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Accenture’s REAL Core Values

Accenture's Core Values

Looking at Accenture’s value document, you can wonder if they expect anyone to actually believe them.

It is normal for companies to define corporate values supposed to guide decision making. These values are often very noble.

This article will analyze and critique the stated values of Accenture.

Accenture claims to value:

  1. stewardship,
  2. best people,
  3. client value creation,
  4. one global network,
  5. respect for the individual, and
  6. integrity.
Let’s start by looking critically at these, one by one, and then look at reality.

1. Stewardship

Accenture’s claim: "Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations, protecting the Accenture brand, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, Accenture Stewardship developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment."

Our Critique:

The first part is quite true; it’s all about growing and earning more money for Accenture. By stakeholders they only mean owners, which include all Managing Directors (SE:s) or Partners.

"Developing our people" is an exaggeration, to say the least. No one in high-up in Accenture cares for the development of the employees. They don’t even care about the skills that people have (roles are assigned randomly) – what is important is "delivering" meaning doing as much work as possible. It’s all about quantity at Accenture, not quality.

Success is measured in billable hours and sales, and that is what gets the SE:s promoted in Accenture. The Managing Directors don’t care about communities or the global environment at all, except for selling sustainability projects.

2. Best People

Accenture’s claim: "Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude "best people" and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment."

Our Critique:

When you have reached over 280.000 employees and your yearly employee turn-over is sky-high (+20%) you cannot really claim to only be recruiting the best.

Considering the Managing Directors’ arrogance and their wish to be the best, "Best" might be a value in the sense of self-image. But more interesting is to look at the cultural values.

As mentioned above, Accenture is all about quantity, not quality. "Work hard, not smart." Consider this: working long hours mean higher bills to the clients.

Data processing and secretarial work (i.e. Project Management Office or PMO in Accenture terms) is not really challenging. But these are the kind of tasks that take many (billable) hours to complete.

"Fundamentally, at our heart, we are operational management consultants, with a very strong focus on getting things done"

Mark Foster, Group CEO of Management Consulting (2009-2011)

Their point about a "can-do" attitude might be true. Let me explain what it would mean to you as a new employee. You cannot say NO to a project. Your skills and career focus matter little when a Managing Director wants to put you in a boring project in an area where you have neither interest nor experience. If a Managing Director tells you to search for bugs in software code alone in a closet at a client location for six months, then you do it.

Accenture is not collaborative and supportive, it is all about elbows. Only a few people at each career level get promoted each year. Accenture uses relative grades in their employee evaluations, called "banding" (or “laddering”), meaning someone in every project has to get a bad grade. The longer people have been in the organization, the more they learn that they need to push their colleagues down. That way they appear to be better than you for the relative grading.

Accenture officially has an "Up or out"-policy (Sources: Accenture, Wikipedia, and Wetfeet.com).

There is little interest in developing the people within Accenture. True, there are many online courses, but you might as well read a Wikipedia Article, and no one has time to take them because of the constant pressure.

Accenture boosts with giving every employee a "Career Counselor". This is just a fancy word for boss.

In short, when it comes to: attracting, developing, retaining, challenging, and collaboration, Accenture does not value Best People. It doesn’t even value people.

3. Client Value Creation

Accenture’s claim: "Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and "client value creation" (dead tree) relevant and by consistently delivering value."

Our Critique

They are more interested in billing than delivering value. At Accenture’s management consulting part there is a constant discussion whether content (advice and information delivered to the client) is more important than form (how well the Power Point presentation looked).

Based on own observations, the guys that had worked at Accenture for a long time would spend their whole day making the Power Point slides beautiful. When the advice that the newer people had elaborated didn’t fit in the slide, the "experienced" Accenture people cut half of the recommendations out. Not summarizing, just deleting the second half.

Sadly a large part of the paid client time goes to preparing Power Point Presentations.

I have also seen Accenture consultants work on a proposal for Client X, while in the office of Client Y who pays for their time.

4. One Global Network

Accenture’s claim: "Leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service "one global network" to clients wherever they do business."

Our Critique

Now that is a lot of buzz words. But let’s look at the leveraging they claim to do (leverage = reusing what is valuable).

There is not much of collaboration and learning, as you can imagine form the two first points describing an environment of competition for promotions, where people are not valued, and where no one cares for developing them.

The SE:s do use cross-selling — "leveraging relationships" — so that one is true.

Regarding insights, as previously mentioned at Accenture it is more about nice graphics in Power Point than insights and recommendations. Those Power Points slides, stored in the Knowledge Exchange (Accenture’s messy intranet) are re-used again and again, with some search and replace on the client names and numbers.

SE:s pressure the consultants to re-use the slides, which does not foster gaining insights or learning, it is just copy & paste.

Reusing client contacts and Power Points: Yes, Accenture does this.

Encouraging insights, collaboration, and learning: No, Accenture does not do this.

What Accenture says is that they leverage insights, not encourage them. So to be fair: for the few projects where there were some insights produced, I guess I agree that those insights are reused over and over.

5. Respect for the Individual

Accenture’s claim: "Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each Respect for the individual person in a manner that reflects Accenture’s values."

Our Critique

This one could not be more misleading.

In Accenture there’s absolutely no respect at all for individuals.

Except if they are higher up in the hierarchy, then you have to kiss their a**. Employees are abused so much within Accenture, you wouldn’t believe it. People burn-out (or bore-out), get Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), back problems, and depressions because they are pushed too hard by superiors.

"Respect" in the Core Values document must be there just to keep the senior people from totally abusing their subordinates. To keep things a little bit under control. Well, it hasn’t had much effect.

If you want to read more about this, check out: Fear & Loathing in Limbo Land – My Experience at Accenture.

6. Integrity

Accenture’s claim: "Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking Integrity responsibility for our actions."

Our Critique

Overcharging (billing clients for more hours than were worked) is extremely common in Accenture.

Lies are common, for example "after this project you will get an interesting project".

Employees who have contracts specifying overtime pay are pressured to not write those hours in their time reports (to save some on the project budget) while clients are still being charged for those hours. I’ve seen managers keep two different time reports: one with all worked hours for the client and the official Artes one (Artes is Accenture’s time reporting software) where the consultants and analysts are told to not report their over-time.

Managers within Accenture are evaluated mainly on billable hours and profit margins in their projects and are under so much pressure they sacrifice anything they think they can get away with.

Using double time reports lets them pay little overtime while charging clients all worked hours (and maybe some extra hours on top of that).

Accenture’s Managing Directors often order the lower ranks to bill clients for time that was in fact spent on training.

Conclusions about the Stated Values

In conclusion, only Stewardship and One global Network are partly true:

The rest of the values are false:
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July 26, 2011
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  1. As many of the posts indicated here, the place is full of moral and financial corruption at all levels of Management. They will out rightly lie, go around their team to find excuses to rate them down on their performance & morale by misguiding the client; and also contacts in the industry so that the staff’s chances of getting a more rewarding job becomes distant. Thereby working for pittance yet churn out work against all odds and witness their ruthless office game.

    If they are friends with their staff, they will bluntly favor them in every possible way. I have witnessed cheating, lying and bullying so that others fall for their obnoxious ploys and ultimately bumped off. The team management is fully into these activities. The pyramid of criminality is bound to collapse with the cheer weight of this kind of incompetence, which everyone knows [is] the ‘origins’ of this company.

    It is common practice not to give the full pay that one has worked for even after giving in the required notice period or even when they slightly suspect that you are looking at job options. The HR and the management are fully partnered in this crime. They spend more time covering up their screw ups than trying to encourage quality. Team work is almost publicly discouraged. Twisting and turning facts, situations to suit ones agenda are rife. Even if one reasons out with the team management on some of the things they do, they will lie [to] your face. Even if one proves that they are lying, they will outright deny and get back at you in the most unprofessional manner that does not exist in any industry. It actually makes you sick to the stomach.

    To sound fair to the employees, team management encourages bad behaviour by their team members just to make themselves look good. And can be blamed on others at the time of scrutinizing by clients. It is so bad that they try to intimidate people to fill out employee engagement surveys so that they can manipulate the stats by putting a totally positive spin even on the sad feedback that they get on these surveys. They also claim that these surveys are anonymous, but they keep on reminding you that you haven’t done yours. Go figure!

    • @I Have Suffered,

      Unfortunately I recognize everything you say.

      The lying, the survey manipulation, the bad reviews of good people to favor their own favorites, etc.

      I have seen people that are favorites of a Senior Executive get credit for initiatives they had never even heard of (e.g. written feedback stating “great job programming module X”). Of course these people understood they were up for promotion and realized why they got this credit. Senior Executives have to fight each other on who gets to promote their own favorites, so they “fabricate” proof of good performance.

      Regarding the screw ups; unfortunately they are very good at covering their screw ups. Let’s try to change that on this web site.

      Thanks for your comment! Would love to hear more about your experience at Accenture in a Personal Experience post (totally anonymous), if you’d be interested.

  2. IT Professional or Accenture Prostitute?

    • You work very odd hours.

    • The client is charged a lot of money to keep them happy.

    • The client is charged well but your pimp gets most of the money.

    • You spend a majority of your time in a hotel room.

    • You charge by the hour but your time can be extended for the right price.

    • You are not proud of what you do.

    • Creating fantasies for your clients is rewarded.

    • It’s difficult to have a family.

    • You have no job satisfaction.

    • If a client beats you up, the pimp just sends you to another client.

    • You are embarrassed to tell people what you do for a living (people ask you what you do and you can’t explain it)

    • Your family and friends hardly recognizes you at reunions (at least the reunions you attend).

    • Your true friends have distanced themselves from you and you’re left hanging with only other used professionals.

    • Your client pays for your hotel room plus your hourly rate.

    • Your client always wants to know how much you charge and what they get for the money.

    • Your pimp drives nice cars like Mercedes or BMWs and berates you for being worthless.

    • Your pimp encourages drinking and you become addicted to drugs to ease the pain of it all.

    • You know the pimp is charging more than you are worth but if the client is foolish enough to pay it’s not your problem.

    • When you leave to go see a client, you look great, but return looking like hell (compare your appearance on Monday A.M. to Friday P.M.).

    • You are rated on your performance in an excruciating ordeal.

    • Even though you give your best service, it’s the client who walks away with a frown and the pimp smiling.

    • The client always thinks your cut of your billing rate is higher than it actually is, and in turn, expects miracles from you.

    • When you deduct your take from your billing rate, you constantly wonder if you could get a better deal with another pimp.

    • Every day you wake up and tell yourself you’re not going to be doing this stuff for the rest of your life.

  3. There is no fairness at this place. You can work your butt off and know your stuff, but end of the day it’s the people who KISS up to the right people who get what they want. I only know I’m still around because I was lucky enough to get a good role with some non-Accenture team mates, once this is over, I hope to get out.

  4. Bureaucratic environment and “Mark to Market” accounting practices (which were used by Arthur Andersen on Enron) are inflating profits and concealing losses exceeding hundreds of millions per year. To offset losses, new outsourcing business must be booked with 25-30% profit margin (a.k.a. Contract Controllable Income) for time and materials, or in the 40-50% range for managed services or consulting fixed term engagements. (It would actually be cheaper for clients to poach Accenture employees at a 20% premium of their current salary and eliminate Accenture as a pimp). Losses are due to seriously corrupted bureaucracies within Accenture, namely Methods and Tools group who base software tool selection on vendor conference locations, hospitality incentives, and overt kickbacks. Accenture “methods” are nothing more than revamped industry standards from PMBOK, ITIL, CMMI, and IEEE Software guidelines which are already well known by legitimate software engineering professionals.

    Actual Accenture experts” possess no legitimate qualifications beyond Wikipedia web surfing (Wikipedia links are actually cited in official Accenture presentations as academic references). Unlike client engagement teams, Methods and Tools group are accountable only to themselves, so they blatantly float (like the Wally character on Dilbert) by working from vacation locations, using core work hours for personal errands and fitness training, and generally abusing the trust.

    It is now so bad that they won’t even be accountable for testing their own releases, but deploy automatically into client’s production environment – caveat emptor to our esteemed Accenture customers.

  5. What’s written here is true and I think it shows the level of frustration from those who have been there. If you have a heart you won’t last long and if you stick around you won’t move up. You’ll have a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right from the very beginning and yes a day or two on the job is plenty to sense something is messed up here. The complete lack of civility in how people treat each other is evident and tolerated. I thought maybe I needed to toughen up so I hung in there hoping it might get better. Anything you say in the office especially in confidence to a manager will be repeated.

    I’ve never seen such lack of professionalism. If drama and pettiness are what you are looking for you’ll find it here. I want to do my job and do it well, not get wrapped up in all of the nonsense but avoiding it is impossible. I tried my best to bring about positive change, it took me a long time to figure out it was all a waste of time and grew tired of seeing colleagues burnt out, depressed and miserable. Most don’t bother doing anything about it. You become like the people you surround yourself with so I decided I’d better leave now before I turn into one of them.

  6. Well this is the classic example of ’Every dog has his day’ and Douche-venture has had its. Basically the company exploits employees. Cuts corners everywhere and is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to core values. There is no class in management or employees. Those who are classy leave ultimately and have done much better for themselves both from a career and financial perspective than inside accentu..oh sorry Douche-venture.

    Stock is bloated, float is low and none is really happy inside except for low aspiration mediocres. Also with so many companies replicating the software model there will be tremendous price pressure on Douche-venture.

  7. An acquaintance of my friend started to tell bullshit stories about his “heroic” job at Accenture. An untalented money whore if I ever saw one. If you know nothing and have the moral integrity of a human trafficker, it looks like you end up in consulting @ Accenture.

  8. Hi!

    Great site! I tried to register myself but it was not allowed… I also worked for Assventure some years ago and had a bad experience.

    I have been reading your articles and had a slight different impression about the “Career Counselor” (maybe I’m wrong or I didn’t understand well). I had the impression that the role was more about “damage control”, I mean someone (the counselor) that controls what you do in case you get rebel or mad *nuts*, because that’s normal there. People get crazy because of stress and bad working environment. So the counselor would fire up like an alarm and the agents would take you away!

    They really played around with me and I was assigned to work with very aggressive people that always tried to expose my weak spots. It was a very unpleasant feeling because it’s like “you cannot breathe at night because something is lurking in the shadows”

    I remember that when I started they told me to arrange some “benefits” after I’m in and when I was in, they asked me why I didn’t arrange them before…

    In one occasion I was degraded from Analyst 2 to Analyst 1 because I was put on a project with to many Analysts 2 and no place for more.

    My counselor made me understand that I was complicated because I was too nice and had not a “selling personality” (ALARM!)

    Well, I left many years ago and was so happy, and still am! :)

    Thanks for the space and sorry for my precarious English.
    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Jon,

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I’m not surprised though, unfortunately. Have been through similar treatment.

      What you say about career counselors is very interesting. I definitely think you are right – they do have the task to monitor for people who burn out or “go nuts”… They are also responsible for getting rid of those poor people. I guess they do other stuff as well, like yearly reviews and what not.

      For those who don’t know Accenture: every manager, senior manager and above are “career counselors” of a few people lower down. For example a manager might be the “counselor” of 17 analysts and consultants. And a senior Executive might be the career counselor of 5 Senior Managers, 5 managers, and maybe even some consultants.

  9. The same guy that writes the article also pretends to be the various commentors posting on his own article to seemingly legitimize his claim. Way to go, loser!

    • Yes… and now I called myself a loser…

      My multiple-personality disorder is really acting up… I’m so confused. ;)

  10. I understand that it’s all a business, because that is what they would always argue. I worked there for 6 years, and it’s the longest I’ve ever been with any company. But to say I loved it there would be farthest from the truth.

    I have to say the biggest lie is Best People. I was a level B manager there, and I saw how executives would hire outside people instead of organically growing leaders from people who have been in operations for quite some time and actually understand them. What we ultimately got were people who pretended to walk the walk by simply learning to talk the talk. We got plenty of posers and fakes, although you might say their masters degrees were real enough.

    The only thing true about One Global Network are the fancy Telepresence rooms and the never-ending, time-wasting conference calls. And of course, there’s global HR. But I don’t even want to get into that. Just too stressful.

    To sum up my experience at Accenture, a few words —

    Assholes. Mitchell A. Gross. Rubber stamp. Human Resources.

  11. This site is great! Been wondering all this time if I was the only one who had all this Accenture bullcrap up to my ears. It’s been 4 years since I left and I still get angry over how people are treated there.

  12. I remember my interview with Accenture. They called me in morning @ 10am asked me to wait till 4pm. How stupid of my self i was waiting… Then they said that they cannot do it today and took my cell number saying that it will be a tele call.. So on second day a guy called and asked for my salary expectation… Without taking an interview…and never turned up.

  13. I mean, they treated me as I was a miserable person, but even the miserable and poor people need respect as individuals and they do not have respect for us indeed…

    They are good in manipulating information to get and to keep their fortune!! They do not have ethics in their attitudes!!

    …and see the example of Arthur Andersen that is the origin of Accenture…


  15. The worst time of my life was when I worked with Accenture… it was a time as I was in a phantasmagorical environment!!!!! Thank God I am not working there anymore!!!!

    They are good at make people sick and to kill people.

    Their food is our blood.

    …and I think that there are a lot of followers of Satan within Accenture…

    I have already forgiven all of them!
    Have mercy on them, oh Lord, because they do not know what they do!
    Nevertheless, I ask for your righteousness in the process against them! Because they cared about me as if I was garbage!

    Thanks for your help Lord and the provision given by you to recover my health… because they refused a help!

    • Thanks for your comment, “S”.

      Your words are very strong, but I can certainly understand what you mean. Accenture is hell.

      I don’t know if there are lots of Satanist there… maybe some… I would think there are lots of psychopaths there. A psychopath is sadistic and egoistic. When he needs to, he can be very charming (for example when recruiting new employees.)

      The Accenture psychopaths, as I see it, would not worship anyone or anything. They think only of themselves. Well, maybe they worship the firm and power. (I was going to say *money* as well, but I think that if you worship money, you’d go to an investment bank.)

      If you are interested in helping us expose Accenture, we need all the help we can get.

      For example, you can write about your experience at Accenture (a “personal horror story“), or make an “office profile” about the Accenture office where you worked – that would help inform people out there (mainly students).

      This article on Accenture New York is one example of an “Office Profile”.

  16. Thanks for your comforting words, I am doing well now!
    Yes, I can write an article..

    I agree with you that there may have only some Satanists there, but if they are leaders, and I think that they are, the negative impacts to the people there are strong! You are right when you say that there are a lot of psychopaths and egoistic people too!!

    Best regards

  17. I remember that when I worked in a project to a major company of my country, in the Oil&Gas sector, the customer was complaining a lot because Accenture promised a number of senior consultants there and has never fulfilled the promise…

    In other words, Accenture cheated the customer and this customer was very disappointed with Accenture! Therefore, I think that the firm is not good in the “Client Value” core value either, because ACCENTURE cheats the customer..

  18. The following are my perceptions of the Accenture’s core values, based on my experience there:

    – Develop people: they offer some training there, but it is not enough to be competitive, comparing to other major consultancies such as IBM; people there are much more competent in my opinion;

    – Best people: it is not true, at IBM, for example, I could have a high improvement in my skills on my current project, mainly because we have collaboration between the team members, but working with Accenture, I experienced a effort from the team members to destroy one another, that means a cannibalistic competition there;

    – Client value: it is not true, but only to add values $$$ to the Accenture, but without a commitment to add values to the customers;

    – Respect to individuals: completely wrong! They do not respect individuals, they ask from their teams that we should consider the company the number 1 as a priority in our lives and that family, health, friends and citizenship should not have any priority to us and this is a requirement at Accenture for career growth;

    – One global network: correct if they mean “a power to get money, without taking any care with people, society and ethics”;

    – Integrity: they do not have any, indeed..

  19. Feel so great to read these reviews ! Atleast I feel I am not the only one suffering. I am a new joinee (just 2 months old) but realized all the above in just 2 months. I thought I am going through this because I am new to the company, but I gradually realized that people are dying to leave the company for all the reasons quoted above.

    Accenture is a definite trap to people who want to have a career because in ACN, you are not only placed at the wrong team but also it is ensured that you are not able to get on to the correct team for the rest of our lives in accenture. HR even goes to the extent of making you feel worthless for the role for which you actually applied. To top it up, Accenture has tie ups with companies which will limit your options to seek outside opportunities! As one has rightly said, accenture is worse than AIDS!

    High time I jump out !

  20. I have become a big fan of this website, as each and every word posted here has been experienced by me in a very short span of 3 months. But above all, I appreciate the spirit, will power and courage of the founders of this website to enlighten this as a public issue.

    Due to the presence of this forum, I can easily say my friends and relatives to refer this site to know the whole story about my tenure in assventure.

    Finally, I have now resigned this truly sick company. One has accurately stated that this is nothing lesser than AIDS because this makes people loose their confidence and their personality, and make them unfit both personally and professionally.

    I am doing my best to spread this news to people I know, but can’t do beyond as I don’t want to land up in more problems… assventure has tortured me enough !

  21. After reading more comments, I’ve found even more I agree with.

    An Accenture manager explained it to me this way: that Accenture is a pyramid. Basically they expect many employees to drop out over time. Maybe they believe this justifies their lack of training and their unpleasantness. So you either take their unethical treatment or move on. I’m told the average length of stay at Accenture is 2 years! But some say even this is a long time.

    Yes, “Career Counselors” (CC) are useless. Expect a brief phone call once or twice a year and your emails to be ignored. My CC lied to me by saying what we were discussing wouldn’t be recorded in my review but he recorded it there. Accenture’s claim about the guidance of a CC is just another surface rule that’s a lie.

    Accenture installs security software on your phone and apparently they can completely wipe your phone if they feel their security has been breached. But this breach can be as simple as entering the wrong password too many times.

    Travel isn’t optional. Accenture moves employees to anywhere in the world of their choosing. People don’t understand why Accenture doesn’t use local resources (or train them) for roles. But Accenture gives an allowance, not the full cost, for accommodation and apparently most people are left to find share-houses in unfamiliar cities. Accenture employees are gypsies, from one workplace to another and from one city to another.

  22. I totally relate to many of these comments. I thought “evil” was an exaggeration but I know better now. Accenture’s rules are just a surface of lies and employees must work out the underlying truth for themselves.

    Yes, Accenture does the following:

    – Lies to its clients. Everything is always on track and doing well. Every problem was foreseen and is not a problem at all. Employees who bring attention to an issue for resolution are abused and swiftly moved on. Why clients would want this is beyond me.

    – Weirdly Accenture received an award for being an “ethical” business, but in truth they don’t let employees record/charge their actual hours supposedly due to project budget constraints. Most employees work 14 hour days and many weekends. It’s completely unethical and inhumane. I hear complaints a lot including complaints of sickness from overwork, that they can’t receive an overtime bonus and that Accenture is not hiring enough employees to manage the workload. Accenture even once advertised that they were awarded for giving employees work-life balance, but they don’t.

    – They claim to offer training and volunteer days but this is only if the project approves it and this is rare. Training is very hard to come by.

    – They claim to offer flexible work hours but this is actually only temporary and for parents with children under 7 years or employees with an extreme illness.

    – They want the cheapest possible employees to do the hardest jobs that should be done by experts. Being cheap is an advantage when looking for internal roles. Managers look for the cheapest person with the most skills, but in truth experts would be elsewhere earning more money.

    – 95% of roles in certain western countries are filled with foreigners on cheaper work visas.

    – Now most roles in a project are sent overseas to their cheap “data centers” in India and the Philippines but Indian employees say these countries have many, large offices belonging to Accenture in a number of Indian cities. Client companies downsize, making way for Accenture to fill project roles with their cheap, offshore resources. This hurts economies.

    – They seem to believe their own stories that they are liked by their clients (and their client’s employees) and that Accenture employees have high salaries comparatively. Accenture (or it’s employees) aren’t liked at all by clients (or their employees).

    – The bottom line for promotions is that the employees who are promoted (at least lower in the ranks) are the ones who worked the most overtime. Plain and simple. It follows that employees who work the most overtime are also favorites of the managers. Despite Accenture’s claims that these employees where looking for additional challenge and were more productive, the truth is they were more productive because they worked excessive overtime but didn’t record/charge any overtime.

    The culture:

    – I agree with other comments – Accenture employees all day long show up their team mates in front of the client and their managers to make themselves look better. Team leaders will show up their own team members by making their team member look uninformed and slow, even if their team member is asking them a question. It’s true, I’ve never seen team work, it’s all about self-seeking at the expense of your own team. The sad thing is that this evil self-seeking is rewarded with favoritism by management and promotion, for some unknown reason to me.

    – Team leaders withhold information from their own team so that they can be considered most knowledgeable. The team doesn’t know what’s going on and they have to constantly try to get information out of the few people who withhold it on a project.

    – Meetings are all about Accenture employees “taking the reigns” in the conversation by rudely cutting others off, even experts from the client or other stakeholder. They think they are being confident by setting everyone straight with their superior verdicts. But I don’t think many true experts work at Accenture, maybe experts are too smart to work at Accenture.

    – Managers and project managers can be nasty people. They will abuse their power and jeopardize projects to implement their personal agendas, they will make whatever illogical claim they desire for their purposes and do whatever sick thing they fancy.

    – Rude. It’s their natural way.

    – I agree that if you have a heart or a love of justice you won’t last long. Trying to progress would probably leave you very frustrated.

    – If you prioritize family, after-work activities (any measure of work/life balance) or even your health, you probably won’t last long.

    Actually I see a lot of cookie-cut employees and they align with the descriptions in these comments.


    – I sometimes wonder if there’s secret training for select employees on how to be a lying, word-twisting self-seeker :)

    – I sometimes wonder if many of these 14 hour and weekend over-workers are really Accenture androids because they have the energy to keep this up and they never put on any weight despite being in the office for so many hours every week. :)

  23. More facts, just a list without any implied suggestions.

    -The headquarters is in Ireland (known for fiddles, terrorism and leprechauns);

    Accenture has massive offices in the Philippines and India, where they send a lot of their work and they send a lot of these foreigners to other countries on work visas;

    On July 19, 2001, Accenture offered initial public offering;

    Accenture works for US government; 9/11 happened including conspiracy theories of government knowledge or involvement; Between October 1, 2001, and September 30, 2002, Accenture received $662 million in federal contracts, “mostly from the Transportation Security Administration” (TSA), which falls under the Department of Homeland Security headed by Director Tom Ridge; Accenture was selected as lead contractor of the implementation of the United States Department of Homeland Security’s biometric identity management program, called US-VISIT, in 2003. The contract was for ten billion USD over ten years; 43 percent of Accenture’s contracts are with the US Department of Defense;

    A picture of a young Asian boy executing people in a terrorist training camp appears in the media, sadly this just feels familiar for many…

  24. I worked in this company for 6 years and everything you guys are posting is right. It is a worst company with no values. It is good “firing company”. Since it is not listed in India they can play around.

  25. I work for ACCENTURE:

    A = Assholes abound
    C = Camaraderie gave way to thievery and ambition
    C = Criminal behaviour abounds from Managers up to the CEO
    E = Evil incarnate
    N = No good deed goes unpunished
    T = Total hours reported better be more than 40 per week; or else
    U = Use others and dispose of them often
    R = Rotten to the core
    E = Enron was only the tip of the iceberg

    Time to leave and don’t look back.

  26. Wow. I can sense lot of furstration in most of the comments/ posts here
    The reality is that like every organization, there are people who will find long term value in pursuing their career with a company, and there are those who won’t.
    Accenture has worked out to be wonderful for me – amazing supervisor, great team, extremely caring (I was diagnosed of a life threatening disease and I was given a fully paid 1 year sabbatical), and absolutely fantastic career path.
    Throughout my career of over a decade here, I have worked with 10+ supervisors, some have been great, some haven’t been great – I think no one is ideal – you ought to be able to work/ adapt and if not, Accenture world is big enough to find an alternate role. I do not think you can blame Accenture for everything. At the end of the day, we work with different people who come from different walks of life
    Net net, I am surprised with so much negativity (plus many comments almost bordering on being unprofessional). If you do not like a place, you are absolutely free to walk out or stay in but look for change. No one forced you into joining a company or forced you to remain in a company. Just remember it for little goods it offered. And if you couldnt find any good in a world of 300000 people, then maybe the issue was with you!

    • Mr A G Lall, glad to hear you stood out of the crowd as a blue eyed boy… getting 1 year paid salary for sabbatical, is not a joke… I guess you would have never worked with your team in Client Delivery projects, rather you must be always standing at your bosses cabin doors.. No doubt about it!

      Recall how you lived if you get a chance.

    • I stumbled across this website looking for the core values of Accenture. Worked their 16 years. I didn’t shoot up the ranks like some. I was in both services and eventually joined consulting. I worked out of both Chicago and Atlanta. I also traveled to clients sites around the country. It’s really what you make of it. Don’t like your CC, find someone you like and get a new one. Don’t like your current position – there are plenty of others. Granted, you may have to move (I went to ATL to move from mainframes to client server). When that role dried up, I started traveling and eventually was able to work my way into Consulting. It’s tough and not for everyone. I don’t doubt what people say here. I did leave eventually because I burned out on the travel after 4 years (previous jobs were local). However my experience made it easy for me to find a great job with reasonable hours.

  27. Uff, yes. Worst company culture ever experienced. The marketing department does a great job to approach and recruit new hires. However, the longer you are in, the bigger gets the pressure to replace you with fresh blood.

  28. Find out more about careers and life at Accenture by attending our virtual or live events. Check out events in your area.

    • LOL… spaming the anti-accenture site to do advertising for Accenture… good luck! ;)

  29. Really like your site. I worked for Accenture for 12 years and having read
    your comments on the “core values”; I couldn’t agree more.

    Btw, as you know Accenture is allegedly spending 1B on resurrecting the
    Delivery Center Model in the USA and recapturing the talent pool they
    helped wipe out in the first place.

    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  30. Accenture needs to give power to HR – all power is with MD and what I experienced is they have made gangs in Pune location. They all harass people coming from other parts of India, their gang peoe do nothing just take credit of others work and take promotions.

    HR openly says “we don’t have any powers”, good talent leaves accenture massively, almost every project is just a garbage delivery on time.