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State of the Movement, State of the Empire

Exposing Evil Empire turned 1 year old. But Accenture didn’t get any cake.

So far there’s only one attempt by Accenture (a.k.a. Evil Empire) to reveal our identities. That is perhaps not much considering we have been around for a year.

Yes, a year has passed since we launched the Exposing Evil Empire campaign. So it is time for some birthday cake.

And to commemorate, I thought it would be nice to write a "State of the Union" summary, of sorts. Well, State of the Movement.

But let’s start with "State of the Empire".

State of the Empire

Unfortunately Accenture (evil empire) has grown stronger.

It now has 257.000 employees (December, 2012) – fulfilling its Horizon 2012 Strategy on schedule. Accenture’s goal has been to have 250.000 employees by 2012.

That is 257.000 souls that we have failed.

Accenture Strikes Back

In April 2012, the anti-Accenture site Assventure was taken down. It was hosted on Blogger, owned by Google.

Screenshot of the original Assventure.
Assventure was a classic site open for anyone to write on it.

I assume Accenture was behind its disappearance, but I don’t know. Since it was open to anyone, perhaps it was taken down by some random Accenture lover.

I could also have been Google itself that took it down, maybe for violating policies. Perhaps someone tipped Google off about these supposed policy violations. If anyone has some insider information on this, please let us know.

In any case, luckily we had a copy of the articles, and have republished Assventure here on Exposing Evil Empire.

Tough luck, Accenture!

Some New Manipulative Tactics

A few months back, we started seeing a great increase in the number of online reviews for Accenture.

The reviews were very positive and often mentioned the exact phrase "Great place to work" and similar.

Great Place to Work?? Accenture???


Is there another company that’s also called Accenture that I don’t know about?

Looking for a Good Twin to Accenture in parallel universes; checked 43 universes and so far no luck. (Photo: Big Bang Theory)

Perhaps a Good Twin from a parallel universe?

I got curious and decided to examine this further. (I mean to investigate the reviews online, not to search in parallel universes.)

You can read Accenture Caught Manipulating Employee Reviews for more details on the analysis.

It turns out that the HR department in Accenture India told its low level employees to write positive reviews online in June 2012. In fact, more than 200 current employees in India did this in one single month. This is a very malicious but effective tactic by Accenture in the efforts to recruit new personnel. Unfortunately many people buy what Accenture claims.

Luckily some people tell the truth about Accenture being soul-destroying and “not even close to what they say in the recruitment phase”.

Accenture’s Brand Value

Accenture also has a new advertising campaign, trying to show results for clients. Of course we will mock this campaign as well, just as we have done with Accenture’s previous advertising.

Mocking accenture’s advertising.

The Accenture brand is ranked #43 (source: Interbrand).
Sadly, Accenture’s communication efforts have had consequences.

The Accenture brand value has grown by 9% according to InterBrand.

But, if we want to see the glass half-full instead, we can point to IBM’s brand which is worth $76 billion compared to Accenture’s $8,7 billion.

And of course here at EEE, we miss Tiger Woods – he became such a good fit with Accenture after his infidelity scandal. (Sorry Tiger, nothing personal!)

State of the Anti-Accenture Movement

The Movement… that is us. The Anti-Accenture Movement to be precise.

Accenture is immensely strong. And we’re just getting started. So there’s a slight imbalance in this war.

But we are learning.

We have published some 20 articles now. Some articles that we are working on at the moment of writing this are:

If you’re interested in these, you can subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when they are published.

We’re also planning a new graphical design of the site.

We’re far from our goals still, but we’re starting to see some traffic to the site. This is good news.

However, our biggest win is that we are getting contacted by people. People write us for advice or to offer to write articles. We’re making friends. Slowly we have grown our group. We’d love to hear from you too, even if it is just to say "good work!" (or "crappy work!".) And we answer all emails (sometimes a bit slow, but we answer everyone).

Oh wait. Accenture did get some of our birthday cake. IN YOUR FACE ACCENTURE!

The Challenge: Taking Down Accenture Won’t Be Easy

As you might have understood, our goal is to see Accenture crawling in the mud, bankrupt.

This is a huge challenge, but not impossible. Remember Arthur Andersen anyone? A.k.a. Accenture version 1.0.

With almost $6 billion in cash (or cash equivalents such as bills to be paid from clients) Accenture has some financial muscle to advertise or throw lawyers our way. To say the least.

Most ex-evil empire-employees (eeee’s) don’t have any motivation to speak up about their horrible experiences. If the firm spends millions on advertising building a brand that says "hey it’s great to work here, and we only hire the best" then the eeee’s think "who am I to disagree, I’ll just play along and let my new colleagues think I’m the best."

With an army of Senior Executives, lawyers, recruiters, and communication personnel Accenture can take action quickly.

This is why we need your help. Write about your experience and it will be seen by hundreds of young jobseekers!

What is Next?

What would you like to see from us in the next year?

We would love to hear from you! We will try our best to meet your requests. After all, we are not only against evil empire, but we also stand firmly on the side of the ee employees. Well, at least on the side of the young, unspoiled employees; programmers, analysts, consultants, etc.

The senior ones are the corrupt and abusive ones (I guess somewhere around the level of Team Lead your soul is lost forever.) To quote Chainsaw Charlie:

"Don’t mind the psychos and the ruthless scum,
Before we’re done, son,
we’ll make you one!

By Rodrigo
The Anti-Accenture Movement

Anti-Accenture Movement
January 2, 2013
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  1. Hi all i have been working in accenture india from the past 8 months.I have been working 13 hours a day for past one month without any breaks .My supervisor is putting up lots of work load which has given birth to health problems at such an early age .Accenture violates human rights policy outright and no one is literally bothered about it.

  2. Thanks for this site. Love it. I visit when I’m particularly missing my DH who works over 100 hours a week for EE. All unpaid and unrewarded overtime. Nasty, bullying company, look forward to its downfall. Keep up the great work here.

    • Thanks for the encouraging comment!

      It is very nice to know we make a difference… and I hope your DH is able to get out of Accenture as soon as possible.

      It’s good to know there is another “Jedi sworn to take down evil empire” out there :)

  3. accenture is recruiting me for a PM 12+ month contracting position. any advice? is it a bad place for contractors or just full time employees? they have called me several times and it’s giving me a bad gut feeling for some reason, and i usually go with my gut. anything you can tell me would be helpful.

    • Hi Mattinacan,

      It’s a difficult question. Consider this:

      – Accenture has a very negative culture that burns people out and is nasty to work in.
      – Accenture pays below market – I assume this also goes for contractors.
      – The firm does not focus on quality, but rather quantity (as it gives more billable hours) – think about what this does to your reputation. As a freelancer / contractor your reputation is extremely important.

      All these things (culture, pay, damage to your CV) should be same for employees and contractors alike. It might be (slightly) less bad for you as a contractor given that you rely less on them and they have less power over you. Though then again, if they pay you more, they might aggressively pursue you to work even harder than the already hard-working employees. (If you have more personal questions you can always email us, we are happy to help!)

      Any Accenture contractors out there with thoughts on this?

  4. I wonder what did they do to you, that you’re so embittered to lose YOUR PERSONAL TIME, to write all this stuff? 8/

  5. I know a couple of people who work there and they’re really satisfied. Actually, from my point of view it seems that as for a “corporation”, they’re quite a good employer.

    • Unless you’ve worked there yourself, all you get is secondhand info.

      But here’s one observation about people – people usually want to be part of something they consider to be elite, and Accenture is quite adept at creating that perception.

      Here’s another – Even if I was bummed out at work, I would not actually talk to just about every person I know how badly I was getting screwed. Kinda embarrassing and does not speak well of myself, does it?

      But hey, if you think we’re bitter. Yeah, we are. What’s it to you?

  6. I disagree that it’s that bad. I work as a solutions employee and compared to the world or even the rest of the Uk, the pay isn;t bad. The people are great and the atmosphere is what you make it. I find this site funny for some of the work. But it’s not as bad as you make out :)

  7. You can add this to the list of lies from Accenture.

    They say Accenture broke off from Anderson but in truth was that this specific group of individuals were “sued out” of the firm for mirepresenting the company. Hence, Accenture was born.


    Even back then they were already an evil empire brewing. Why they NEVER tell this story is beyond me.

  8. Overall…Not a bad company really… international environment, travel in business class across continents (depends on job and level :)), everything paid…

    The lucky ones work 9-5 the other ones non-stop… Depends how lucky is your position you can be either very exposed to others eyes or you can be hiding there for centuries…

    So how does it really works…Yes, so there are the lucky ones in Gucci suites, so called consultants on the SE/MD level…with that dream salaries….and the rest who actually must work hard :)). Senior Managers and Managers don’t do bad also, specially in some geographies, the pay is very much above the local standards…Sometimes really for doing nothing but creating stupid Power Point slides, filling in Excel sheets and attending calls that are usually organized just for the or some SE/MDs to have a feeling of being worth the salary….

    You need to be a favorite of an SE/MD… if you are great or excellent in what you do does not really help, you really need to have a “sponsor” who keeps you up. And the pain in the ass thing is really the performance process… If you are in charge of people who you really know including their poor performance, you still need to listen to the SE above you who to promote and who not based on their likes and dislikes…

    Yes, how they measure “likes”? One dinner is usually enough on their global trips in which they shop and attend dinners and organize 1:1s with subordinates of the local managers : ))… No matter if the one is a looser or top performer… Simply you need to have a matching personality with the One ….. Very but very unfair for some … Everything based on rumor… facts don’t count…….

    There are some SEs/MDs hanging out there for more than 20 years!!!!! They literally finished high school and got a job at As…enture… since then doing just internal trainings and today managing a bunch of experts or professionals much more experienced and smarter then them! Aren’t they ashamed? Lack of self-criticism?

    As…enture would do MUCH better if they changed the SE/MD Lev 3-2 sometime and heavily… brought in some fresh air, education and experience…. This is really something… you just need to know one thing to have big position – be there, be visible, be redneck or whatever the expression is, have political skills and have sponsors ….

    Yes, some extra skill with MS Excel on top and that’s it… the real job iof some SEs is usually to hire external experts…. Such waste of money!

    On their travel on their lack of knowledge, on their mistakes…. They are usually surrounded by their bunch of followers to create bullet free environment around themselves… They create for themselves crazy activities just to show the “value” they have in the company :DD …which some of them do, but many do not…

    There is simply nothing much to do starting from Senior Manager’s level to an SE…. Everything is being done by the levels below… There is 240k + people working there the SMs and SEs only attend calls and create environment of processes and wasted rules and approvals just to really show the “reason” they sit in their job… Myself going from Manager to an SE…. My job literally hasn’t changed, just the name of the role and the salary!!!! Lovely times really but isn’t that crazy????

    There is too many levels which none needs and no one understands the differences… The pay is extreme sometimes for doing nothing but resending Excel files and attending calls… There is a million people in those calls who think have decision authority but they don’t… soooo hilarious! Yes, one there is, with a MD/SE role you get automatically to be “recognized” and don’t need to justify your job or role so much as on other levels….

    They hire people which they don’t need on some projects just to meet HC plan…. they don’t fire people they should just to avoid attrition!!! So there sit people who read “Stuff” and “Elle” at work all the time or sit at home and do other personal business. Then everything is charged to client… or kept as over cost… The whole firm is very complex today and I think no one really knows what is really happening… : )))

  9. I was with Accenture for 3 long years, then finally decided to be housemaker as it was impossible to have happy family and a job. But before taking the big decision of altogether stopping the job, I just thought to change the company and see how it goes. Life is great from last 2 years, 9 to 5 job, no weekend work, no travel and most important no stress of escalations or dancing around clients.

    I would suggest everyone to not to spoil your health or family life. Life is beautiful just change the job and enjoy your life with your family and have job satisfaction as well.