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I’ve contracted with Accenture on a number of projects. They claim to work in an “agile” environment.

To them, “agile” means sticking to deadlines and schedules even when things aren’t done, change the requirements every day, and yell at us because we’re not working 100% on their projects.

I work at a digital agency but Accenture thinks we’re a staffing firm here to give them an endless supply of drone-like interns.

My partner on the project is a Senior Art Director, and Accenture got bored working with me because I asked too many questions (like, “Why are we changing it to that?”), so now Accenture decided bother my partner instead, a senior artist with these really stupid details.

My partner now spends about 20 hours a week updating literally over 100 Photoshop files with small changes, like “Make that a lighter shade of gray. No, not that light!

Then they share it with some stakeholders and it all changes back to what it was before.

Then they passive-aggressively waited until the last possible day to renew our contract. It expired June 30. They renewed it July 1 at the end of the day.

The longer they go without emailing us, the angrier they are.

I’ve tried fighting with them through my boss and well-informed comments. They never cave, they just send someone higher up to yell at us. Ugh. They are so demoralizing.

I’m only CONTRACTING with them and I’m leaving my job because I can’t stand it.

Guest Writer
July 31, 2016
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Accenture being agile: "Make that a lighter shade of gray. No, not that light!"