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Accenture New York – The Unofficial Insider’s Guide

Accenture's New York office
The Accenture building on Manhattan.

The Accenture New York office is thought of as something of the Head Quarters for Accenture, together with the Chicago office. Despite its importance, the office is not at all a pleasant environment to work in; it is very old and a bit run down and has old-school cubicles.

Interestingly, Accenture has its Global Image team working in the NY office. The "Ministry of Propaganda" and the antagonists to the Exposing Evil Empire campaign, if you will.

Quick Facts: Accenture in NYC

Employees:ca. 2000
Managing Directors:ca. 150
Notable Managing Directors:
  • Roxanne Taylor (CMO)
  • Stephanie Schnabel (M.D. – Corporate Development)
  • Jesper Meyer (Head of M&A)
  • John J. Campangnio (Global Head of Recruiting)
  • David Straube (Investor Relations Executive)
  • John J. Dieffenbach (Lead Business Negotiator)
  • David Cudaback (Editor-in-Chief, Outlook Journal)
  • Andrew Zimmerman (Global M.D. – Communications Ind.)
Main Industries served:
  • Public Services
  • Products
  • Financial Industry

Employee Reviews

Here’s what one former employee from the New York City Office thinks about working there:

"Six of us from a NYC project called it quits and left Assventure for greener pastures at the beginning of 2010.

Stupid incompetent managers, coupled with incompetent client resources. Lots of ass-kissing, backstabbing, hypocrisy, and did I say ass-kissing??

Consultants were forced to do twice or thrice the amount of work a normal person should be doing, as they couldn’t get the client to staff all the positions they agreed to staff at inception. It was brutal, annoying and utterly pointless.

Couple that with the shitty technology we had to work with, or worse implement, made this engagement an utter disaster. Oh, let’s not even discuss all the major and minor ways in which they would basically steal money from the client!! Honestly, how does this company stay in business?? They need to disappear, and soon!"

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Source: Assventure


No scandals listed. Yet…

Job Opportunities at Accenture New York

The recruiters of the Accenture New York office normally post job openings on the mainstream career sites.

Though you might consider applying to companies such as IBM, Cap-Gemini, KPMG, etc. instead.


The New York Office is located at:
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105
+1 (917) 452-4400

Directions to the Accenture New York Office

From JFK Airport:

Going by public transport like this costs $7 and takes about 60-75 minutes. Taxi takes about the same time and will cost you $45 plus tolls (a few $) and tip.

From Penn Station:Accenture also has a much smaller, unofficial office on 11 Broadway. A few dozen consultants working in technology for the financial service industry are based in the Broadway office.

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