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Fear and Loathing in Limbo Land – My Experience in Accenture

An executive holding speech of how great he is.

In my country (in Asia), Accenture is among the few companies that would offer very substantial compensation packages in the IT consulting industry.

With so many projects in Accenture, some may encounter a good experience, and vice versa.

The equation is as simple as it gets: If you have a capable, smart and understanding manager leading the project, you are among the luckier ones.

However, my experience with ACN was really an eye opener to me.

A few quick things I’ve learned throughout my stay in a particular project:

  1. Bullshitting
    If you are a fresh graduate, be prepared to be bullshitted, profusely. The utopia paintings by the project lead will make you feel that working in that current project is ‘the‘ project.
  2. The Blame Game
    They love staff who can work fast and deliver things promptly. Mistakes? No worries, just take your hand and point to others. There will be just too many new analysts that will naively take the fall (for the first time).
  3. Over-promise
    Over-promising clients and being unable to catch up with the pace due to inaccurate project planning, is the rule rather than the exception at Accenture.
  4. Dis-respect for the Individual
    Respect is not a right you have. Do expect to be yelled upon or lied to.

The worst feeling being there is I don’t feel that I belonged to the company as I continued working in that project.

The ever piling work and lack of respect has totally drained me off completely up till a point it hit me:

Will I be like this forever?

I have never felt so miserable before. Despite learning many things and having wonderful colleagues (the ground peeps) to work with, I could no longer stand the insignificance of this ‘significant’ role.

Eventually, I decided to make a move.

The thought of change really tested my fears. The fear of losing. The fear of being a loser. The fear of making the wrong move. The fear of not being able to turn back what you might have done. The fear of not being able to inspire people and work from your heart, rather than for your boss.

But all that fear did not stop me from making this move as I have God by my side.

And for those wondering which project that I have described, you’ll know for sure if you ever get sucked into it.

After trying to leave for more than 3 years, I’m glad I finally did.

Joining another firm where everyone is so connected to each other and willing to assist no matter how tough times are without any hidden agenda, was all I needed to be inspired and motivated.

Guest Writer
August 5, 2012
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  1. Very interesting to read!

    Would you say there are any pro’s to Accenture at all? Just wondering…

    • Personally, I would say there’s no pros. In giving inexperienced and new employees far too much work and technologies they must be experts in (or quickly become experts in) that they may not have even heard of before and without any training at all, you could argue that you learn to quickly pick up new skills.

      But the agony of going through this and the insults from the manager because you’re not an expert are not worth it. Also Accenture often say things about themselves that aren’t true, possibly to influence people’s thinking or for marketing.

      They say their advantage is they offer higher wages, but this isn’t true.

      • Agree….Only come to Accenture if you are in a situation where you have no other choice…or if you have a situation where you need to work from home for a time. Usually this happens when you enter the sandwich years between kids and parents where it becomes a reality of life in trying to balance out everything. Working from home in those non consulting roles can ease up some of the pressure of commuting, dressing and caring for the corporate uniform every day, you get off of the travel track and so on. However, there is a really dark side to this as then you become trapped over time where it is harder and harder to get out. If you have not reached this point yet, do not choose Accenture. you will come to regret later as I find not only for myself but almost all of the people I have met here that have been here 4+ years are incredibly unhappy. The old timers that work from home hate it and are just biding their time until they can either retire or the kids are out of the house, etc. Imagine an entire culture that lives on together for years – 20-30 years – together in unhappiness. It’s like a mass arranged marriage to the millionaire partner class where they know they’ve got you and you are too fearful to leave. This has created an endless cycle of abuse that continues on to the next generation. Someday a movie will be made about this environment…perhaps when the next Enron happens it will be on Netflix.

  2. Fresh out of college, I was with ACN for almost 2 years but I didn’t have to go through this article to realize why I just HAD to leave. I was trained in X domain, but when I finally got my first project, I was plunged into working on A,B,C,D domains without any formal training! I was supposed to “learn on the go!”. All through my stay, the Lead and manager never hid the fact that it was a dog-eat-dog world, and if i wanted to perform well for my appraisals I needed to put in my hours. No, it doesn’t matter if the 9 hours have completed (yeah we work for 9 hours, EXCLUDING lunch hour). Beauty of the “management” is that they never said it directly on our faces that we should stay back and “learn” because we are newbies. Rather they have created this pseudo war zone in the cubicles where each one looks at the how hard the other person has been provoked into working. I’ve never seen a bunch of more overworked people in my life just for the proverbial carrot of an on site opportunity.

    Their “flexi-time” initiatives are on paper only I think.. oh not on paper, sorry, on one of those flashy power point presentations so tackily embellished with the Accenture logo. Asking for WFH [Work Flexible Hours] is an immediate Pain in the Ass for the management who wants the “team to work in the office together to promote work-place bonding” Ya right, more like to continue being harassed about “not exceeding expectations”. A time came when I got so frustrated that I physically started becoming ill. I know many others who have been victims of office politics and much recently even of sexual harassment! I felt furious when i heard how the poor girl is struggling because even the HR doesn’t seem to be of any fucking use!

    ACN has done a marvellous job in glossing over their shortcomings by constantly promoting what an amazing place it is to work. I’m planning to join Management soon, but I hope to goodness that my stint with ACN doesn’t come back to haunt my future.

    • I can relate.

      They don’t offer flexible hours unless you have young children and I was completely talked out of my request for flexible hours. HR’s argument was that it would make it harder for me to find roles.

      And yes, promotions were clearly based on who worked the longest hours without recording (and being paid for) anything more than 8 hours a day. HR and senior managers may argue that these employees achieved more and were “always looking for new challenges” but these employees met new challenges by working excessive amounts of overtime and weekends. As my colleague put it, of course they will achieve more if they work at least 10 hours every day and weekends.

      I’m not saying Accenture is the only company guilty of employing good looking people, but it makes me cringe when the women who are more encouraged are the attractive young women. I know a young, attractive woman who said she doesn’t even like her job because she’s not interested in technology (and she didn’t study technology!), yet she’s highly sought after by Accenture managers for technical roles and she only ever spent one day on the bench. Gotta laugh? But perhaps this is in line with what I was saying, that at Accenture it’s not the work that matters, it’s things like complying with the rude culture, the backstabbing, the duplicity, the charm and playing their game.

      • totally, as long as you act like a robotic drone, willing to elevate excel and administrative nonsense to artistic heights and show them that you will grind grind grind, you will have no problems. Leave your ability to think and learn at the door. Group Think to the old line of those that have been there for 20 years is the key. Just nod your head, get back to that damn spread sheet, learn how to create another version of the same thing with even more tables, pivots, and worthless data – because it’s all inaccurate anyway and they have no way of figuring it out and nobody knows what’s going on – and you will rise to fame. In face, it you have an internal role, this is your path to MD. Become a spreadsheet robot but tout to customers that you are truly digital.

    • Thanks for the comment “Psycho Lady”!

      Regarding what you say about “constantly promoting what an amazing place it is to work” you should know that it is not only “promoting” in a normal way… they also lie and manipulate online employee reviews.

      For more on this read our article called Accenture Caught Manipulating Employee Reviews

  3. It has been a while since I quit. Even now I have only one thing to say to Accenture —— ┌П┐(◉_◉)┌П┐

  4. Companies like this actually make you stronger and those who have had such a job experience have more chances to succeed in their career.

    So i think it’s a positive experience anyway.

    • Ivan, if only this were true for Accenture.

      I had a colleague who pulled me up for having a negative attitude about Accenture.

      I thought it wouldn’t take long for him to work Accenture out for himself and I could see he wasn’t really the type of person who would progress or last very long. Sure enough, it took him about 5 weeks after our discussion for him to have a complete change of mind.

      From what he was saying at the end of the project, he seems to have a more negative opinion than me about Accenture now. For me, the positive experience was how funny I found it when he asked me, “is this just a paycheck for you?” as though working for Accenture ought to mean so much more than that. :D

  5. I have to agree with items 3 & 4 because this has always been my analysis for most of the projects in our capability.

    Since our DC was strictly competing with IDC, they would promise clients very imaginary results. Especially when they don’t have resources with capable skills. All projects end up being extended, team members incurring overtime (without pay at most), and good people resigning. I know most or majority of the managers at this empire take advantage of the cash-hungry young adults so employees please take care of your career because this company will eat you alive and spit you out if you don’t.