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Thanks for the Whopper, Accenture

Do you want large fries with that, or do you work at Accenture?
Do you want large fries with that, or do you work at Accenture?

I am so mad right now I can hardly see straight. The longer I work for Accenture, the more I am convinced that, despite what they try to convince you, they don’t care for their workers. At all!!!

I just got a call from HR and my manager. I had already been told what my merit increase (read here "annual raise") for this year would be. I was pretty unhappy with it, but it was what I have come to expect from this company. It was another year of saying "we’re going to throw a little cash at you so you don’t get up and walk out, but it’s not going to be enough to make your check look any different each month."

HR just called. She told me that there had been a mistake in the system, and that my raise this year is actually only half of what I had been told. Lies, lies and more lies! The thought actually went through my mind (and is still having to be suppressed) that I should just get up and walk out. If I was single, there’s a good chance I would right now.

At this point, twice a month, after they take the taxes out, my "raise" will allow my Tamara and I to go have a lovely dinner at Burger King – provided we both get #1s without getting the big fries and drink and that we have a pocket full of change to pay the tax. Or we could save the "raise" from both checks for the month and go see a movie – but we won’t be able to get an ice or candy to enjoy while we’re watching it. You think I’m joking.

I was this close (my thumb and forefinger are less than an eighth of an inch apart) to telling the HR woman to just keep the raise because I don’t care for their patronization. Evidently the politics playing team leads, managers and senior execs need the money more than I. It was on the tip of my tongue while we were talking. It’s probably a good thing that prudence won out.

I’ve got the next few days off to start trying to get things in order for Tamara and I to move in the next 6 weeks. I’ll probably be spending a lot of time on Monster.com and Dice.com while I’m off.

This morning I’m being asked to cover several things that I wouldn’t usually be asked to cover. I’m having a hard time not telling them they don’t pay me enough for the extra headache. I’m trying to remind myself that I work for God and not men. God not men!

If you were asking for a recommendation of good, fair company with values to work for, after the last six years here, I would whole-heartedly say that you need not apply at Accenture (anywhere in the world). It is the worst dump that ever existed.

Guest Writer
February 11, 2012
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  1. If the last six years has been so bad, why have you stayed so long?

    • A very direct question, but it is a good question…

      I will try to defend the article author here: In my case I stayed longer than I should have as the work sucked out all my energy… also, I was hoping to get a project that could count as a good merit and use that to get another job. The longer I waited hoping to get something meriting, the worse my CV became… and with that my confidence.

      Read this article about quiting Accenture if you’re in this situation.

  2. I, like most people commenting on this site, have worked with a lot of bad Accenture people and am shocked when I do actually meet a good one. Yes, they do exist, but most good people don’t stay long because they realize opportunities outside of Accenture are much more lucrative and ethical.

  3. Accenture is one of the worst companies to work for.

    They treat people shabbily, have a horrible work environment and don’t even use CRM or automated tools for marketing sales. Layoffs are done quietly and freshers are recruited just to show quarterly profit. Compared to competing IT services companies it is not even a 3rd tier player.

    They have zero IP, high attrition and very poor management. Many bosses are abusive and foul mouthed and the company seems completely focused on manpower selling. They don’t care if it’s software or hardware or cat food. They just want to sell manpower. Accenture also does not have any IP of its own and this is a big bottleneck as the company has no differentiating criteria other than cheap labour. Most of its products in services space are of the worst quality while its solutions expertise is again poor as the company frequently fails to execute solutions properly because of poor management, high attrition and poor skills. This is made worse by managers who don’t understand anything about technology.

    Can you imagine a company where sales guys submit one proposal, delivery is done in another way and after year 1 the account runs into loss? That is the normal life-cycle of Accenture’s projects.

    Most managers are just fooling around with Excel sheet fudged data and trying to show they are meeting their numbers. Even Large deals which Accenture has advertised as winning deals are loss making deals and have extremely thin margins. Many of Accenture’s key accounts are running into loss and the company routinely fires people to maintain a thin margin. This is the most pathetic way to grow the business or show fake profits.

    In reality the company suffers from huge overheads and there is an urgent need to make it a separate the company uses “Accenture” brand name to win deals and “Screw” customers.

  4. I worked at Accenture for five and half years, and realistically that was 4 years too long. In that time I worked in Consultancy for two years before transferring to the Solutions part of the company, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how the company works.

    The key thing to remember in Accenture is that you are not a person – you are a resource, there to be worked hard and to make Accenture money. They have zero interest in developing you as a person, or on developing your skills – their primary purpose is to use you to make as much money as possible for Accenture. This differs from most other companies, which subscribe to the theory that if they treat their staff as people with goals and career aspirations, then their staff will be happy, feel wanted, and try and do their best for the company.

    Accenture works on the theory that unless you are assigned to a project, and making money for Accenture, you are just “sitting on the bench” and are therefore not earning your keep. Accenture will therefore try and assign you to projects where you may not have any experience or skills in the job to be done, purely to make sure that you are earning your keep, e.g. bringing money in to Accenture. I’ve got 15+ years’ experience in my particular field, but if I was ever between roles – even for a week – I would be nagged by scheduling staff to take really menial roles, such as running test scripts and then cutting and pasting the results into a spread sheet. Not the best way of utilising your staff’s specific technical skills!

    This is why so many projects run by Accenture are staffed by inexperienced and/or unskilled staff who have received zero training – it not a matter of meeting the client requirements, it is a matter of making sure they throw resources at the task, getting the inexperienced/unskilled staff to “adapt” and learn as quickly as possible, and then charge the client as much as possible.

    Another aspect of Accenture is the incredibly high “churn” of new joiners and experienced hires – I was something of a rarity in that I was an experienced hire and stayed 5+ years! I saw several other experienced hires join and leave within a matter of months, rather than years, citing that they were appalled by the way Accenture went about its business and the way it treated junior staff.

    New joiners to the Accenture may think they are going to have a career within the company, and that they will work reasonable hours. Initially they may be seduced by what they think is a reasonable salary for a 40 hour working week. In reality, they will routinely be expected to work 60-70 hours a week and – get this – Accenture does not pay overtime! This is rarely mentioned at interviews and is very well hidden in the small print of your contract. I have regularly seen junior staff work 12 hour days, Mon-Fri, and then be expected to come in to cover weekends.

    Training is a joke – Accenture pays lip service to the idea of taking time for training, but it effectively stops this by insisting that staff attend “mandatory” training courses that have zero value for technical staff *before* you can attend course that *you* want to attend.
    With no training, no time for a social life and a hard grind of work and stress, it is no wonder that so many junior staff leave after 12-18 months.

    Why do they have staff working such long hours? It is down to inept project management. I covered 12 projects in my 5 years at Accenture, and I have to report that all of them were under-resourced, using mostly unskilled and inexperienced staff with usually one experienced hire to hold things together, working to unrealistic timescales and driven by project managers with no idea of the technical implications of what they were “managing”. On one occasion, the project manager took on support for a Linux server estate, but failed to hire a Linux admin, and went into a mad panic when a server needed packages installed and there was no-one to do it! On another occasion we had a senior manager explain to an incredulous client management team that “an IBM mainframe is just like a big PC, sure you can just switch it on and off to reboot it and it will come back up in a few minutes”. As you guess, the majority of the projects failed; the ones that did succeed came in late and over budget for the client.

    Project managers are driven by their senior managers to do everything faster, cheaper, and with no thoughts to quality control – just “meet the deadlines regardless”. If that means staff are driven in to the ground, reduced to tears and get sick from stress, so be it. I have actually seen staff signed off from work with stress related illness rung up by senior managers and asked to come in. Absolutely disgusting. I have personally had project managers threaten me, try to bully me, and on one occasion actually assault me. I reported the manager to Human Resources, who did… nothing.

    Human Resources at Accenture are absolutely the lowest life form on the planet. They are primarily attractive young women, employed just for their looks, who have absolutely zero organisational skills and an over-inflated opinion of their own abilities. My own “HR rep” took it upon herself to assign me a number of junior staff to mentor, without discussing it with me beforehand – when I objected, she complained to one of the senior execs, who fortunately ruled in my favour. From that point on she flatly refused to answer my e-mails, return my calls, or even look at me in the corridor – and then put a complaint in about MY attitude!

    In the end I was so sickened by the bullying, aggressive culture and the ineptitude of management and HR that I resigned. I now work for a company which looks after its staff, treats them well, and encourages them to develop. It values their skills. It pays more than Accenture and works fewer hours. And guess what? It gets results, on time and on budget.
    I really can’t recommend working at Accenture at all. It doesn’t even look good on your CV – when I resigned, my current company specifically asked if I’d worked on a project where they’d used Accenture, and I said “no”. “Good”, they said, “because if you had you wouldn’t get this job. Our experience with Accenture was so poor that they will never be used here again”.

    I honestly don’t know how they keep going. Their reputation in the IT industry is appalling.

  5. I used to work in Accenture HR. Honestly, there are some who care and a lot more who don’t. I joined with a few years of General HR background and shocked to learn that most HR personnel had no idea of the basics of HR. None of my peers knew how to run payroll (although it was not required in our function), none of them knew how to conduct a proper Domestic Inquiry (maybe I had the upper-hand coming from a legal background and majored in Employment law) and honestly, none of them knew anything about Labour law. Shocking.

    However, I also realized that we were also limited by our job scopes which only allowed us to drive/escalate matters to a certain level. The buck stops there. If senior Management does not want to do anything about it, we couldn’t either. That was frustrating.

    Yes, I realized that they did not really care about people. Just throw ridiculous amounts of money at them and hope they will be happy and not leave. Soon many of these employees wake up and realize that they won’t build a sustainable career in the company and look out. But have been spoiled by the high salary range and find it difficult to adjust to the “real world” with limited skills. Sad but true.

    I advise those who have sought my 2 cents, to get out while they can still “afford” it.

  6. “Hell-centure requires a complete annihilation from the face of the earth”.

    Hello Group,

    Somewhere we all are victims of Hell-centure. By the blessings of The Almighty, I have managed to slip-off with my life from this Hell recently. With more than a dozen years of technical experience and expertise on multiple skill sets along with my previous goodwill, I am being able to get out of it.

    Read all comments, I abide with all of them and surprisingly you guys are telling my story.

    I took an oath to find a better place for the poor souls who are not as fortunate and still strangled in this Hell, whom I personally know as a good person /professional during my slavery period in Hell.

    This so called “TI Giant” is not only bringing back slavery culture in the world but also bringing dark ages to IT Industry around the globe and its an acute threat to IT Careers and finally to humanity.

    I am aware that merely writing will not help, so why don’t we take this “Hell – Bull” by its horn –> <– head-on. I am confident, we can come up with a workable solution legally (or Chanakya Niti Way) as far we can do keeping our family and present Job/income unaffected. (Though I guess 1000’s of cases are already open for the purpose).

    Lastly by not Least, I am not a good writer and may have missed the feelings in my above notes. But my intention is clear “I HATE THIS COMPANY'S TREATMENT, MANAGEMENT & POLICIES” if I ever hate anything in my life.



  7. Accenture basically say that to make up for sucking, they pay their employees higher wages. I suspect this is just another attempt at marketing themselves. In my experience, they pay less. They regard themselves as a pyramid where many employees are expected to leave over time (the average length of employment at Accenture is 2 years) so perhaps they’re as bad as they are to employees to get rid of employees who won’t play along with their evil game or consent to be their overworked doormats. 

  8. man this is depressing, I hope the London office isn’t as bad

  9. I worked as a sub contractor for Accenture (hourly). Despite the 60 + hour weeks, I was told repeatedly that I would be terminated if I recorded more than 40 hours on my time sheet.
    I also witnessed a manager physically assault an Accenture employee in front of state of Texas DFPS clients.
    I stuck it out but was in fear every day for the entire six months of my contract.
    This is a sick company.