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Accenture’s True Colors

The confederation “battle flag”, used by the southern state armies who fought to uphold slavery during the American Civil War.

I joined Accenture as a fresher and worked there for 11+ years.

I have worked from 4-5 Accenture locations in India and I was very flexible to relocate. Was on the bench for hardly one month in the entire 11 years.

Then after 11 years when I ended up on the bench and was not able to find a good project in one month they started forcing me to move to different locations and if I had said No then they would have given me “refusal tags“.

Three refusals and I would be out of the company. I told them that currently due to my kids’ studies I will not be able to relocate for 18 months (which is Accenture’s minimum relocation criteria). I can manage for six months but not more than that. But there was no soft corner and I was threatened to say Yes to the relocation. This forced me to hand in my resignation papers.

The Nazis believed different people were inferior, and not “best people“.

The confederation believed in profiting from slavery.

Eleven years of loyalty, good work, dedication, flexibility, 10+ hours of work almost every day, several automation’s, awards, etc. – nothing was there to save me from the heartless Accenture.

Finally I moved out of Accenture. The company which I loved once upon a time had showed me its true colors.

I would never ever want to join Accenture back.

Love the work, not the company as for Accenture you are nothing if you are not in a project.

Guest Writer
October 22, 2016
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  1. ACN is bitchy world.. If you are honest, sincere, hardworking – you are likely to get fired first.. This is filthy company with racists, creed and boot licking. And if you are technical, this is not the company you should look for! You can imagine for cognitive, robotics capability – the India head is not at all technical rather, a boot licking guy.. he is a PMO and never programmed in his life time.. All his Senior Managerss and Managers did spoil the brand and image of Accenture for over a decade now.