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Keep That Psycho Away From Me

Angry Managing Director. The man on the picture is innocent, and has nothing to do with Accenture.

My first “role” was a scrum master at AAPL. It was a terrible, terrible experience. We had a Managing Director (MD) who was out of touch and anal.

None of our projects were on time at AAPL. Accenture had a bad reputation and we weren’t making money. A perfect combination for a stressed out, unskilled and over-extended MD.

I had a meeting with him where he scribbled a strategic view of the organization. He was fat and his face turned RED many times. I swear he was foaming at the mouth. Then he turned to me. I knew something was wrong as my manager was not there, nor was anyone else.

I was alone with the beast.

The screaming began: “Where’s the project plan!”, “Where’s the project plan!”

I was new to Accenture and could not believe our “Director” was an unhinged maniac.

I left, completed my scrum sessions. The weekend came and he kept calling in the morning. I ignored it. He kept calling. I told my manager to keep that psycho away from me. My consulting career at AAPL was over before it started.

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February 8, 2017
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  1. Same here dude. Though it took a lot longer for me to leave. Accenture seems to attract the scum of the earth for some reason.