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5 Tips to New Accenture Employees

If you are a new Accenture employee, these tips can help you get staffed on exciting projects and get the most out of your career at Accenture in terms of professional development and merits.

1. Become the Favorite of a Managing Director

Accenture is very a political organization and your success very much depends on who you befriend.

Being the favorite of a Managing Director (i.e. Partner or Senior Executive) will help you get staffed on better projects and get promoted. It can also help make your work life more bearable in other ways.

Try to become the favorite of a Managing Director My advice is to try to find a Managing Director (MD) you like and who specializes in the type of projects you are most interested in. Make sure he really likes you on a personal level. Become his favorite, and work long hours solely for him. Try to make him your career counselor as well. It’s important to choose an MD that you yourself like. If you can’t stand any of the MDs in your department, you may have a problem.

A Senior Manager or even a Manager can also work as your "sponsor", but they will have less power to fight for you when upper management gathers to decide on promotions.

If you like analysis and have some time on the bench you could even map out who is a favorite of whom. If a specific Managing Director has many people (or "resources") on his team that are up for promotion the same month as you are, you might want to choose someone else, as he can only help to get a few people promoted.

I recommend you learn how the political game and favoritism works within Accenture.

2. Don’t Ask for Permissions

Don’t ask for permission within Accenture – there is always someone who will say no. For example, if you want to specialize in Giving a office training can help build your personal brand SAP for airlines, start building your expertise and personal brand in this area; don’t ask if it is ok. If they allocate you to Oracle installations it will be difficult, but you have to set your own career goals.

Let everyone know what your strong points are. One way to accomplish this is to do a presentation on your area of interest (e.g. SAP for airlines) as an office training or as a firm-wide web broadcast.

3. Use your Data Gathering to Build Client Relations

As an analyst or consultant, one of your main tasks will be to gather information for the project you are working on. Much of this activity will consist of searching the internet for statistics and collecting client documentation. However, you will also need to conduct qualitative interviews with directors within the client organization. This is a great opportunity to build client relations.

There is much competition among Accenture employees to spend time with the important directors at client organizations. If you are the one with the best relationship to a Vice President or Director at a large company, in the long run you will be seen as more valuable to Accenture. After building credibility, you will be viewed as the best person to make a sale to that client.

Client interviews are excellent opportunities for building client relations Relationships with these key people are also valuable because you might get job offers from them. Furthermore, you will benefit from those contacts if you decide to become a freelance consultant.

Start building relationships early, but don’t expect to interview a CIO or similar of a Fortune 500 company. No Managing Director would let an analyst conduct an interview with such an important client officer – they will keep that valuable meeting to themselves. Directors, Vice Presidents, and Managers might be possible candidates, however. Follow up the relation and show you want to stay in touch. A good way to accomplish this is by offering to take them to lunch within a few weeks.

4. Never Say No – Or at Least Be Smart About It

A "can-do attitude" is very much valued within Accenture. If you are asked to join a project and turn it down, you might create a problem for yourself and be deemed a "difficult" employee. It does not matter if your experience is in CRM and the project you are asked to join is tedious bug testing. Accenture wants to make money off of you and doesn’t want you on the bench. Earning revenues is more important than matching your skills and interests with specific projects.

I hesitate to advise you to never say no. Here’s the dilemma: If you say yes to everything, people above you in the Accenture hierarchy will see you as a "yes man" and walk all over you. On the other hand, if you say no you may become unpopular with staffers, the HR reps, your career counselor and/or Managing Directors.

You don't want to be deemed a difficult employeeBut what if you get an email asking (or telling) you to assume a 12 month bug testing role in a suburb of Boringville?

Most analysts don’t even realize the possibility to say no exists, but you can get out of it – if you are smart. My advice: ignore that email as long as you can and do everything in your power to get another project in the meantime (be aware, ignoring is a tactic that can sometimes backfire). If you’re lucky, you will have a few days before your HR rep follows up on the email. Then you reply "I’m sorry Pierre, I was just booked on a CRM project elsewhere".

In other words, avoid a clear, direct "no" until you have a valid excuse. Don’t make it appear as if you are trying to get out of the boring bug testing project. Instead, emphasize your passion and enthusiasm to get on a CRM project, assuming that is your interest.

Getting good projects is one of the most difficult things in Accenture. The best strategy to avoid those bug-testing-project emails is to be a favorite (see tip #1) and proactively search for projects, long before you roll off your current one.

5. "Fail Fast" and Be Ready to Leave

My last advice is to not burn any bridges you may have built up during the job search that landed you your Accenture position. Keep your CV out there on the job boards.

If you have other recruiting processes going, do everything you can to finish them and get a second job offer, even if you have started working at Accenture. If this is not possible, tell those companies you will give Accenture a try but that you are still interested in their company (if things don’t work out with Accenture).

If your first project at Accenture was bad and you get staffed on a second bad project, that should be a clear signal. Dare to break out instead of wasting years of your life as a drone.

Read also: My first Day at Accenture

If you realize you made the wrong decision by joining Accenture, then "fail fast". Admit your failure, learn from it, and move on quickly. Keeping options open can save your career. Even if you chose to stay, having other job options can help in your salary negotiations.

I’m certainly not recommending an Accenture career if you have other options, but I also realize that most of us have rent to pay and in a downturn economy we might not have the luxury to wait for another job offer.

Hopefully these tips help new employees navigate the Accenture machinery. I will return with more tips (get them through an RSS or email subscription). In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in a comment below.

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    • a meritocracy means that the rewards are distributed according to merit…there is no way that you can define Accenture as a meritocracy…especially if you consider new and interesting projects as the rewards. you get thrown on any projects where you are needed whether or not it is your area of interest/specialisation. I can understand “taking it for the team” once or twice where you *also* work on some dull non-challenging project just to help keep business going–but more often than not, this is a situation that continues without end because once you get put on such a project, your “expertise” in just that sort of project grows, making you the “specialist” for all such projects. there is little room for growth in the direction that one is interested.

  1. I wish I had read these tips before joining Accenture!

    One thing about never saying no (tip #4) though: If you avoid your HR Rep you risk being staffed against your will on the “boring project in Boringville” without having the chance to talk about it and express your interest in other things.

    I guess that is what the author means with the risk that it backfires. It never happened to me, but I’ve been forced into low-value projects by (unethical) tactics by the HR Rep.

    I think you can apply the tactic of avoidance depending on the situation -How desperate is Accenture to staff this role? Do your colleagues share your dislike for the project? (i.e. will others avoid the project as well?) When does the low-value project start? And how fast could you find another role? (i.e. how many other ‘leads’ do you have) These are questions to help you chose your tactic.

    • At which consultancies can I join to be a direct employee?

      Please help .. I am already working in an MNC but there are some issues with travel. So I need to join a nearby one..

    • hello..
      i know am choosing a wrong one but its just for a short term plan.. from which consultancy can i join to be a direct emplyee.. please help ..am already working in an mnc there are some issues with travel.so i need to join a nearby one..

  2. if you think accenture is so bad (which I assume you do as you post on this site) why do you give tips to accenture people to be successful?

    I hope they all fail!!

    btw, I don’t argue against accenture being evil, I just dont understand the purpose of this post

    • While I believe accenture probably is an evil empire, I don’t have anything against the young employees there (i.e. analysts, consultants, programmers).

      I do think the senior executives are the scum of the earth, but not the people at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. Hey, I used to be one myself!

      I guess after a year or so at manager level (or above), you start corrupting your soul. Strong words, but you know what I mean.

  3. Hello,

    Can you please explain a bit about the process to leave accenture, if you get a good offer from other company. I have recently joined accenture, undergoing GFT and have not yet signed the bond.

    Thank you

    • Hi Ravi!

      I’m not sure exactly what you need to know. There is no real ‘process’ for this (even though Accenture of course has a process for everything, from their side).

      Just send a resignation email to your HR representative or Senior Executive. Specify which should be your last date. They will ask you to hand in your lap top and phone when that day comes. Maybe they ask you to sign some papers. Make sure you read it before if you sign. You can always say you will take it home and read it and then never sign.

      About the bond I don’t know. Another author on this site said Accenture will not chase you to pay them the bond if you quit “too early”, but you never know.

      Let me know if you need any more advice…

  4. Accenture is a company where employees will not work confidently due to [lack of] job security.

    You always need to praise your boss to survive.

    You also need to appreciate their mistakes as if they were correct things.

    If u got a job in accenture treat it as a second setup. (If required continue. If not quit).

  5. whenever things do not feel right, speak your mind.

    whenever things get too confusing with all the processes, use common sense.

    whenever you are ready to leave or are really sick of accenture, leave.

    never stay too long that you lose any of these 3 things – your balls, your brain or your heart.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Like you people have come to know: I am leaving the project and been rolled off to another project.

    I would like to take this as an opportunity to express my gratitude for time we have spent together no matter how brief it was and express my feelings.

    It was a short journey. Never expected it to end this way but life is a collection of different types of lessons and we are all students. Obviously some of us are going to fail the exam in the end, some of us will dropout and some of us will come out shining and successful. Only success is relative to everyone. :)

    I would like to thank my managers for supporting me and for nourishing my knowledge not only on office politics but also on what life is about.

    • Life is about overcoming your shortcomings – unless a junior disagrees with you and offends you unwillingly, which is really uncalled for :P.
    • Life is about keep boosting your self-esteem with the one and only thought that you are right and can never be wrong so you would never give anyone a chance to explain themselves.
    • Life is about trusting in people the least you can because people don’t know how to do their jobs so you have to micro-manage them and keep asking them to explain to you what they are doing/have done no matter if you understand it or not.
    • Last but not the least life is about treating people with all respect you have for in-humans. :P

    Life teaches you lessons and our most respected managers are so highly experienced and so kind that they want to “teach us some lessons” that they learned the hard way. When they started off with this journey it was not easy and they were incompetent.

    But they worked really hard day night and made their bosses happy by boosting their morale with false compliments and by submitting themselves to what their bosses wanted and when they wanted it. But now the tables are turned they are the bosses and you are in their places and history is going to repeat itself. :p

    Isn’t that simple and funny but what can we do – it’s a joke and we are all clowns. So, cheer them up and work on how to make them happy, forget about the work/tasks, which matters only if you are assigned some and they’ll be assigned to you only if your boss likes you. Vicious circle han :)

    One more important thing if you want to keep yourself on a low profile side and don’t know how to praise your boss, then mind your own business. And never in your life ever dare to disagree with your boss or do any mistake that would make them look bad. Because whatever you do you don’t just lit a tussle with king of the jungle. ;) (Before they bite you, they yell at you).

    So best of luck for your future endeavor since you people need it. Its not easy to work with accenture/celcom/whatever where you can’t have a peace of mind even in washrooms (no kidding man!!! this is how much they care for you. :p).

    Also because they don’t consider weekends as holidays and without breaking a single dew of sweat off their chin they plan each and every deployment over the weekend and expect you to have no family, no friends, no extracurricular activity, no soulmate you might want to go and spend time with — no life in short.

    Remember you are incompetent (at-least that’s what your managers think) and keep boosting up their self-esteem and spend a lot of time in offices, you never know, you might get an opportunity to help your boss in case they need you and you say Yes to them otherwise someone else would do and you are gone :p

    Adios :)

  7. Every coin has 2 sides. In the same way, there are certain pros and certain cons while working with accenture. It’s actually depending on the project in which you are going to be assigned. If you caught on project where:

    – Working with single community people/race/religion,
    – working with your non-proficient technology,
    – working with people where show-offs of attitudes are high,
    – working at your non-favourite place

    …then it’s your bad luck. (:

    On the other direction: if above things are positive then you can progress well. It’s not easy to work for a company as it’s difficult to be hired and at he same time, it’s difficult to be relieved as I have gone through all such phases.

    In fact, on the first day of my employment itself, one of the employees of Accenture was smiling differently on me.

    Although, I was capable to complete around three years in an environment where mixture of anxieties and happiness was possible. In short, one will constantly be having some sort of fear in mind if you are responsible family member.

    My Best wishes to all new joiners…

  8. So what can novices like us do? I want to get into SAP.

    • Try another consulting firm such as: IBM, Atos, BearingPoint, Cognizant, Deloitte, Infosys, WiPro, PwC, etc. No need to waste your time with a dysfunctional company like Accenture.

      See the the lists of SAP’s partners and alliances.

      You could also apply to SAP themselves.

      Don’t forget, many companies that run SAP will need help also.

      Here’s a Google search to get you started…

  9. Just curious Sir, what will happened if ever I will not attend my NJO (New Joiners Orientation)?

    • Hmm… Well, you will miss all the bureaucracy and processes that you need to know at Accenture, such as how to do your time reports (which you have to do every 2 weeks).

      You won’t meet the other people joining evil empire at the same time. Many new joiners are nice people and what makes it a bit bearable to work at evil empire.

      …and I suspect you wonder if the Senior Executive will be pissed off that you did not participate… well, impossible to say. Probably. But maybe they won’t be informed. Probably HR will notice that you are absent as they most likely hand out name tags and yours will be left on the table.

  10. Hey friends, I joined Accenture six months earlier and I’m now ready to quit even without an offer in my hand.. I was on bench for 5 month from DOJ. After five months, suddenly got a hard lock mail without even a discussion on what would be my role. Then after struggling for 15 days with different people at each level, I came to know what my role is and then suddenly I found that I am the only one for this role and have to even present to client on second week of joining project. On the third week, I have to face an audit with all responsibilities and accountability on me only.

    Somehow, all this finished, and I got a mail saying:

    as you are doing well (Because you didn’t have any choice and YOU SAID YES TO THIS ROLE) now, please handle the tasks of an another person also just because he is expensive to the project and we can’t handle his billing. So, just to save some revenues, we’ll eat all you head….. It doesn’t matter if you are ready or not to accept the role but YOU HAVE TO…!!

    • Hi Priyanka!

      To quit is the brave and correct thing to do. Many people would not dare to resign in your situation because they don’t dare face a short-term problem (insecurity while finding a new job) and rather be stuck in a long-term problem (stuck at a dysfunctional company where they don’t grow). Read more in Myth or Truth: You Have to Work 2 Years Minimum at Any Employer

      The way they treated you is no way to treat a new employee (or anyone). Accenture brags so much about having career counselors, but career counselors are NOT mentors. They are just bosses with another word.

      Good luck!

  11. Hi,

    I would like to quit accenture but I’m scared to do it because of the bond [that I have to pay if I resign before 12 months].

    I read an article here saying that the bond is not true and that accenture will never chase and if they do, it’s just by threatening emails or calls as per one of the subscriber who left a comment on that article.

    I really want to quit my job for I am not fit for the tasks. I am a Computer Science graduate and I’m doing accounting or whatever tasks. I’m not enjoying it at all.

    I’m about to approach my 3rd month and I don’t want it anymore. I give up.

    HR fooled me about the PCS role thing that’s why I grabbed it. What should I do?

    • @CK You probably shouldn’t have accepted that role to begin with, but I know how pushy those Talent Fulfillment Specialists (TFS’s) can get. I wouldn’t quit just yet though, your Accenture career doesn’t have to end that way. If I were you I would consult my career counselor and TFS immediately and tell them that you know exactly what you want to do and your current role does not fit the bill. It’s your career, Accenture only stands to benefit by matching your job skills with a well fit position, so they should listen.

      Personally I was originally assigned to a help desk role when I joined Accenture, despite my leaving a previous company to become a programmer at Accenture. I explained this to my TFS before accepting the role and soon found a developer role to my liking. You have to take charge of your own career at Accenture. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself!

  12. Hey.. I have gone through the HSFP (Head Start Foundation Program).. but I really don’t want to join this company… I have not received my DOJ but I have gotten a mail saying that the joining date may be in July, August or September. What should I do?

    • If that’s how you feel, you should not join them. I think it is very wise of you to not join Accenture.

      Just tell them you changed your mind, that should be enough.

      Is there any reason that it would be difficult to tell them that you will not join?

      In any case, I think it will not be a problem to get out of it. They can’t force you to work for them.

  13. Please help,

    I want to quit right away, but at the same time I neither want to serve their LONG 3 month Notice period nor their LONG 3 months salary. I want to get rid off this ASAP.

    I am on ITP, want to quit for studies. Joined a entrance exam institute. Preparing.
    What reason should I put to HR for releasing me within 10 days?

    I will be highly thankful to you guys. Please help.

    • It’s a good and difficult question… how to get Accenture to agree to a shorter notice period?

      Some people I know have just gone “AWOL” – they just don’t show up for work anymore.

      A lot of Accenture people burn-out, and if that’s the case you should go see a Doctor and then let Accenture know you are ill and cannot work, and resign at the same time. I can’t see how they would make you work those three months then.

      In your particular case I sense some desperation to get out of there, not sure if it is something burnout-like or just for your education that is about to start.

      I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you.

      If I were you I’d discuss it with some colleagues that you trust and that know how much you hate working there and see if they have any ideas.

      If nothing comes up, then just resign and negotiate with HR on how to get 10 days’ notice period. Worst case you don’t get paid for those 3 months but I think you don’t really care about the money.

      I would say that HR knows that if a person has resigned, he or she is not really that motivated to do a good job. If you’re on a long term project, then they have to find a replacement for you anyway. Better for them to do that as quickly as possible considering your (supposed) low motivation to do a good job.

      You can offer them to collaborate in handing things over to your replacement if they agree to a short notice period. It can be implied, but not said, that if they try to force you to continue, you have no interest to make things easy for whoever takes over your work.

      Good luck!

  14. It is not about what you know but who you know! That applies to all companies I think.
    PR >>>>>>> Intelligence! Sad but true and that’s the reality we all have to face and accept!

  15. Hi all,

    I am an ASE. I have already completed 7 months and I want to resign next month due to higher studies…

    Can anyone help me to know how much I need to pay approx after 8 months. Can I leave during notice period?

    Looking forward for a positive reply

    Thnx in advance

  16. Hi All,

    I had resigned for accenture 18th July 2014, within how many days can I again try for Accenture, Please let me know

    • Lol, you want to work there again? Or do you mean you were rejected when applying?

      Why don’t you try applying to some of their competitors?

  17. I was selected for Accenture and I worked for 1 month. Because of health problem I resigned from my post, so now again I want to try for accenture, so with in how many days I can again try for accenture?

  18. I am going to join Accenture in Gurgaon (India) next week. But after reading this page I am really confused. I have already not joined cognizant as I received joining location as Chennai. I still have an offer from Infosys. Plz suggest if Infosys will be better as i have already listened a lot against both accenture and Infosys.

    • Hi New Joiner,

      I don’t know Infosys that well, but it can’t be as bad as Accenture, that I know.

      My advice: First of all skip Accenture, then next decision is if you should join Infosys or keep looking.

      Good luck, let us know how everything works out!

  19. Hey guys,

    I am a fresher and I got offer letter from Accenture (Associate Software Engineer) and Mindtree (Trainee Software Engineer). Joining dates are very close. I am really confused. I read all the above discussion. Every company will have pros and cons. Can anyone help me choose a better one.

    Thanks in advance

  20. If you really think you can survive in this compititive world then join accenture…
    don’t give some filthy reasons and blame the company.
    there are guys who tell microsoft..

    If u think that accenture or any company is horrible then.. just go to your dad and ask him to start his own business

    If you are ex employee of accenture.. then buddy! you don’t deserve here because you don’t have the confidence of getting on top

    If you are new joinees… who wanted to join accenture or anycompany.. just give a damn to this nonsense.. which people tell

  21. I recently got an offer from accenture. Looking at all this I feel really bad. I was hoping it would be great experience with Accenture. Please suggest me why you all dont like accenture.

    I have a close joining date now.

  22. What if I do not return the joining bonus to Accenture? Will there be any issue? Will they file a legal case against me?

    • I would not recommend that. You should act ethical and leave the lies and deceit to Accenture.

      But to answer your question: They will probably send you a letter to remind you. They will not sue you right away, without some reminders. Probably it is too small amount for Accenture to care enough to sue you.

    • Hi… did Accenture recover the joining bonus from you when you left the organization?

      If so.. what is the procedure to payback… will they ask you at the time of relieving..?

  23. Hello everyone,

    I am going to join accenture in Feb 2015 as ASE..

    Can anyone please tell me what steps I should take as a newcomer to fit in the environment?

    What are the new challenges faced by the new people there..?

    Do I need to have a very good programming skill?

    Any other things which would help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    • My condolences.

      You want to fit in… hmmm… just obey orders and work extremely much.

      Challenges: 1) finding a good project… (not many of those) 2) Getting a fair evaluation (too much favoritism)… 3) Finding an opportunity outside of Accenture (after doing bad projects your CV gets worth less and less, so it gets harder to leave)

      Other tips: Make goals for yourself, and tell them to everyone. Be positive and smile as much as you can.

      My best tip is to cancel the whole thing and find another job, Accenture s not a very nice place. But I suspect you won’t listen to that.

  24. Hi,

    Currently been stuck on a really bad project for well over a year. What is the best way to roll off a project?


  25. Hi!
    I just joined accenture and attended their NJO but got stuck in location and work shift that I don’t really want. I tried to talk to HR but got some attitude instead of help. Would they allow me to have the same day resignation?

    • There is only one way to find out.

      Resign. If they don’t accept it, then you just stop going to the office. You have nothing to lose. If later they would change your location and work shift, you could always reconsider.

      If I were you, I’d resign even if they change location and work shift.

  26. Hi,
    I have an offer from accenture to join next month.
    After getting the offer I got three calls from them about technical discussion.
    I could not answer most of the questions as I was not prepared for that.
    Why did I get this call before joining? And if I did not clear them what will be the result of that?

    • I think they were trying to see if they could place you on specific projects. Those projects most likely required some skills so they asked to see if you would qualify.

      You will be placed on other projects instead, I would guess.

      It is strange that they call you like this without explaining why they call.

  27. Hi

    I have got an offer from Accenture and my date of joining is one week from now.. After reading all comments, I am worried abut joining Accenture. I’m confused!! ..should I look for another job or join Accenture?

  28. Hi All,

    I am offered a developer position for Mainframe technology. At the same time have another offer @ UHG for the same. But I thought of joining the Accenture (though salary is less than UHG by 50k) for their onsite opportunities. I am from India. Can anyone suggest how the onsite opportunities will be @ accenture for a mainframe developer. My location is Hyderabad.

    Need your help in detail.

    • Why would Accenture assume extra costs to send you onsite when they already have tens of thousands of employees there?

      Accenture often lures people in India with a vague promise of onsite opportunities, but are few if any of those opportunities in real life. And most of your colleagues would fight for the same one.

      If you don’t believe me, please try this: Ask to be located onsite from the start, with a contract of such position.

      If they start getting very vague and saying things like “in 6 months we can evaluate” or such, then you know it will not happen.

      Or try this: Ask if they will promise you an onsite relocation within 6 months in the contract. Of course this means nothing unless they also specify a monetary penalty if they fail to do this within half a year, say paying you an extra 2 years worth of salary.

      The things is Accenture will lie and say anything during recruitment just to get people to sign. They make promises that they never keep. Then most people get fed up, start hating the company and quit as soon as the bond allows for it.

      You will see that they can promise everything, with a smile, but I bet that when you ask for a formal, written promise in the contract with a penalty, they will refuse.

      Why do you think they have a bond, i.e. a penalty if you quit within 2 years?

      Also, the 50k is a good indication of how much less they value YOU compared to how much UHG values you.

      If you want to work onsite, apply for jobs onsite.

      Don’t go to Accenture, whatever they offer you, it is highly likely it will ruin your health, career or life.

      Good luck in your job search!

  29. Thanks! Your suggestion is very helpful.

    Can I quit accenture within a month of joining without telling them..?

    What do they do if I do that???

    • To answer your questions:

      Sure you could do that, a lot of people go AWOL from Accenture in Asia, but why would you want to? If you resign, why not tell them?

      You can resign whenever you want. But please bear in mind that they have bonds that you have to pay them if you quit within 1 or 2 years. Also they have 90 days resignation period in India, I believe.

      I guess what you mean is that you quit and don’t continue during your resignation period, just stop coming to the office. I would do that if I resigned and had 90 days resignation period. Not worth it to comply with that.

      What they would do: They will call you to ask where you are, if you don’t answer your phone they will send letters. They will not pay your salary anymore and I guess finally you get a letter stating that the employment has ended.

      So it seems that you are still thinking of joining them?

  30. Hi all. I have offers from Accenture and Cognizant. Accenture has given me joining on 3rd June at Bangalore, while Cognizant is yet to offer the joining letter (they will send it by September). Which company should I join? Go ahead with Accenture or wait for a few months for Cognizant to send their joining location?

    • Cognizant.

      You should check out some of the articles about Accenture on this website. And elsewhere on the Internet.

      Also, you might want to ask for a quicker response from Cognizant.

  31. I could not clear my stream test online test till retest 2 will they terminate me?

    • You have two more attempts left, they terminate only when you fail in the last attempt

  32. I’m a new joiner ASE and relocated for a good project to Pune from Bangalore. But I’m not actually feeling good here without any friends or family members and even my team colleagues are seniors. They behave weirdly. I’m really upset. What should I do now?

  33. I underwent training for 5 months at Cognizant in Dotnet and then resigned (they gave me the location Chennai) and my last working day was on 3rd of July but I joined accenture as a fresher on 1st of July itself. Now I got my domain as testing in accenture since they allocate randomly. Can I show my experience letter at Cognizant to prove that I’m capable to work in Dotnet? Since I joined three days before my release date in Cognizant, I am afraid that they terminate me as for three days I worked in two companies, unintentional though. Please provide a solution to me since I don’t want to work in testing rather I wanna be in Dotnet stream. Awaiting for your response in order to proceed further.

  34. Omg. I always knew accenture was a bad place to work at. But I never got confirmation from anyone, only from the recruitment process I experienced when I applied to them as a fresh grad. I wasn’t accepted. But bitterness aside. I always thought it’s not a good idea to make programmers your main revenue stream. And I keep saying that programmers are like factory workers in their business structure… wait, I meant worse than factory workers. I actually have more respect to a factory worker position than a programming position at accenture. Lol.

    Anyhoo. I was called by accenture back in 0’11. While I’ve never applied to them, I was told someone referred me, but could not give the name of the person when I asked. Really?! Lol, okay then.

    I didn’t put a stop to my application since it wouldn’t hurt. So a couple of managers called and interviewed me in a span of 2 weeks. Even had an argument with the 2nd one, since that’s when I decided to back out. Naturally, he asked me why, so I told him: proximity. I can’t afford to work that far as of this moment, but thank you for your time and interest. I felt he got irritated, because he gave this stern rebuttal that he actually lives farther to the site than I am. Hehe. And when I tried to explain futher, the conversation started to heat up, ending the call that way. So I said to myself: Oh well, at least I’m not planning to work there anyway.

    Couple of months later, I found work 10 minutes away from home.

    And here’s the kicker! On my 1st month with my new employer. I got a call from the initial HR guy presenting an offer. Yeah, IKR! WTH! Okay. Send it to my email? Sure, go ahead! And it was a lame ass offer. Not even close to what I was earning during that time. Then I realized, what CV of mine could they possibly have? The one when I was a fresh grad? Lol. No, impossible. They’re trying to ruin my life, give me some dead end job or something.

    I professionally declined the offer, but replied still saying he can increase the signing bonus. Buahaha. A trap, thats what it is. No thanks! Mofo!

  35. I don’t know why you people are crying about how a particular firm is with their employees!! Like any other big players in the industry, Accenture is great place to work as long as you are competent enough and know how to sell yourself. If you don’t posses the leadership qualities, then I suppose you find a nice small desk job at some small local company where you can spend the rest of your life (job security in your pocket).

    Accenture is a firm of leaders, who can confidently face challenges, meet client’s expectations and become future leaders.

    I agree the environment is a bit hard on juniors, but remember that it is there so that you learn from the ones above you. This big word is “Leadership”. If you still fail to understand what is to work and succeed in a firm like Accenture, then I presume you are either just too immature or you know nothing about the corporate world.

  36. Hi!

    I signed a contract with Accenture where the joining date is also stated. A day before the supposedly first day of work, I was advised that the joining date has been moved 2 weeks delayed of the original date for reasons that the HR wasn’t able to finish the processing of requirements like the background check. Is this normal? Does it really happen in Accenture?

  37. I’ve been in Accenture for less than a year and I am planning to resign next week. I asked a co-worker (who has been in Accenture for more than 5 years) about the resignation process. She said that I should email my resignation letter to our manager. I was told about the 30-day period though. Would it be okay if I just email my letter and not go back there anymore? I do not want to spend another day there.

    • If you feel that strongly about not going back to Accenture even a day,
      I think that you should not go back. I know the feeling.

      Of course you can forget about the salary during these 30 days, but that
      is a small price to pay.

      I think you should write in the resignation email that you resign as of
      today, or similar so it does not look like you are trying to get an
      extra salary while ripping them off.

      In the end it is up to Accenture how to respond to that, of course, I
      cannot know what the response will be.

      I have a hard time seeing they will try to force you to come in. I think
      they will just deduct the last month’s salary (i.e. salary for the 30
      days notice period).

      Yes, resigning by email (to manager or career counselor) should be ok. Send a CC to HR and your own
      private email for a reference copy, and print it out.

  38. Soo true!! Feeling like Stucked @ Accenture!! I have been pushed into a project in a different skill.

    • I worked there of several months and was forced to resign because of poor performance. Which is the opposite, I’m the top agent for the team for months and compared to those who were left I’m one of the people who is qualified for the post since they were putting random agents to join the project. The decision they had made was really dumb I don’t know where they had based it, I don’t even have any disciplinary actions for misbehavior.

  39. Is this true for all offices? I’m looking at the Singapore office, but am a bit hesitant after chancing upon this post. CMT sector, though

  40. C LEVEL

    Can someone help describe what is C LEVEL in Accenture mean?
    My sister got a job in Accenture and she said they offer a Corporate Function – CL7 for her. What does this mean anyway? and what is normally title for this level and how they paid?