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Accenture Loses Contract with Australian Taxation Office

Accenture has lost the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) account, a very large account for the consulting firm.

The last Accenture resource will roll off in April, 2015 and a planned project is cancelled.

The Australian Taxation Office will not be using Accenture in the foreseeable future.

An Accenture employee who wishes to be anonymous speculates on the reasons why:

“Maybe ATO didn’t like the use of so many foreigners via Australia’s visa 457, considering Australia’s current unemployment problem.”

He or she continues: “Otherwise maybe the client didn’t like the way Accenture made it’s employees work so much overtime every day, despite what their contracts said.”

“Perhaps the ATO will try another consulting company. Resources from many states are starting to roll off, many returning to their home countries.”

A member of ATO’s communication department has confirmed the cancellation but was reluctant to give any details, and was eager to point out that a five million contract is kept with Accenture. The impression was that ATO does not want this failure to be known.

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October 4, 2014
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