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Software Testing – Accenture Style

Joining Accenture did not make me king of the world. Time to jump ship. Joining Accenture did not make me king of the world. Time to jump ship.

Accenture is at it again. I’m currently on a project where the software being developed for the implementation is way behind schedule.

However, that doesn’t stop the management from trying to meet deadlines in departments that need a finished application (testing department to be specific).

We sit around all day reading functional design documents, guessing how the system should work, and writing theoretical test scripts on how the system should work. We send these faux scripts to the client for review. A client who haven’t made final decisions on functionality and who sends it back saying things are incorrect.

Well, if we were allowed to communicate directly with our client’s SME:s we might be able to get something right, however management’s fear of negative perceptions do not allow us to do so.

They think if we ask too many questions the client will think we’re incompetent. Hello! We’re testing the functionality that they can’t decide on, with no environment we can use, and trying to write "correct" scripts based on theory.

I’m looking for new job already, and have only been with Accenture for 5 months. I can already see signs that they will lose this contract. Trying to jump off the Titanic as soon as possible.

Guest Writer
February 11, 2012
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  1. Thats ACN and most of these so called Big name consulting firms for you. Its more about faking it and overcharging clients for work that could be done for half the cost.

    Having survived 2 years in that hole, I recommend hanging in there as long as possible. then use their name to advance your career to other good jobs.

  2. I spent a couple of years working on an Accenture lead project for a portion of the US Government in a specialized testing role. We were never allowed to have unfiltered access to the client for information regarding requirements and what defined success for testing purposes.

    What was really interesting is a time when we came to a conflict on resources to cover multiple projects.

    One was mission critical to the government customer and the other was directly related to an Accenture manager’s bonus.

    Our team elected to take the one more critical to the customer and we were able to deliver on time, on budget and with success.

    Our reward was to have the Accenture manager who was not acting in the best interest of the client to systematically demolish our team, removing every team member save one to do the work and then replacing the absent members with people unskilled in the field, but still billing the customer for the skill.