lowest-bidding contractors. In addition, the front and back office work (call center, accounting, billing, etc.) has been outsourced to the Philippines since 2007. Washington Gas does not have control over the technicians who are out in the field. The technicians receive their orders from Filipino call center agents over 3,000 miles away; thereby making even simple orders prone to mistakes and miscommunication. The employees in the call center in the Philippines are terrible and unprofessional, and the workplace is as toxic as hell with an extremely high turnover rate.

  6. It doesn’t surprise me that PMs and TLs in our company who were former Accenture employees are like this. They abuse overtimes and other time wasting crap to get a project done even when it was on the get go.

    Ever since he got on board we no longer had weekends. In 2-3 months I had forgotten what a weekend was!

    I ended up resigning from my non-Accenture post after 2 happy years of staying there because our PM ex-evil-empire employee was driving me nuts! From a derivative of Anderson’s quote: “I wouldn’t spend another minute in this job even with all the money in America!”

    A few months later I heard he left because of inefficient handling of the project and poor time management.

  7. In retrospect, this should be a lesson for all of us in case we are lucky enough to pioneer a team. Never tolerate toxicity in your team.

    A toxic individual is infectious and that poison they carry will go with them wherever they go. Just make sure you and your healthy team are the cure.

    Sadly, as well there are types of these individuals who are born with a golden tongue. I have not yet found the magic bullet of getting rid of these people but truth be told, wherever company I hear them go, resentment follows. Unfortunately, they also hold a higher position.

  8. MOS who resigned / was terminated in April this year is now being investigated and hounded by Accenture for fraud. Apparently, part of the budget of the Washington Gas account intended as incentives for all the agents in the account was spent for her personal use including the team-building activities of the Escalation Team only, the favorite employees of MOS. Judging from the Facebook posts of Ms. S*****, she is now enjoying her vacation in California, USA.

    [Admin Note: Names in this comment have been removed. Personal attacks are not allowed on this site.]

  9. Pathetic. So Washington Gas put that shit Customer Preferences Survey on their website to improve customer service. Since when did you fucking listen to your customers? You are a monopoly, for god’s fucking sake! You are the only gas provider in your area and you don’t care. You even tell that fact to your agents during training, right? And how do you expect your agents to focus on customer service when you don’t even consider their surveys as one of their performance metrics? Your agents just have to focus in their average handling time (keep it under five minutes folks!), service orders and call quality (rate 3 calls out of at least 1,600 calls per month???). That outsourcing deal with Accenture has really worked out fine for some of you, huh? Saving the company US$170 m on a US$550 outsourcing contract with Accenture? So Washington Gas, tell us, where did the difference go? Your executives and those principals at Accenture made a lot of money on this deal. You and Accenture have destroyed a lot of lives. Thank you so much for doing your small part in destroying society.

  10. Wow, this is a real eye opener in relation to how Accenture treat their employees and the culture that they encourage within the organisation. I was searching Call-Centre companies in the Philippines as my partner is Filipina and she wants a career within Finance or Energy and was recommended Accenture as a good company to work for as they have office here in Britain and someone had written a glowing review about Accenture on another blog in the Philippines. No way will I be sending my partner to work for this company. I just wonder what would happen if the British newspapers were to get their hands on this story….tut tut tut.


  11. Hi to all of you.

    After reading the whole article, I got more drive in me to leave accenture but still, I need someone who will tell me that “you can leave accenture without worries about the bond for they won’t chase you”.

    I’m just scared that when I leave accenture in a way of resignation or awol, I might get chased because of that bond.

    I know it said here that that is not true [that they hunt you for the bond].

    I am about to enter my 3rd month at accenture and honestly, I’m not happy.

    This is not the work or lifestyle I am wanting or looking for.

    What should I do? Should I go? :( I am so desperate…

    • Hi CK,

      I know your post was far way back and I guess you have quit accenture by this time.

      I’m planning to leave accenture on an AWOL, been 3 days now that I called absence care that I’m sick but I’m not, I’m just sick and tired of all these bullsh*t – sorry to say that.

      I’m just curious of what had happened to you, I want to know what happen? Have you really quit?

      Please also give me some advises of what to do.

      And to the rest of the guys here, please I need your advises too.

      Thank you so much!

  12. To CK: Don’t worry about the bond, just leave.

    What they do is they send you a letter, then call you to ask about the bond. But they cannot take any legal action on you. However, if you leave, you won’t be receiving any back pay, but you’re going to do yourself a favor by giving yourself more time to look for a better job.

  13. Hi REM,

    Are you really sure about that? I just really want Accenture be out of my life. Accenture is my worst decision but maybe it could have been the best if my project would not be the reason for me being unhealthy.

    What do you mean by back pay?

    And yes, I’m currently looking for another job and also reviewing for an exam for me to be able to work with the government. And another question, how is the resignation process? This is my first time on having a job like in the office so I’m not sure how it goes.

  14. And also, if i leave, I can’t declare Accenture as my work, right?

  15. Hi! I’m a new hire in accenture and to start next week.
    But I’m still not sure if I’m going to continue it or not because I’m really bothered about that 100K. Basically, I only applied for this job so as not to waste time while waiting for my visa.
    But, how can I get out of work if I already receive my visa? Can I just AWOL and fly?

  16. HI, IDK, uu naman lalu na kung inde ka pa nagstart go ahead and enjoy your life and look for a greener pasteur

  17. I am very sorry. However, I do not apologize in behalf of Washington Gas. I urge you to go the Public Service Commission with your complaint. Washington Gas is a 150-year old utility company that has become so corrosive because it has held a monopoly for far too long. The customer service representatives cannot help you. Washington Gas is a corrupt 150-year old utility company that outsourced their non-core business to Accenture; who then put their customer service office in Manila, Philippines to squeeze more profits out of the deal. The customer service representatives working in Manila are all terrible employees receiving only 1/8 of the salary in the USA. You have no other recourse but to go and to report them to the Public Service Commission in the hopes that they will shut down this corrupt utility forever and press charges against Accenture

    The email address customersupport@washgas.com, or whatever email address that the customer service representative tells you when you call Washington Gas goes into the inbox of the supervisors of the Washington Gas Account at Accenture’s Manila Delivery Center. However, they will just ignore that. The supervisors are Filipinos working 1/6 of the US salary. They have no clue about what their responsibilities are because all of them were promoted through favoritism and office politics. They do not understand the urgency of the situation, they do not know how terrible winter can be, and so they will not act on your request immediately.

    Expose Washington Gas. Let them go bankrupt, stop using their service. Washington Gas has over a million customers in DC, VA and MD; tell your friends and family to stop using Washington Gas and Washington Gas will fall, one customer at a time.

  18. From Washington Gas customer, c/o Washington Gas Facebook account.

    I paid to have my gas turned back on at 4am. I called to have it reconnected at 9am. I was told that their was no one that would be able to turn my gas back on today and that I would have to wait an additional day. I reminded the person on the phone that it would be below freezing tonight. That did not move the person on the phone. I asked to speak to a manager. I was told 1 would call back. I called back at 3pm and told them i never recieved a call back. I was reassured that someone would call me back. I tried to schedule a re connection and asked when a technician would arrive. I was told between 7am and 5pm (10 hour window) I told them that was unacceptable and they responded with “that’s the best we can do”. A manager never called me and it is 38 degrees in my bedroom. I just started a new job and I will have to take off tomorrow because of the large maintenance window i was given. YOU SUCK WASHINGTON GAS!!!!

  19. I was also scammed by the accenture recruitment, twice. Btw, I am a college undergraduate and I finished a 2-year vocational course. I have more than a decade of work experiences related to what I was applying for.

    The first time: They allowed me to go through the one-day hiring process like threading a needle. There was nothing in the accenture recruitment that says college undergraduates are not qualified. I submitted my resume, had series of interviews & took the exams. The recruitment process started in the morning until evening. I was told that I passed, was given a job offer and was asked to sign the contract (they even asked me to start working on the same day!). I requested to have some time to read through before signing.

    Then she asked when I graduated.

    I told her “I am a college undergraduate, didn’t you read my resume?“…

    She said “I’m sorry, accenture doesn’t accept college undergraduate“.


    The second time: Again, it was a one-day hiring process but this time, the recruiters are doing things on their own which is indicative that they lack coordination. I waited for approximately 2 hours just to be interviewed, even when I already have an appointment. In the end, I passed the selection process, was given the job offer and the contract with a start date. This time, the minimum requirement is just to be a high school graduate but in reality they don’t honor it! They ask for unnecessary documents and would even mind personal matters which are already private. More so, they have no leeway & gave no considerations whatsoever. They didn’t even let me process the document for even a week. So they still didn’t let me work.

    I don’t hate accenture as a whole but they’ve VERY F@#$%&G BAD people there. They make the candidate drool over all the offers – big bonuses, incentives, allowances, etc. The recruitment process is wrong… they should’ve not made me sign the contract yet, if they are not sure I am really qualified! They had me wait for almost 2 F@#$%&G months!

    May the accenture recruiters get a taste of their own medicine! What goes around, comes around! I hope you get to be sent to Basilan for combat.

    • How come you interviewed for Accenture in two different occasions? Were you not put off by your first experience?

  20. Hi there!

    I’m currently an employee of Accenture. Just worked for about 3 months now and I’m planning to go AWOL because I’m getting married and they can’t give me VLs, said I’m not eligible yet and won’t be prioritized because I’m just new.

    I’m just concerned about the 100K bond if I go AWOL that might stop me from going out of the country. What should I do? :(

  21. Hi,
    I would just like to know if accenture have holidays?.or are they celebrating xmas or new year as well?.or should I say no work day on holidays?.

  22. ACN has a broad network of projects and non-related bootcamped projects, they fed you up with work, not-related to what you had trained for.

    Leaders are NOT competitive, they always think of their own interests and not of their subordinates.

    Of course ACN had changed the BPO industry for lots of years ever since it has started in the Philippines, POLITICS had been the main issue of its being a BAD company.

    I had one story eavesdropped from their great-great grand senior execs, since I was an employee from ACN who was ALMOST up there. Talking with them was so easy.. but I resigned.

    The legend goes like this:

    "There was once an employee who was being referred to as the “OGRE”, she was fierce in resolving all incidents in one day, A Database genius, MASTER of all SME’s and no one can beat her even their greatest peer. But one day, manager called up her attention and signed for a PIP without any particular reason. Receiving the PIP letter, she had too big ego/pride to swallow. . . she resigned and the legend of the OGRE of All Incidents was over."

  23. Now I’m contemplating to go or not. I accepted the job offer a few weeks ago and I still have 2 more weeks before joining ACN.

    I’m presently employed but I have not tendered my resignation yet because of some doubts.

    It’s a big risk for me upon learning all these things. Now how can I convince myself that this company can help me build a clear career path?!? ?

    • Then you’re just conditioning yourself psychologically that at the back of your mind, you really want to move-in to accenture.

      I think you’re in a wrong thread asking for advice, It will all boil down to your PERSONAL Decision.

  24. Update on the Washington Gas account at the Accenture Delivery Center in Manila: Washington Gas has decided to end its contract with Accenture on April, 2016 (after 10 years) and has transferred its Front Office back to the USA (Virginia). The original contract was for 5 years, with an extension for another 5, so basically this means that Accenture and Washington Gas ended their contracts after making a profit out of it (i.e. paying Filipino workers 1/6 of the US salary).

    • Does anyone know why Washington Gas ended it? If it was 1/6 of the salary, it must be profitable… perhaps the quality of the service to customers was so bad they had to end it?

  25. Wash Gas is still operating under TEMPO, I don’t know about their BPO part..