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Accenture Threatens Exposing Evil Empire with Legal Actions

Keanu Reeves in the movie “Accenture’s Advocate”, excuse me, “Devil’s Advocate“.

Late on Friday, March 4, 2016, Accenture sent a formal email to Exposing Evil Empire threatening with unspecified legal actions if the Anti-Accenture Movement does not remove the article Accenture’s Project Sales Document Leaked before Tuesday 8 of March.

Accenture also demanded to know who the source is that leaked said document to Exposing Evil Empire.

The whole email from Accenture can be read below.

In a statement Exposing Evil Empire declared: “Accenture hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell to make us give up any of our sources. We will defend them and ourselves against Accenture no matter what.”

“Exposing Evil Empire is a not-for-profit campaign without any large budgets to fight the multibillion corporation Accenture. But it is also a collaborative campaign. With this we call on our community – our brothers and sisters – to help us with legal advice against the threats made by Accenture.”

March 4, 2016

[email address]

Re: Infringement of Accenture LLP Intellectual Property

To Whom It May Concern:

We represent Accenture LLP (“Accenture“) regarding certain of its intellectual property interests. Accenture recently became aware of the unauthorized disclosure of one of its trade secrets, namely an internal sales document containing confidential information (the “Project Sales Document”).

The Project Sales Document has been posted on your website located at http://exposingevilempire.com/ (the “Website”) via a post entitled “Accenture’s Project Sales Document Leaked” (the “Post”). See Exhibit A. The Project Sales Document has also been disclosed on Facebook and Twitter accounts sharing the same name as the Website (collectively, the “Social Media Accounts”). See Exhibit B and C. Accenture objects to the willful and malicious misappropriation of its trade secrets.

The Post itself reflects that you are aware of the nature of the document and the reasons it should not be disclosed. The Post explicitly states that “[e]ven though Accenture is a publicly traded company, this kind of information is normally unavailable to anyone outside of the executive ranks of the multinational firm.”

Moreover, the Post concedes that such confidential customer insight is the exact type of information that threatens to “[give outsiders] some understanding of [Accenture’s internal] sales process.”

The Post even acknowledges that no qualifying person at Accenture consented to its disclosure or use on the Website, namely that it was “leaked.”

Accordingly, Accenture demands that you immediately and permanently delete the Project Sales Document from the Web site and Social Media Accounts, and from any other website, account, file, computer, electronic device or other media or storage repository containing the Project Sales Document, and destroy any and all physical copies of the same.

Accenture further demands that you cease and desist from any future dissemination of the Project Sales Document and certify in writing that you have fully complied with the above demands.

Finally, Accenture demands that you identify the individual(s) and/or entity from whom you obtained the Project Sales Document.

We look forward to receiving your written confirmation that you have taken the foregoing actions by March 8, 2016, or Accenture will take appropriate legal steps to protect its intellectual property from further misappropriation.

Nothing in this letter is intended to waive, modify, or limit any rights or claims that Accenture may have, all of which are expressly reserved.


[Name of Accenture’s lawyer]

The Letter is also available as a PDF document (1.8 MB). Slightly edited to protect the IP of Accenture’s lawyer.

Note: Linking and slight editing for readability by Exposing Evil Empire.

Anti-Accenture Movement
March 22, 2016
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