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Evil Empire has No Strings on Me

I was a fresh graduate back in 2015. I quit my first job as a salesperson in a well-known computer store in the Philippines because of exploitation.

I never thought that this forsaken company called Accenture would be more toxic, deceptive and abusive than my previous one.

I was hired in January 2016 as a Service Desk employee.


We had a “boot camp” training – it was a somewhat disappointing one for me because of the lack of emphasis on communication skills, which later crippled me when I was deployed in a project.

I was never a good English speaker or writer but I would be able to hold my own knowing that I can learn more from the boot camp.

During the boot camp, it was 80% technical training and 20% communications training. My goodness, my brain is all jacked up of all knowledge pertaining to technical and I expect that it should be 40% technical and 60% communications training but it was not.

When we were assessed, I had the lowest score from all of us boot campers. I expected that because of my low communications skills. Because of that, I was deployed to TEMPO – Nokia.

TEMPO stood for Telecom Expense Management Processing Output (now it has been renamed to Technology Expense Management Processing Output.)

Nokia, Washington Gas, AGN, Star, and Ross (just to name a few) are Evil Empire’s client through TEMPO. Nokia (for crying out loud) is Evil Empire’s client and we were in charge of Technology Expense Management.

I was deployed there because it had very minimum calls and majority of their transactions are from the tool that we use (MDSL which is on a server located in the UK) and email.

I thought that I could hang in there for a long time but I was thrown into the pits of hell to be devoured by Satan himself.

I had no chance to back out from the role but had to accept it because I had to earn money to pay the hospital bills of my mom who had a back injury.

I was threatened with being fired immediately from Evil Empire, if I did not accept the role. The reasons why I refuse to accept assignment TEMPO – Nokia are:

  1. Unjust schedule
  2. Tyrant management
  3. Slow tool
    It is slow because of the shitty internet here in the Philippines and Accenture use a shared internet connection – my God! – Evil Empire is using shared internet connection with other projects.
  4. Shitty computer
    It is still using Core 2 duo and it is a shitty Dell workstation. Yes Dell, you have the shittiest workstations that Evil Empire use.
  5. Rumors about deceiving Nokia employees.

Let me tell you more details about these problems.

First, the Unjust Schedule.

Many of my colleagues are complaining about their working hours because of the traffic and mandatory overtime.

For us newbies in the project, we’re already “entitled” to mandatory overtime even though we’re still in the learning stage. Yes, you read that correctly: it is mandatory overtime because these sick managers of mine make sure of the 24×7 operation without caring for us employees.

Luckily for other newbies, they have adjusted well because they had a background in BPO unlike me. I had no experience in BPO so I struggled really hard.

It was 12 hours of work in a day (break and overtime included) and 6 hours of transportation.

It took me three hours to come to the office and also three hours going back home because of the everyday traffic including cruising along EDSA the world’s largest parking lot.

By the way, traveling from Manila to Libis, Quezon City where Accenture has its BPO office really eats your time. I had little time to sleep, which lead me to become unproductive and more sick.

I was also eating unhealthy because I had no time going out to go to the food court and eat homemade food instead I had to go eat at fast food restaurants which is just across from the office.

Because of lack of sleep I got more prone to sickness and this was reflected in poor performance.

Second, Tyrant Management.

I’m always being bullied by the management. Sometimes they tend to get more personal as they try to mess with my personal life that has nothing to do with my work. Very unethical.

When my foster father died, I wanted to have a bereavement leave but they did not let me. They have no regard for employee’s feelings.

Third, Slow Tool.

My god, how can they expect quality work from us if the tool that we use is not reliable?

We have the shittiest internet connection and the server of the tool that we use is in the UK.

Then what do they expect? Of course, the tool will be slow!

Fourth, Shitty Computer.

This shitty Evil Empire racks up millions of dollars but cannot buy nice, functioning workstations?

My workstation is shitty as hell because it has a Core 2 Duo processor.

My ignorant managers cannot understand that I cannot work properly because my workstation is as old as my mother. If they want us to be productive, they should have setup nice, functioning workstations in the first place.

Last, Rumors about Deceiving Nokia Employees.

When I was deployed there, the rumors that I heard turned out to be true after all.

Nokia employees who send their queries about their mobile phones, SIM:s, or IP Phones go to the tool and then we send it to the respective vendors. Vendors take a long time to reply with a solution for the problem and the Nokia employees are angry that it takes so long time.

Every time we receive an email from them, we usually reply back and promise a short amount of time to resolve it even though the reality is it takes a lot of time.

We are forced to lie to our clients, basically, and that is what I can’t stand for.

After months of being tired physically and mentally, I decided to quit because it is not what is best for me. If I stay there for a long time. I will die easily. Literally.

Finally, I’m Free from the Strings of Evil Empire.

Poor Nokia, being duped by Evil Empire. They have entrusted this shitty company of their TEM but in return, Accenture is “bastardizing” its client.

I pity those poor souls that are still being sucked into that pit of hell.

Guest Writer
July 29, 2016
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  1. With slow computers and tools, work takes much longer and Accenture can bill more hours to the client.

  2. Wow, seems like I have the same story and I was just hired in March, 2016.

    Accenture doesn’t care about employees and treats them like robots.

    I am so glad to be cleared of the cancer that was Accenture from my life.

    Also: you forgot to mention that they force you into these childish group sessions where you pretend to bond with your colleagues even though you still have to fix the backlog the previous Accenture employee left for you. Then they make you do overtime to compensate.

    The funny part about it is that they also make sure to do it on the weekend too. So you can never have a moment’s rest without thinking of Accenture.

    I wouldn’t have minded it if the people in Accenture were decent folks but a lot of them are some of the biggest assholes I’ve met in my life. They would harass you for the most trivial things. I have a co-worker who has harassed merely because he was an old gay man. And since the manager didn’t like the guy as well he just allowed it to happen. At some point the man couldn’t take the abuse and just left. The manager just tells us that the man “wasn’t Accenture material”.

    Well, if that’s what it takes to be an Accenture employee then you can count me out.