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How to Get Staffed on Interesting Consulting Projects

How, specifically, do you find a good project within Accenture?

As far as I know there is no intranet page for upcoming projects and the Talent Fulfillment Specialists (TFS) are mainly interested in staffing the projects that no one has volunteered for yet.

The way to go is to know the right people and to be available when they staff their projects. If you are new in Accenture you might not know many colleagues yet, so here are some ideas on how to find the people who can get you on the projects you want:

  1. Use the Knowledge Exchange (KX).
    Find interesting project reports and contact the Senior Managers or Executives who managed those projects.
  2. Search the Accenture expert database.
  3. You should also ask everyone you meet about upcoming projects in your area of interest.
  4. Ask to help with proposals for interesting projects, as this will get you in a very good position to be on those projects.

The Talent Fulfillment Specialist (HR Rep) is the last resort in your project search, as you risk getting the left-overs. If you ask them for future projects long before you roll off your current project, you should be fine (I mean safe), but if you are defenseless on the bench this is very dangerous.

If you notice that you are on project after project that is a poor match to your skills and goals, you need to consider the possibility that you are not one of the favorite employees.

Pretend to Stay Long Term in Accenture

The favorites get the valuable experiences because they are supposed to stay in the firm for the long term and Managing Directors want those good experiences to be Accenture’s assets.

Obviously the Managing Directors want their long term employees to have the valueable experiences rather than the ones that leave Accenture.

Therefore, show an interest in staying long term with Accenture, even if you’re not sure yet.

Guest Writer
October 31, 2011
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