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Accenture Jargon, Mumbo Jumbo, and Terms

Jargon, mumbo jumbo, and terms used at Accenture, as defined by ExposingEvilEmpire.com.

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Firm offering management consulting, IT consulting and outsourcing and the subject of the Exposing Evil Empire campaign.
Some claim the name of the firm comes from Accent on the future. Others are certain it means Accent on Manure (if it refers to bull shit or horse shit, no one knows.)
Also known as evil empire.

Derogatory nickname for Accenture.
See also:

Accenture’s ticker or symbol for the Accenture stock on the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Sometimes used as an abbreviation for the company name.

Accenture Delivery Methods
This is a huge amount of complex documents and tools elaborated to help Accenture professionals repeat what has been done for other clients. EE wants you to repeat their old projects.
In Accenture’s own words the ADM is: “Well-defined methodologies that are easy to repeat”, for “improving consistency” and “ensuring predictability”, by “Increasing the number of opportunities for re-use”.
You’re not allowed to think for yourself. D*mn, that sounds boring.

Andersen Consulting
Accenture’s previous name. Andersen Consulting was a part of Arthur Andersen but in 1989, Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting became separate sister units of Andersen Worldwide Société Coopérative. The two units were in a bitter dispute until 2000 and on 1st of January 2001, Andersen Consulting changed name to Accenture. Source: Wikipedia
Nobody should ever overlook the fact that Andersen Consulting was part of the first evil machine to be exposed – we are now exposing the Arthur Andersen 2.0.

Anti-Accenture Movement
The movement that is behind ExposingEvilEmpire.com
The movement is open for anyone to join. Read more about AAM and how you can contribute (for example by writing your story.)

Nickname for Accenture and a crowd sourced blog where anyone was able to write about Accenture just like here at Exposing Evil Empire.
All posts on assventure.­blogspot­.com were very negative towards Accenture.
The blog was live from 2003 until March 2012 when it was removed from blogger. R.I.P.
Who removed the blog and why we do not know, but considering its critical nature, one can speculate…
In the absence of Assventure, feel free to post your Accenture stories on Exposing Evil Empire.

Accenture’s own time reporting system.
As an employee, you have to report your time every two weeks. You will come to hate this software.
See also:

Accenture Technology Solutions – a division of Accenture, also called Solutions.
Often looked down upon by the workforce in Consulting. ATS people earn less but also have less pressure to work long hours than the consulting people.
ATS offers long term placement of skilled technology personnel at clients or in outsource centers, rather than managed consulting projects.

A term used in some geographies. Similar to on the bench. Paid netsurfer, napper.

Joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft that provides IT services related to Microsoft’s solutions.

Banding, or laddering, is the process of evaluating Accenture employees with regards to their work performance.
Everyone in a project team is evaluated and compared to each other.
The banding system is relative, i.e. forces competitive grades, so that not everyone can get good banding even if all team members did an excellent job.
If the project manager wants to give a better band to one subordinate, he has to give a worse grade to someone else.
Scoring is as follows:
  • 1+ = top 5%
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3 = Average
  • 4
  • 5

Beach. See Bench.

Bench, being on the
Being unstaffed, i.e. currently not on a client project.
This can be the best thing of Accenture. In some countries (e.g. India, the United States) it means you can get fired pretty soon, in others you are protected by employment laws.
Being on the bench is the only way to be a real tiger in accenture.
Manage to stay on bench and under the radar long enough, will not only teach you how to live life, it will be the best thing that happened to you ever. Until you do get out of Accenture, of course.
The important activity here is to create big face for yourself within the company and confusion between various executive partners, they never dare to attack each others and you’re fine for months ahead, paid.
People higher in the hierarchy will surely try to give you odd jobs from their own to-do lists, if they hear you are unstaffed – demand a chargeable WBS for each task you do.
Interesting fact: Accenture India even has an entire building for people on the bench, in Bangalore.

BigTime Consulting
Cartoons created by James Sanchez (1968-2009) that made fun of Andersen Consulting (now rebranded to Accenture).
For many years James kept his identity secret while publishing his strips online and Accenture had a man hunt going to find who was behind the comic. At one point, James asked a friend to publish for him, when James had an "alibi" (he was on vacation abroad, and this was in the times when internet access was limited). This way he avoided suspicion as being the author.
He later stepped forward and got both appreciation and credit for his work from many former Accenture employees.
Check out the strips of BigTime Consulting.
BigTime Consulting - How to Resign from Accenture

Bill Green
William "Bill" Green. Former Chairman and CEO of Accenture (September 1, 2004-January 1, 2011).

Business Process Outsourcing

Burning Platform
Urgent problem, task or objective that is to be prioritized.

Business Operator
One of Accenture’s three dimensions for evaluating its managers and executives. Business operator is the dimension of "getting things done".

Cadillac Ranch
Bar frequented by Accenture employees close to the Q-Center, in St. Charles.

Career Counselor (CC)
Your superior or boss.
While you will normally report to the project manager, you also have a Career Counselor, to whom you report on a longer term than one project.
Each year you set your yearly goals and your CC follows up and controls them.
Interestingly, in the 100 Best Companies to Work For of 2009, Accenture bragged a bit stating that every employee "is assigned a career counselor", as if it was some kind of mentor rather than a boss. Accenture ended up on #97 out of 100 on the ranking.
This year (2011) Accenture was second to last (#99 out of 100) when stating that Accenture is great when you don’t have to be there. Or in Accenture’s own words:
"What makes [Accenture] so great? [It] offers creative time-off options like “future leave,” three-month unpaid sabbaticals to pursue personal interests."
LOL. Hey Accenture, if you mention the bench as paid sabatical away from Accenture, maybe you go up to position #98 next year ;)

As a yes-man at Accenture you should show your Can-Do-Attitude. Accenture expects you to obey.
See also:

How much of your work week that is charged to a client. Measured in % of an official 40 hour work week.
Example: You worked 14 hours per day the last week. One day was spent on recruiting for Accenture and 4 days were spent on a client project (=chargeable work). Your project manager made you report only 8 hours per day to improve his margins. Your official chargeability was then: 4 days*8 hours / 40 hours = 80%.
Your chargeability is usually measured for two-week periods, as you do your time reporting with Artes every two weeks.
Chargeability is what it is all about.

Career Limiting Move

Core Analyst School
Two weeks training in St. Charles. Consultants go for Core Consultant School, and so on.

Creamy Project
Lucrative project where Accenture is “skimming the cream”.
Accenture brings in monkeys in Gucci suits for 5 months. They check out the local scenery, create a shitload of Power Points, spreadsheets, provisioning models, governance documents and they are all managers, senior managers or higher while consultants and analysts are under constant threat of layoffs on the bench.
In that time, they enjoy the fine wine, the fly backs, the hotel points and the rental cars (fuel paid for). Then after 5 months when this group of half dozen halfwits is audited by the client, they desperately search MyScheduling for analysts, consultants and Indian developers they can crap on – the people who know the real work, who’ve coded things in their lives and created websites.
The client is wary at this point and reluctantly approves 2-3 bodies on site. But with millions already down the pipe, these guys can’t work long enough or hard enough searching KX with endless phrases to build the whole thing.
Ultimately the client either sues and bails, or rejigs the entire thing, or brings in auditors to watch the rest of the project.

Career Terminating Move

Cover Your Arse

The date your work has to be finished.
At Accenture it is better to decrease the quality than missing your deadline.

Any document you’re working on.
To fully understand this buzzword, see Dudley Dawson’s explanation.

Date of Joining

Droid. See Drone.

Evil Empire Employee (EEE) – Accenture Professional
Accenture people have been saying that they feel like drones (or droids) for such a long time it has become an inside joke.
Accenture does not really encourage intellectual thinking, they want you to re-use its methodology.

Delivery Unit or Development Unit

The Exposing Evil Empire campaign. Also known as Triple E.
Other meanings include: Evil Empire Employee.

Ex Evil Empire Employee – former Accenture professional.
Example: A good Evil Empire Employee (EEE), is an Ex Evil Empire Employee (EEEE). Or shorter: A good EEE, is an EEEE.
Alternative meaning: Exposing ‘Exposing Evil Empire‘ – Accenture’s attempt (internal project) to uncover the identities of the Anti-Accenture Movement.
Oh, and if you work on the EEEE project, please note that it is not chargeable.

Exposing ‘Exposing Evil Empire’-Employee
Accenture employee, in the legal or PR department, working on exposing the identities of the people behind the ‘Exposing Evil Empire‘-campaign.

Tools used by Accenture
The estimators will do everything for you, you don’t need to know how to do anything.

Evil Empire (EE)
Accenture was renamed ‘evil empire’ by ExposingEvilEmpire.com in 2011.
Example: "I still work at evil empire."

Executive Assistant
Secretary to a Managing Director (Senior Executive).

Experienced Hire
Someone joining Accenture with previous work experience, rather than straight out of college.

Family. See Girl Friend.

F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition
What you are after a few years with Accenture.

F*ck Off Amount (FOA)
The amount of money you need to be able to tell everyone to just f*ck off.
Yes, that includes telling your Career Counselor and HR to bugger off and shove your employment contract up their arses.
As an example, if you need $2.000 in income per month to live a good life, and expect 10% return on your capital per year, then your FOA is $2.000 * 12 months / 10% = $480.000. Once you own $240.000 you don’t need a salary and can just tell your employer to sod off.
Just don’t expect to save up to your FOA working as an eee.

Fiscal Year – The reporting period for the annual results.
Recently Accenture changed to have its Fiscal Year match the calender year, ending on Dec 31.
In the past Accenture’s fiscal year ended on August 31, which made it necessary to specify “in FY2011” instead of just “in 2011”.

Harvey Ball
A circle ranging from empty to full, used to show qualitative information in a quasi-quantitative way.
Invented by Harvey Poppel at Booz Allen Hamilton, who is not to be confused with Mr. Harvey Ball, inventor of the yellow smiley face.
Harvey Balls

HR Rep
Human Resource Representative – the old title for Talent Fulfillment Specialist – an employee working with personnel tasks.

Head Start Foundation Program
A 22 day unpaid training program that new employees go through before they join Accenture in India. Attendance is mandatory. Topics are: personal development, programming, OS and networking, RDBMS, OOPS and web development, etc.

Girl Friend
Some one you had time to be with or at least think about before you entered Accenture.
One thing to add: there is a lot of inbreeding going on in Accenture. Mostly these people meet in Q-Center activities.
Perhaps this fenomena is similar to closed sect societies.
The inbreeding is a proof of the fact that nobody will ever have time to meet ladies outside of EE, just the way EE likes it.
Although Managing Directors are of course the biggest wannabe alpha males around, in real life they just suck (can only get a wife if she is a subordinate in EE).
If you are a girl and wonder why we don’t define Boy Friend and why we call all Managing Directors for ‘him’ it’s because Accenture is heavily gender biased (see sausage fest). More than 70% of employees are men. Most Talent Fulfillment Specialists and recruiters are women though.

Growth Platform
Division within Accenture that specializes in a functional expertise.
As Accenture is a matrix organization you can either be a consultant focusing on a function or on an industry.
The three Growth Platforms are:
  1. Management Consulting
    Service lines include: Customer Relationship Management, Finance & Performance Management, Process & Innovation Performance, Risk Management, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, and Talent & Organization Performance
  2. Technology
    Enterprise solutions, system integration, technical architecture, business intelligence, infrastructure consulting, and technology research/development
  3. Business Process Outsourcing
    Call centers, procurement, HR, finance and accounting, etc.
Accenture Growth Platform, Burning Platform
Growth platform, not to be confused with burning platform.

Just F*cking Do it

Indenture. See BigTime Consulting.

In My Humble Opinion
Expression that can be used by Analysts and Consultants.
The ‘H‘ is dropped by managers and above, as they are not very humble people.

Issue Tree
A visual way to structure a problem.
For example, how do we increase profits:
  • Increase revenue
    • Increase sales volume
    • Increase price (assuming inelastic prices)
  • Decrease costs
    • Decrease fixed costs
    • Decrease variable costs
Issue trees should be MECE.

Knowledge Exchange – Section on the Accenture Portal with old client reports, etc.
A very messy knowledge management system.

Kill Me Now

Laddering, see banding.

Lead, take the
Getting something done, taking responsibility for a task.
This expression often used by Accenture project managers towards an analyst or consultant, referring to some task that has nothing to do with leading. Often it is a one-person task and there is no one else to lead.
"Take the lead on that" sounds better than "do that".
For example: "Why don’t you go ahead and take the lead on crunching the numbers on the IT cost."
The analyst feels like a leader, which he has learned at University is a good thing, instead of realizing that he just received an order.

A lifer is a manager or above who has never had another job and only knows how to do things the Accenture way.
If you are an analyst or consultant reporting to a lifer your project will be managed day to day from one knee jerk to another and you will spend your evenings and weekends doing work a second and third time until you randomly land your arrow on the ever shifting apple of scope creep.
Don’t worry though, all that overtime you aren’t allowed to submit in your time report will help your manager show that he delivered the project under budget and contribute to his promotion while your performance review says that you need to learn to work smarter not harder.

Local Office Training

Managing Director (MD)
Position equivalent to partner at most consulting firms, but since Accenture is a publicly traded company, they have shareholders rather than partners owning a private company.
Managing Directors are highest up in the Accenture hierarchy and are all shareholders of the corporation.
Those Managing Directors who were partners of Andersen Consulting before the IPO, hit the jackpot financially. These days it is less interesting to be promoted to MD.
If you get promoted to Managing Director you get a bonus in Accenture shares, but as a condition you have to work four more years to you get those shares.
If you thought becoming MD means reaching the top where you can chill and watch the money role in, think again.
Within the Managing Director level, there are even more hierarchical levels. Level 4.4 is the lowest level, then follows level 4.3, level 4.2, level 4.1, then level 3.4 and so on. The CEO is level 1.1.
For every promotion you get more and more responsibility and higher targets so there is no time to chill. If you get promoted to level 4.3, again you get shares if you stay for a few more years. This makes it hard to quit.
Up until 2013 this title was called Senior Executive.

Mark Foster
Former head of the Management Consulting division.
Got his 15 minutes of fame when Financial Times published one of his emails to show the consulting mumbo jumbo at Accenture and dubbed him the "next king of waffle words".
It is quite interesting to read this analysis of Mark Foster’s writings by an objective outsider – you realize how much crap Accenture Managing Directors actually write (and that much of it is outright wrong or POOHA).
See also:

Management Consulting & Integrated Markets – This is the management consulting division of Accenture.
MC didn’t sound cool and confusing enough.
Update: MCIM has been renamed to Management Consulting.

Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive
MECE is a grouping principle. It states that if you organize data into categories, these categories should not overlap each other, and they should not leave any gaps. Your categories are then MECE.
You can see it as pouring liquid into different buckets. You can’t pour the same liquid into two buckets at the same time (Mutually Exclusive…), and your buckets should receive all the liquid (…Collectively Exhaustive).
An issue tree normally needs to be MECE.

Multi-Polar World
Mumbo-Jumbo point of view from Accenture on general business trends and globalization. Also a corporate magazine.

Mind Your Own Business

No Discernable Value Added

No Reply Necessary

Operating Group
Department within Accenture that specializes on a group of related industry sector.
There are five operating groups, each serving several industry sectors:
  1. Communications, Media & High Tech (C&HT):
    Communications, Electronics and High Tech (E&HT), Media and Entertainment
  2. Financial Services:
    Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance
  3. Products:
    Automotive, Air, Freight & Travel Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure & Transportation Services, Life Sciences, Retail
  4. Resources:
    Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities
  5. Health & Public Service:
    Health, Public Service (PS)
If you get hired to an operating group, you will only work with companies within that sector but you might end up doing all kinds of projects, thus not building any functional expertise.
Accenture is a matrix organization, with Growth Platforms as the other dimension.

Plan, Delay, Cancel, Apologize

Per Diem
Your allowance for food, etc. when abroad.

People Developer
One of three dimensions Accenture’s managers and executives are being evaluated on.
People Developer is about how one develops one’s subordinates. It is by far the least important dimension. To get promoted, being a Value Creator is much more important.

Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

Pull It Out of Thin Air

Performance Improvement Plan
When Accenture wants to fire someone, it often puts them on a so called performance improvement plan. Most often you get fired after the period is over (somthing like three months). It is mainly a way for Accenture to cover its back, i.e "But we tried to help you improve, sorry, now we have to fire you." PIP exists in certain countries like India and the Philippines.

Pain In The Arse

Pierre Nanterme
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and highest ranking executive within Accenture since Jan 1, 2011.
Very much focused on growth or as he says: “grose“. See PITA.

Project Management Office or Project Management Officer
If you are an analyst who gets to go ahead and do PMO on a project, this means you are the secretary.

Pulled Out Of My Ass

Point Of View
Often used referring to a business article authored by someone at Accenture.
Since Accenture call their articles ‘points of view’ they don’t need to research to see if what they say is true. It’s an opinion.

Pre Accenture-Skills
"Skills to pay the bills" that you have forgotten as an Evil Empire-employee.
Example: “I used to be a great web developer, then I got a job at Accenture and spent the next 4 years with Excel and writing documentation. Before I could find a new job, I had to re-learn my Pre Accenture-Skills in my own spare time.”

Previously Unrecognized Recruiting Error
Often used derogatory about another Accenture employees not considered to be good enough by the person using the term.

A person
Human beings are referred to as "resources" within Accenture.
Example: "I need another resource on this project."

Robot. See Drone.

Sausage Fest
Managing Director conference or Accenture office party.
Accenture is heavily gender biased, in case you didn’t know.
Accenture Sausage Fest
All male Accenture sausage party. Photos downloaded from Flickr – the people in the photos are completely innocent.

Senior Executive (SE)
The Managing Director position used to be called Senior Executive from the IPO (2001) until 2013. Position equivalent to partner at most consulting firms, which is also what it was called up until 2001.
See Managing Director for more.

Service Line
Sub division of a "growth platform".
Example: the Customer Relationship Management service line.

Shaved Monkey
Someone doing mundane tasks.
Many tasks don’t require much brain activity. For example running through 1300 test scenarios or entering historic data about your competition into Excel.
Of course, Accenture, being such a kind-hearted and caring organization does not want to bother its A-type employees with these boring roles. Therefore you often see the managers going into the wild and capture a monkey. They shave the monkey and dress him in a suit, and place him at a desk along with the other Accenture resources, without the client ever noticing.
On very rare occasions, your manager fails to find a monkey and you have to assume the shaved monkey-role. But, don’t worry, it is only for 12 months and in your next project you will be working directly with the CEO of a Fortune 500, we promise (with the shaved-monkey-experience, you will be sooo merited for CEO advising).

Systems Integration & Technology

So What, The
The conclusion or recommendation.
Example: "What is the ‘so what’ of this power point slide?"
Whoever came up with this Accenture expression surely meant it sarcastically, not arrogantly, but it is most often used quite arrogantly.

Social Style Profile
Model to classify people according to how their behavioral styles are perceived by others.
The subject is graded on whether he mainly asks or tells (assertive behavior) and if he has task focus or people focus (responsive behavior).
There are four behavioral patterns or social styles: Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive.
Accenture social styles matrix
The model is used quite cynical at Accenture, as people are immediately judged and put into boxes if they reveal their style. It is even more common to be judged on your career level, nonetheless.
You can forget about reaching any high level in Accenture if you are not a driver.

Subject Matter Expert

Situation Normal, All F*cked Up

Talent Fulfillment Specialist
An employee working with personnel tasks.
Normally each practice (Service Line or Operating Group) has their own Talent Fulfillment Specialist in each office.
They support the Managing Director who is in charge of staffing and also do "out management", amongst other things.

Three Letter Acronym
Accenture loves abbreviating concepts. Examples of TLAs: TLA, CDA, CYA, CTM, KMN

Policy stating that if you don’t get promoted, you get fired.

The training facility used by Accenture for Core Analyst and Core Consultant School (etc).
This is one of the most evil ways EE hire people, creating fake illusions. Just like the movie “Island”, once a year a few EE people are promised to get a holiday in a dream island called Q-Center.
Where is that you might ask? "Chicago", EE would reply proudly.
Everybody knows that Chicago is cool old mafia city.
Nobody ever know they get to be deported to a distant farm-turned-to-nazi(ee)-camp. It is so far from Chicago that even bus drivers often get lost on the way. Nobody ever escaped this place, so nobody ever know that they have electricity running in the fence around the "paradise".

Value Creator
One of Accenture’s three dimensions for evaluating its managers and executives.
A Value Creator is someone who sells projects.
Sales is far more important than for example developing your subordinates.

Way (The Accenture Way)
How Accenture veterans are used to working.
When your project manager says “This is the Accenture way of doing things” he really means: “It’s our way or the high way”. Accenture is highly process oriented, don’t try to be creative. Officially, it is supposed to inspire certain behavior in "all that we do", see:

A code used for reporting your time in Artes.
Every hour of the week needs to be reported as worked on either a project or some other activity. Each project has a time reporting code, a WBS.
Some WBS’s are chargeable (billable), some are client facing and some are neither and thus useless if you try to reach your chargeability goals (if you actually care).
Interestingly, there is no WBS for being on the bench. In practice employees on the bench write that they do training. Training is not chargeable so it looks bad in your yearly review.
Training most often means taking a training module on Accenture’s portal (each module comes with a specific WBS). This means reading some articles on your screen and answering a short test afterwards. There are also generic training WBS’s.
Accenture brags that their employees receives 78 hours of training per year. Does this include bench time?
If you care about chargeability, you will be under constant pressure to find a chargeable WBS.

Have you got new Accenture TLAs or jargon? Please share them in the comments and we will add them to the glossary.
Anti-Accenture Movement
November 4, 2011
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  1. Don’t forget “Shaved Monkey” – someone doing boring and mundane tasks. Similar to “Drone”.

  2. -DTE – Deployed to entity. Still haven’t figured out what it means but it seems like it’s your geographical + industry alignment. So it’s like bangkok + insurance.

    -HR Reps are GONE! they’re now called Talent fulfillment specialists which means they harass you 1 month before your roll off date asking you to take projects that are total shit

    -BD – Business Development. One step above being on the bench

    -Creamy project – project that’s a TCS (total clusterfuck situation) for example for the florida state govt (fake). And in order to save face, qualified people will be flown in from DC, montreal, oregon, california, india, and texas to collect massive flight points, hotel rewards, rental cars, and per diems for 3-4 months before the client shuts it down, sues accenture and bails.

  3. Thanks Dirk Diggler & ACN Monkey! I’m adding your suggestions! I like Creamy Project, hadn’t heard that one before…

  4. How about PYT – Pretty Young Thing. It refers to all the over confident trash talking freshers who think they are the next Bill Gates.

  5. I can’t believe you haven’t got Lifer in there!

    A lifer is a manager or above who has never had another job and only knows how to do things the Accenture way. If you are an analyst or consultant reporting to a lifer your project will be managed day to day from one knee jerk to another and you will spend your evenings and weekends doing work a second and third time until you randomly land your arrow on the ever shifting apple of scope creep. Don’t worry though, all that overtime you aren’t allowed to submit in your time report will help your manager show that he delivered the project under budget and contribute to his promotion while your performance review says that you need to learn to work smarter not harder.

  6. LLB! Look Like Busy is the skill everyone on the bench need to learn

  7. Accenture is an excellent company to work for.from an Indian perspective it is better than the other information technology body shops in India.common guys I am an ase at Accenture and been here for 4 months.the organisation has not disappointed me in any way.well I all the naysayers of Accenture must be American and European origin.well those guys do not know the worth of a good organisation when they see one.

  8. Available – A term used in some geographical. Similar to on bench. Paid netsurfer, napper.