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Accenture Finland – The Unofficial Insider’s Guide

Accenture's Office Building in Helsinki, Finland
The Accenture building in Helsinki, Finland.

Finland is one of the worst-stricken countries for Accenture regarding scandals and failures. There is lot of demotivated employees and the whole country knows of the firm – as Accenture caused a complete stop in the train system (in the middle of the winter) and brought down the prescription management in the pharmacies, just to mention two of the serious Accenture failures.

Student Research on Accenture

A group of students from Haaga-Helia University made a cultural analysis of Accenture, some of their observations were: "The Power Distance (PD) in Accenture is high. In the organization you can see very well that there is a centralized, top-down control."

That is indeed true. They continue:

"The Long- versus Short-term Orientation (LTO) is also very high on this element. They invest a lot in the future and are very persevering." Unfortunately I would have to disagree with the students on this one; I would say Accenture is one of the most short sighted companies in the world, especially when you consider how they use personnel and get rid of them when they burn out.

It seems Accenture gave the students the usual driwel and buzz words in their interview.

It would have been nice to see some more critical thinking in their report, but unfortunately this is one of the core competences of Accenture: fooling students.

Evil Empire Special Pizza

Fun fact: the evil empire analysts are known to sneak off to "PizzaTaxi" for lunch, when no Managing Directors are around, and have the Empire Special (with Salami, ham, shrimp, onion, garlic, double cheese). Some of them even try to convince the pizza place to rename it to "Evil Empire Special".

Quick Facts: Accenture Finland

Employees:ca. 1000
Managing Directors:ca. 40
  • Frank Korsström
    Country Managing Director for Finland

  • Maisa Kemppi
    Comercial Director
  • Tom Sjölund
    Financial Director
  • Per Stenius
    Head of the Strategy Service Line
Main Industries served:Communications & High Tech
Biggest Clients:Nokia

Employee Reviews

Here’s what some (former) employees from the Helsinki Office thinks about working there:

There’s a policy for everything, which sometimes works against common sense – not often, but sometimes. I understand there needs to be governance, but since employees in different countries obey the rules to different extent, the end result is not completely equal.
– Source: Accenture Manager

The cons of working at Accenture:

  • The career model is strickt (pyramid.)
  • Compensation is lacking in the lower levels (analyst, consultant, and manager.) Salaries are low compared to the industry – you get paid better in the client organizations and smaller competitors.
  • Some projects require significant overtime. This is typical to the management consultant industry.
  • Learning possibilities are scarce due to budget restrictions.

– Source: Former Management Consultant


A selection of all the scandals that Accenture caused in Finland:


The Helsinki Office is located at:
Itämerenkatu 1
00180 Helsinki

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December 18, 2012
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