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Accenture Hong Kong

Accenture Hong Kong

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Quick Facts about Accenture Hong Kong

Senior Executives:
Notable Senior Executives:

Main Industries served:
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Scandals & Failures

Employee Comments

Interview Process in Accenture Hong Kong

The process is the same for Consulting and Strategy, Accenture does not differentiate during the process, meaning that you as a candidate will not know what job you will be offered until the very last interview when you get the offer.

Accenture Hong Kong uses campus recruitment where the interviewers come to university campuses.

At campus (or in the first round of interviews in Accenture Hong Kong office) candidates will be asked:

Second round involves a Group Assessment in the office. You will have 15 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to present as a group.

Third round is an interview with Senior Leadership with behavioral questions (“Give me situations when you…”).

Employee Health

Local Salaries

Resources for Accenture Employees


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