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Accenture Caught Manipulating Employee Reviews

In June 2012 there were coming in a surprising number of positive employee reviews about Accenture on career web sites.

It was surprising because Accenture is having problems with employee satisfaction and employee turn-over. Because of these problems it needs to recruit massive amounts of employees each year. Therefore, online reviews are very important to Accenture.

We Got Suspicious in June 2012

When we noticed the sudden increase of online reviews we immediate thought that Accenture’s HR department had been “encouraging” its employees to write positive reviews online.

In addition, many of the reviews were strangely positive. The titles were “Great Place to Work” and variations of that.

“Amazing place to work.”

“Awesome place to work.”

We Found Some Disturbing Data

Looking at reviews (of Accenture) per day during Jan-Sept 2012 on career site Glassdoor.com gives us a clear picture:

Source: Analysis by ExposingEvilEmpire.com, reviews by current and former Accenture employees on Glassdoor.com (Total: 1424 reviews.)

As you can see, there’s indeed a clear peak in number of reviews during June.

Digging Deeper

It was not only the increased number of reviews that made us suspicious. We were also surprised to see how many of the reviews were positive.

So we decided to investigate and analyzed more than 1400 reviews from Glassdoor.com. Indeed the reviews during the unnatural “peak” in June are mainly positive reviews:

Curiously, many of the reviews mentioned the exact phrase “Great Place to Work” or variations thereof, such as “awesome place to work”, in the reviews.

Could it be that the HR personnel sent out emails ordering employees to say that Accenture is a great place to work, and some of these employees failed to rephrase it in their own words (being colored by the wording of the HR people)?

Edit: This is what we first thought: that HR was asking employees for positive reviews, but as pointed out by one of our readers in the comment section below, it is much more likely that someone in HR is just writing all of these positive reviews.

This would be quite easy: just write a review, clear the cookies from your web browser (and perhaps change your IP address) then write the next review about how wonderful Accenture is, and so on.

That is likely why the language in the reviews was similar – it was the same person writing them!

It is difficult to tell who is writing by only looking at the data; – about 16% of the reviews during the peak mention the phrase “great place to work” or something very similar, but it was common already before the peak (12%).

Looking into the reviews, we found out the following:

Finding The Source of These Overly Positive Reviews

We were also able to figure out where all these positive reviews came from:

Of the 362 total reviews in June, at least 211 came from India.

That is 58% of all reviews. Granted, India is an important country for Accenture, but normally there are only about 18 reviews per month (average Jan to May) from employees of Accenture India.

Looking at the reviews made in India we can clearly see that there is an unnatural pattern:

Most of the reviews were posted as – supposedly – current employees in the lower levels of the company.

The Great Place To Work Ranking

In 2011 Accenture held position 99 of 100 on the US Great Place to Work ranking with a slightly better result in 2012.

In India Accenture held the last position (25 out of 25) on the ranking in 2012.

Accenture has gone from a traditional consulting firm (20 years ago) to a firm focusing on system integration and outsourcing. The quality of the experience for employees has gone down dramatically because of this change. It’s no longer about prestigious, challenging consulting (if it ever was), but rather quite mundane jobs.

So how have Accenture sustained its brand and stayed on the ranking? Well, for one, they have HR employees willing to fake employee reviews.


Judging from the data the HR department in Accenture India decided to go online and write positive reviews to make Accenture appear to be a Great Place to Work.

Perhaps these efforts have something to do with the fact that data collection for The Great Place to Work (GPtW) ranking for India was about to start. According to the ranking institute, the study was launched on June 1, 2012.

Almost exactly when the peak in reviews started.

What a coincidence.

It is also interesting to know that the GPtW ranking is determined by data equally easy to manipulate; questionnaires to employees (selected by the company being evaluated).

According to our analysis, some of the most common complaints by Accenture employees are:

On top of that the firm manipulates online reviews to lure candidates into accepting an Accenture job.

That’s indeed a Great Place to Work.

Here’s a list of the 341 suspicious/fake reviews found during June-September 2012, with links to the original review. (Only positive fake reviews for Accenture India listed. Neutral reviews were not included in this list.)

38 of those mention the exact phrase “Great place to work”. Another 22 uses the phrase Cool/Awesome/Best/… “place to work”. 90 reviews uses the word “Great”.

Jun, 1Good company to work for5Pune
Jun, 1Loving the working environment5Bangalore
Jun, 2Great Place to Work
Great learning experience and working with values.
Jun, 2Growth in your career4New Delhi
Jun, 3Great Place to work5Chennai
Jun, 3Great Place to Work5Delhi
Jun, 3Expecting much better than what I have experienced till date4Pune
Jun, 4It’s the best company to start with.5Mumbai
Jun, 4Accenture is a company you never leave5Mumbai
Jun, 4Great place to work4Hyderabad
Jun, 4Great place to kickstart your career with.4Bangalore
Jun, 4Awesome Workplace
HR at the company Great Pyramid Structure World Class Work Place Policies…
Jun, 4Senior Programmer at Accenture4Bangalore
Jun, 5Awsome5Pune
Jun, 5Very nice5Bangalore
Jun, 5Wonderful Experance4Bangalore
Jun, 5Enriching4Mumbai
Jun, 5Satisfied4Mumbai
Jun, 5nice place to be in4Bangalore
Jun, 5if you want to learn more in less time this place is for you4Hyderabad
Jun, 5Great place to work and learn…4Mumbai
Jun, 5Not Good but not bad as well4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 6Better company to work
… er. Work life balance is great with flexible options. …
Jun, 6good place to start your career4Mumbai
Jun, 6gives a good work env and salary4Mumbai
Jun, 6Great place to work4Bangalore
Jun, 7Nice Experience5Hyderabad
Jun, 7Life’s good…..5Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 7Best work Environment
– Good work culture – Great opportunities – Great exposure
Jun, 7Accrenture Good company for all verticals4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 7Nice place to work4Bangalore
Jun, 7Great Place to Work!!4Bangalore
Jun, 8My first employer, and the best I have had so far.5Bangalore
Jun, 8Accenture is Worlds 4th best Employer after Google, Yahoo, Microsoft4Bangalore
Jun, 8accenture4Hyderabad
Jun, 8Application Developer4Bangalore
Jun, 8Awesome – one word is sufficient
… Everything here is great for an just – college – out buddy. …
Jun, 8Golden Opportunity, If you Are Lucky Enough
…Great Promotion Opportunities…
Jun, 9working atmosphere is really awesome5Chennai
Jun, 9Good company.5Bangalore
Jun, 9It is a very good company to work for, with lots of oppurtunity to grow.4Bangalore
Jun, 9Work culture is just superb.4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 9Great Place to work
… career opportunities and great learning …
Jun, 9satisfying and fulfilling4Bangalore
Jun, 9Satisfied with Job and work culture4Bangalore
Jun, 9Good place to work4Bangalore
Jun, 9So Far,My Journey is AWESOME!!4Bangalore
Jun, 9Pleasant4Mumbai
Jun, 9A company with aspiring and competitive healthy work environment.
Great working environment and aspiring work culture. Employee friendly…
Jun, 9One of the best places to be as a fresher after college.4Pune
Jun, 9A Good company to work For4New Delhi
Jun, 9Accenture Software Engineer Review4Hyderabad
Jun, 10My Employer My View5Bangalore
Jun, 10I feel lucky to get my first job in Accenture to work with such a kind and helpful persons.5Chennai
Jun, 10Happy to be part of a huge enterprise
…Good money Great Infrastructure…
4New Delhi
Jun, 10Overall,Good Experience4Mumbai
Jun, 10satisfied4Mumbai
Jun, 10Awsome workculture4Bangalore
Jun, 10Accenture highlights4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 11One of the best companies to work with5Bangalore
Jun, 11Great place to start your career4Bangalore
Jun, 11very good enterprise to start off in It after college and even if u join as a fresher4Mumbai
Jun, 11Nice to work with Accenture4Bangalore
Jun, 11Decent company with good culture and opportunities but average compensation standards4Bangalore
Jun, 11Good for laterals.4Mumbai
Jun, 11Good exposure4Bangalore
Jun, 11Good
Great Place to Work for Freshers
Jun, 12the company has a good work culture4Chennai
Jun, 12Amazing4Hyderabad
Jun, 12Great Place To Work
Great Leadership, Open Door Culture
Jun, 12High Performance. Delivered.
…it is indeed a GPTW (Great Place to Work)…
Jun, 12Quality Work, Low Visibility4Calcutta
Jun, 13High Performance.Delivered.
… Best place to work … …
5Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 13My Satisfaction5Pune
Jun, 13Best employer I have ever worked for5Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 13High Performance delivered4Pune
Jun, 13Accenture review (IDC centeric)4Bangalore
Jun, 13Accenture is a good company, if you are looking for a long stay.4Bangalore
Jun, 13Nice So far!4Bangalore
Jun, 13Fabulous working environment to work4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 13Decent company with strong values
great work culture,flexible timings, good raise …
Jun, 14Excellent company to work with5Pune
Jun, 14Accenture is a great place to start a career. I like working here.
Great job opportunities as well as extra curricular activities …
Jun, 14Accenture Review4Bangalore
Jun, 14excellent work culture, employee friendly.4Mumbai
Jun, 15Great work place and loads to learn5Bangalore
Jun, 15High Performance Delivered
…you can reach out to anyone and can ask your concerns. Its just Great !!!!!!
Jun, 16Life at Accenture
… 1. It is a great place to work. 2. Supportive co-workers , friend …
Jun, 16Great place to Work.
… terprising Oppurtunities great place to work great people …
Jun, 16This is great place to expose yourself.. great platform to grow faster. I love it4Bangalore
Jun, 16Nice Work/Fun balance and atmosphere.
Great work environment, Nice people, …
Jun, 16Great work Cuture of Accenture
Great work Cuture Good perks cab facility…
Jun, 16Good …except the politics!
… s and overall culture is great. …
Jun, 17Accenture-High Performance , Delivered – Amazing place to be at…!!!4Pune
Jun, 17Wonderful4Bangalore
Jun, 17Acs4Chennai
Jun, 17accenture through employee mind4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 18great place to work4Hyderabad
Jun, 19GPTW if you are ready for Hard Work5Bangalore
Jun, 19A learning experience with great professional growth4Mumbai
Jun, 19One of the best company to work for4Bangalore
Jun, 19Comapny to Work for4Chennai
Jun, 21Excellent company to work for!!!5Hyderabad
Jun, 21Great place to work4Chennai
Jun, 21Working with Accenture was a great learning4New Delhi
Jun, 22Accenture is a brand name and its totally justified.4Bangalore
Jun, 22Its a nice Company to start ypur career4Pune
Jun, 22Good infrastructure, work culture, bad managers and less learning and opportunity4Bangalore
Jun, 22Accenture
Great opprotunities with latest technologies. Great tie-ups and excellent work culture…
Jun, 22It’s been an rewrding experience4Mumbai
Jun, 23Amazing5
Jun, 23Amazing Place to Work4Bangalore
Jun, 23accenture as an employer4Pune
Jun, 23Good learning opportunities, good to start with4Mumbai
Jun, 23It has been an learning experience till now at Accenture.4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 23You can make a career in Accenture.4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 24Great learning curve at accenture4Bangalore
Jun, 24Provides employee satisfaction
Great opportunity to learn,perform ,and grow…
Jun, 24A great Place to work4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 24Great
Nice work culture, Great people working. hard working and …
Jun, 24Accenture is as huge as an ocean4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 24Career opportunities inside Accenture for long term4Bangalore
Jun, 24Its an enriching experience.4Hyderabad
Jun, 24Good company to start your career4Bangalore
Jun, 24Excellent Work Environment, learning opportunities4Bangalore
Jun, 25I am glad that i work with Accenture.5Mumbai
Jun, 25Satisfied5Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 25Good start to my career
…Healthy work environment. Great place to work. Core values…
Jun, 25Lots of opportunities, very good projects and very healthy work environment.5Hyderabad
Jun, 25A People’s Company4Hyderabad
Jun, 25Good place to work
… Things work timely -Good place to work -Work life balance …
Jun, 25Work Culture At Accenture4Chennai
Jun, 25Good4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jun, 25i Love to work with Accenture4Pune
Jun, 25good working place4Bangalore
Jun, 26Awesome place to work at5Hyderabad
Jun, 26Good company for Employees5Bangalore
Jun, 26Accenture
… d Brand value. Provide a great platform and Opportunities. …
Jun, 26more you get into the details more you are going to learn the environment.4Bangalore
Jun, 26Accenture is a great place to work4Hyderabad
Jun, 26Accenture: My first Employer4Hyderabad
Jun, 26Accenture’s review4Hyderabad
Jun, 27A Dream Company5Bangalore
Jun, 27It is an achivement to join here5Bangalore
Jun, 27Around 3 years4Pune
Jun, 27Wonderful platform for new joiners with great people around4Mumbai
Jun, 28It’s been a wonderful journey where you are appreciated as a person if you work says5Mumbai
Jun, 28Accenture Built my career5Mumbai
Jun, 28The best work culture and lively atmosphere at work place resulting in delivering high performance to the end clients…4Pune
Jun, 28Pretty good
… Good salary, great scope for learning and lot of onsite opportuni …
Jun, 28The best place to kick-start one’s career!4Bangalore
Jun, 28A growth driven friendly company4Pune
Jun, 28The products of this company are its Prople4Bangalore
Jun, 28It was nice experience so far.. Good training team..Good Work life balance… Good workplace to work with4Mumbai
Jun, 29Best Place To Work4Pune
Jun, 29What it feels after 2 years at Accenture!!4Mumbai
Jun, 29Management
Great work culture and also the process followed are best.
Jun, 29having 1+ year of experience in Java
Great Place to work , having good culture
Jun, 29Accenture
Great company for experienced professionals
Jun, 29Career in Accenture
Great work/life balance by conduting so much entertainment programs…
Jun, 29Good company with great culture but technical growth of individual is slow
… Good company with great culture Better compensation …
Jun, 30awesome5Delhi
Jun, 30Great Place to work, salary sucks, great opportunities to grow and meet the best people (one of our core values).
… and it makes Accenture a great place to work. They try different …
Jul, 1Good experience in growth according to Job profile5Bangalore
Jul, 2Best place to work
… nture is one of the best place to work because of the values they …
Jul, 2Fantastic, absolutely amazing & exciting from the day I joined Accenture as a fresher.5Bangalore
Jul, 2One of the best places to work for5Mumbai
Jul, 2satisfying and very nice expereince
… good place to work and share workspace with co workers …
Jul, 2Good company to start career4Hyderabad
Jul, 3Accenture’s work culture is the best5Bangalore
Jul, 3Get something new to do everyday4New Delhi
Jul, 4Learning4Mumbai
Jul, 4Amazing work environment
… Work environment is great Flexible working hours Many offices in …
Jul, 5Accenture: Best place to work.4Bangalore
Jul, 5Accenture is great place to work4Bangalore
Jul, 6ABC5Mumbai
Jul, 6Journey with Accenture till now is very good.4Hyderabad
Jul, 6So far so good..4Bangalore
Jul, 7It provides good career opportunities and so is growth quotiont.4Mumbai
Jul, 7It has been great opportunity working with Accenture.
Great Career Oriented Organisation. Good Working Environment. Nice Place to Work.
Jul, 7Great place to work with fun
Great team working with fun filling atmosphere…
Jul, 7Love this organization. Great company to work with.4Bangalore
Jul, 8Accenture High performance delivered “Great Place to work
…Good employees………..! Great place to work……..! Flexibility…
Jul, 8A good Start to Carrier4Bangalore
Jul, 8High Performance Delivered4Bangalore
Jul, 9good company to work with4Bangalore
Jul, 9Great place to work4Bangalore
Jul, 9Good place to start your career, but don’t stick on to it for too long.4Bangalore
Jul, 10Accenture Review as an Employer4Bangalore
Jul, 11Accenture Review4Mumbai
Jul, 12Excellent5Bangalore
Jul, 13Good Quality work for freshers.4Chennai
Jul, 15great experience till date4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jul, 15Accenture
… ary hikes as per market. great work culture and respect for resou …
Jul, 16A place which makes you give your best and gives back the best whether it is monetory or non monetory..5Chennai
Jul, 16Its a wonderful platform where you can get plenty of opportunities.
Great People to work …
Jul, 16Fair company..with lotta oppurtunities4Bangalore
Jul, 163 years experience in S/W Testing4Bangalore
Jul, 16good for a software services company4Bangalore
Jul, 18Great and Challenging . lots of
great environment to work work with the best great people intensi …
Jul, 18Superb working environment5Bangalore
Jul, 18Its a good company to start our carrier…4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jul, 218 yrs in first company, there must be something4Pune
Jul, 21Good company to work for4Mumbai
Jul, 21Good place to work for4Bangalore
Jul, 22Very Satisfied5Bangalore
Jul, 22Accenture:- Awesome Brand name and the company to fall in love with4Mumbai
Jul, 23Flexibility is the key for growth5Hyderabad
Jul, 23Accenture provides lots of self growth opportunities apart from satisfying work culture4Bangalore
Jul, 25One of the very companies whose employee are happy with the company.5Bangalore
Jul, 25Pleasant experience overall
… round good work culture (great place to work) One of the biggest …
Jul, 25Good to know
Great career opportunities and leadership…
Jul, 26Accenture is excellent company to work with4Hyderabad
Jul, 27Working with accenture is amazing experience5Bangalore
Jul, 27Best company to work with if you want to have fun,learn and grow.4Mumbai
Jul, 28Perfect journey of profession and personal life5Bangalore
Jul, 28Awesome4Noida
Jul, 28Kickass Workplace4Bangalore
Jul, 28Accenture India4Gurgaon, Haryana
Jul, 29I like the working environment in Accenture
Great co-operation among employees is one of the most lovable thing…
Jul, 29Good Projects but low pay4Bangalore
Jul, 29A prefect organisation ..!!4Pune
Jul, 29Great place to work4Chennai
Jul, 30Techno sound and gives international feel to employees.4Greater Noida
Jul, 30A Very Good Work Life balance4Bangalore
Jul, 30Great Company to work with, but not a good pay master4Noida
Jul, 30fun and satisfying work place4Bangalore
Jul, 31Great work environment
… open door policy. Its a great place to work. …
Jul, 31Have to get more experience… Just 2 months are got over4Chennai
Aug, 1Excellent5Bangalore
Aug, 1Awesome place to work4Noida
Aug, 1Job Opportunity4Bangalore
Aug, 2Best Company to Start with ..4Hyderabad
Aug, 3come here and get to know everything5Bangalore
Aug, 3My experience is ok- ok . Not too good not too bad … all depends on manager4Mumbai
Aug, 3Nice!!4Bangalore
Aug, 4Enriching4Bangalore
Aug, 6Nice company4Mumbai
Aug, 7Awesome5Mumbai
Aug, 7Great Place to work
Great career opportunitities with lots of exciting work – Great work environment…
4Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 8Worth5Mumbai
Aug, 8Overall Experience4New Delhi
Aug, 9My Experience with Accenture4Bangalore
Aug, 9Team Lead4Pune
Aug, 10dream come true5Mumbai
Aug, 10High Performance Delivered5Mumbai
Aug, 11Chance to work with high performance people
Great place to work
Aug, 12Excellent Working Environment with great learning opportunities4Bangalore
Aug, 13Nice and Good Accent in Future..:)4Bangalore
Aug, 14Awsome5Pune
Aug, 14its good for me as this is my first experience in India4Hyderabad
Aug, 14Top notch brand4Pune
Aug, 15Fast paced, meritocracy based, people-oriented organization5Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 16Great culture , great growth5Mumbai
Aug, 16It has an awesome work environment5Bangalore
Aug, 16Great place to work4Bangalore
Aug, 16Great Place to Work
… It was great to work with Accenture. One would get lot of opportu …
Aug, 17Good place to work with a really dynamic environment4Mumbai
Aug, 17pretty cool4Bangalore
Aug, 17Amazing4Mumbai
Aug, 18Excellent work culture and environment.5Hyderabad
Aug, 18High Performance Delivered4Bangalore
Aug, 18So far so good4Bangalore
Aug, 19Good overall learning experiences5Hyderabad
Aug, 19Good company to work for4Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 20Awesome Experience!!! Enjoyed working there Everyday….
Great Management…
Aug, 20Accenture – GTIN gives you a good work life balance4Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 21Good work environment and employee centric organization4Noida
Aug, 22Accenture is a nice place to work though not a pay master4Mumbai
Aug, 23A great Place to work with5Mumbai
Aug, 23Enriching Experience4Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 23Accenture 3 yrs experience4Mumbai
Aug, 23Amazing company to work for4New Delhi
Aug, 23good experience so far4Noida
Aug, 24Wonderful work environment and culture5Chennai
Aug, 24Accenture – Good Organization4Bangalore
Aug, 24DBA at Accenture
Great place to work. Good Opporunity to learn.
Aug, 24good4Bangalore
Aug, 25Paymaster4Calcutta
Aug, 26SAP Consultant4Bangalore
Aug, 27Excellent- Delivering High Performance always5Bangalore
Aug, 27Great place to work4Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 28Satisfied with the opportunities, rewards and recognition and work-life balance4Delhi
Aug, 28It is a good company to wok with4Bangalore
Aug, 28Accenture India
1. Great place to work 2. flexible timings. 3. gender equality
Aug, 29Awsome Company to work in5Gurgaon, Haryana
Aug, 29Good company great learning experience4Bangalore
Aug, 30Great company to work and learn4Bangalore
Aug, 31Best Place to Work5Chennai
Sep, 1Wonderful4Bangalore
Sep, 2very good work culture5Chennai
Sep, 2its very good comapny to work with4Bangalore
Sep, 2Great place to work, albeit some grey areas.4Bangalore
Sep, 3Good Experience4Bangalore
Sep, 5Great place to work – Especially freshers4Bangalore
Sep, 5good company to work with
… Good HR policies. Nice place to work. Friendly environment. Good …
Sep, 5One of the best companies to work for!4Bangalore
Sep, 5Good for 3 year and more exp4Bangalore
Sep, 6Good company to work with4Bangalore
Sep, 6Accenture- Good for experienced guys4Bangalore
Sep, 7Wonderful experience5Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 7excellent work environment with great people
… good work environment great values Work/Life Balance is good …
Sep, 8Awesome learning experience…4Bangalore
Sep, 9This is the best ever employee friendly company i have worked in, truely whatever accenture promise gets delivered.5Hyderabad
Sep, 92 Year of Experience in ATG5Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 9simply awesome4Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 9The right place if you have the will to learn
Great place if you would like to learn and understand business strategies…
Sep, 102 month internship at Accenture4Chennai
Sep, 10Good Company4Bangalore
Sep, 10Accenture is a good place to work.
… Accenture provides a great balance between personal and professio …
Sep, 11Great company with a strong foundation
… ees. The work culture is great. You are compensated well for any …
Sep, 11Good learning Exp4Mumbai
Sep, 11Accenture – Great place for learning4Bangalore
Sep, 11Senior Manager – Management Consulting4New Delhi
Sep, 13good company, best increments, good work environment5Pune
Sep, 14Good5Bangalore
Sep, 14Overall Good Company, Good Projects and enough learning Opportunities
… good work life balance, great client facing opportunities (if yo …
4Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 15Nice place to work.4Pune
Sep, 17It Really depends on your project
… Pretty cool place to work, most of the times you can choose worki …
Sep, 17Very good working with accenture4Hyderabad
Sep, 17Great to work4Bangalore
Sep, 17Amazing Learning opportunities4Mumbai
Sep, 17Accenture Services Review4Hyderabad
Sep, 17Stepping from student life into a professional environment4Bangalore
Sep, 18very professional train ride in the world of accenture5Mumbai
Sep, 18If you are a computer geek, you can relish there, without any hardships.4Chennai
Sep, 18Career Satisfaction4Mumbai
Sep, 18nice place to work4Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 20my future, growth and development5Bangalore
Sep, 20Best work culture and opportunities4Bangalore
Sep, 20Very good company for a fresher if he/she does not mind working from any location and on any technology4Pune
Sep, 2011+ years of marketing and communications experience across offline as well as digital media (including social media)
… working with one of the great employers who excel in their area …
4Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 22Accenture_ Employee Centric comapny5Bangalore
Sep, 22Accenture – Great place to work!!4Bangalore
Sep, 23Once you join here you’ll definitely understand what is “High performance delivered”4Bangalore
Sep, 25Good company to work.5Gurgaon, Haryana
Sep, 25Accenture work experience4Mumbai
Sep, 27the best working place to be5Bangalore
Sep, 27Good Company to Work with!!4Bangalore
Sep, 27good
great values and working environment …
Sep, 28working in Accenture (how it feels)4Pune
Anti-Accenture Movement
January 2, 2013
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  1. There are quite a lot of HR folks out in Accenture India who will do this. They can fake their designation as a software engineer. What is more, I remember an HR person in Accenture pointing out to me that there are no negative reviews about Accenture, India, especially Bangalore location.

  2. I would like to see where they got this information. I have been working with Accenture for 4 years and now i work for Accenture directly and I LOVE IT HERE. Accenture is a great place to work. No one has ever asked for a faked review, and if they did, im sure that they would be disciplined. That is not how Accenture does business.

    • We got the information from Glassdoor.com. It is an analysis of all the reviews posted from January 01, 2012 until September 28 2012 (as mentioned in the article). That is a total of 1416 reviews.

      Update: We have now added a list of three hundred suspicious/fake reviews.

      I think you’re right, the tactic used is not to ask employees for this, that is too risky. As the previous commenter pointed out, it is probably the HR people themselves writing these reviews. We have updated the article in Jan, 2016 (before we speculated that HR asked employees to do the fake reviews).

      Good that you love it at Accenture. Most people don’t, which you probably know very well after 4 years in that hell hole.

      • I have been with Accenture for going on 8 years…there have been a couple of assignments that I did not enjoy, but the overwhelming amount of roles have been extremely interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. I will agree that work life balance in not good if you are seeking promotion – 40 hour work weeks are not feasible.

    • They do if you sit in the inter circle within Marketing-HR, almost one in the same.

  3. The HR policies are not clear in The company, I worked for 4 years and found that promotion is dependent if you have Good Terms with your ‘Lead’ irrespective how you work.

    There is lot of Regionalism in Bangalore and preference is given if you are of the same community as your Senior Manager and you will be given a bad rating and ultimately get fired if your Lead doesn’t like you, irrespective of how good you may be in your work.

    • True. The process depends entirely on the supervisor’s feedback.
      Regionalism is there everywhere in India. Unfortunately its a national problem. I have been fortunate to have supervisors who don’t have that attitude.
      True again, but I think its unfair to say that this is a problem only at Accenture. Every company in India has this problem where your survival depends entirely on your relationship with the supervisors. Any grievance will be directed only to that supervisor (against whom the grievance is raised in the first place).

    • Actually the policies are quite clear. The confusion arises only when you look at the the “Global Policies” which seem much more reasonable and liberal and hence you wish it was valid for you. But the reality is that Accenture’s global policy is not applicable in India. There is a separate document for India and Philippines. That’s what needs to be referred for everything here.

  4. Same experience as above said by Dazzling..

    I worked for 5.10 years starting from Jan 2008 to Nov 2013 and I have had a very bad experience about HR policies and leads.

    I left accenture on 13th Nov 2013 and now it’s been more than a month and I still have not received RAL, relieving letter and full settlement from accenture. I am following up with HR and my old team and I have also kept a senior manager in the loop but no reply from accenture.

    I want to file a complaint against accenture regarding above kindly help me if someone is aware that how to get this company on its knees.

    • Yeah.. I remember that it took about 6 months for the final settlement to be credited to my account and the papers to be received. When you send the PF paper, it takes about a year for that, but thats beyond the control of accenture. Having worked for 5 years, you know how long it takes for the HR to do anything, rt?

    • Buddy, I am a Senior Manager (Level A) and experiencing same issue. Have you tried firing a complaint with Labour Officer of your city. This will make it formal complaint.

  5. Hi Friends,

    I have got an offer from Accenture. Basically, I am working for a product based company (not a big one though) where the job security is very good. The offer from Accenture is not that great to make a switch, but I was concerned that I can learn more in a service based industry like Accenture.

    I am in dilemma whether to accept the offer or not…

    Kindly suggest

    Thanks in advance



    • Dear Desai,

      I would recommend you read up on Accenture before making a decision.

      For example our articles:

      Assventure – Incompetence Delivered


      Accenture’s REAL Core Values.

      Knowing what I know about Accenture, I would not accept their offer.

      Accenture is not a learning environment, it’s all about getting things done. You have no choice regarding what projects you work on. You are only a “resource” that Accenture must use to the fullest to meet Senior Executives’ (and shareholders’) demands for profits. They don’t care if a project is not in your career field, they cannot keep you around waiting for an interesting project.

      If you want to accelerate your learning, either take initiatives where you are now or look for another job (that is not Accenture). There are many good companies out there.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Do not take the job. You have to greatly dumb down to work here and there is zero development.

      Online training only is a joke and if you are lucky enough to make it in to a Leadership Development Program, they are also a joke. Poorly invested, short term, and would mean absolutely nothing externally as they are not long or deep enough in duration.

      If you were without a job and Accenture was the only offer you had, then take it to get through a hard time while you are looking for a better, long term situation.

      Accenture is a bunch of Generation Boomer, greedy vampires that is destroying the international job market and creating false economies by fraudulent promises to customers, employees, and the media.


  6. I had joined to Accenture assuming it to a great company, but after few months I realized that it was making us full. Management is always doing politics for their lobby, if you are not oiling to your Manager or Team Lead your rating will be big zero in spite of having great performance for your project.

    You can see a procession of Experienced Employee leaving Kolkata Accenture. Within one or two year Accenture will be the “high lobby delivery” center in India.

    Once I heard that Accenture will take another building in Unitech SEZ (currently they have BIII building in Unitech SEZ) but the current situation is that they are not able to fill up the existing building as everybody came to know about the Accenture culture except the freshers.

  7. Today, 18 May 2014, Accenture conducting experienced recruitment on many skills in Bangalore.

    The candidates have to wait too long to attend the interview. Even they have no plans to separate candidates as per their skills wise. During the registration time (it starts at about 9:00 AM), they took our resumes, and tell us to sit and wait in their lobby. We wait for their call there.

    On 1:30 PM we went to one of person who calling the candidates to the interview Panel and ask him that shall we go for a lunch and come back. Even for this question he responded as very badly with an order sound “You should go and sit for some more time”. This shows him that he is arrogant and not to know how behave with the candidates and he is humiliating us and treating like slaves.

    He only calls the people mostly from Muslim community. This shows his religion spirit.

    At least they have to make an arrangement for the time the lunch or for keeping the candidates separately as per their skills, right?

    Some of them who is getting inside for the interview process in network security after waiting 3 and half hours, accenture authority says to them that you can leave for the day and they will arrange telephonic interview for those candidates. Others are still waiting. I had waited up to 3:30 PM, then I left.

    These incidents shows that Accenture’s Employee’s worst behavior and culture towards the people. Even though if we are not going get job there, but the company should keep good manners with candidates, Right? and the company take necessary actions to prevent these kind of irregularities in the upcoming/future recruitment Process.

  8. One of the worst company to work for. They will recruit in mass just to put people on the Bench… wasting the careers of employees…. firing is common… no work satisfaction…. Please don’t join this company….

    • Hi I am doing a paper about Accenture, What was the qualifications to get this job

  9. I can understand how managers can be incompetent, how work-life balance can be screwed up in a project and how remuneration needn’t be as you expected when it comes to raises/bonuses.

    What I am unable to fathom is how can you blame a company for it? I don’t work for Accenture but I have family members who do (who doesn’t, right?).

    I do hear about ‘weirdos’ and ‘smug and intolerable’ managers, incompetent senior managers but I’d assume you’d see that in every company that hires by the hundreds/thousands. When you can’t spend days interviewing someone for a position (especially when you need a dozen folks in your team by the next month), you invariably end up compromising on the quality of your employees. It’s seen across almost all companies that are as large as Accenture.

    However, what the employees go through on a daily basis is almost directly related to their direct manager or senior managers/directors. This has nothing to do with Accenture, it’s the people. Accenture (and every other organization) is what it’s employees, managers, admin team and HR makes of it.

  10. One thing you all forgot to mention about Accenture is their working hours. They have 10 hrs as standard working hours and after that they also tell to employees to extend (overtime).

    After that they will call you on weekends. You will have no social life after joining this rubbish company.

    I will share my experience, I’m currently working in Accenture. From my second day itself after joining until this last one month, they have called almost every Saturday.

    Work culture is pathetic.

    You will be a slave working here.

    One more Accenture policy I’d like to share: if you are on bench then you can reject project roles only two times. Whatever project they will give you the third time, if you don’t take it they will tell you to resign. They will relocate you to other location as they wish.

    Pathetic company.

  11. I have been working with Accenture from past 8 years and 2007 is the turning point. Leadership were replaced with bunch of jokers.

    GlassDoor website is blocked in Accenture and I don’t think so the freshers or any other employees can go and write review on there own on this site. There is lot of frustration in employees.
    Its surprising that they have stopped Employee Survey, I don’t see those surveys coming to employees to give feedback on the company. HR is a bell boy for senior managers. Senior Manager and Leadership have brains lower than a kinder garden kid.

    Its not High performance Delivered, it is High Performance Degraded.

  12. I am a former accenture employee and every word said in the article above is so true. I couldn’t agree more with this article. I worked in this disgusting company for like 20 months and trust me it is nightmare. You are like a prisoner, no work life balance, biased leaders and human resource representatives. I have recently been forced to Quit because I was outspoken and always resented against their manipulative and biased feedback. Leaders there never liked my attitude because I was right at their face opposing their wrong doings.

    I am planning to file a legal complaint against them.

    Can any of my brothers suggest me the best forum to file a complaint against them, as it seems there is no point in complaining to the higher department in Accenture as they all are birds of same feather.

    • Your name means “peanut” in our language. Hahaha… BTW, I’m just starting with Accenture so I still have to see about it. Thanks for your honest reviews about Accenture. At least, if things get worse, I’ll have a plan out.

      • Good luck…best thing to do is consider it a short term stepping stone. Learn what you can, Learn what not to do and be, And plan for your next opportunity beyond Accenture now. There are masses of people at the Sr Manager level and below- even newbies – who find themselves trapped for many reasons. Don’t let that happen to you. keep your expenses low, make sure you max out your 401K up to the 6% or whatever your plan is, and start looking for your next move. Think about how every project you are on will get you there. If you are client facing, network your tail off so that if you observe a great leader or team, that may be the new tribe for you. Do not get comfortable and sucked in as then you will have wasted years of your life like so many I have met since coming here who have never experienced anything different or what truly great leadership looks like. It’s like being a battered wife…they have been battered for so long by sociopathic MD’s that they have been conditioned to believe that it’s normal and that every big firm is like this and It’s really not. There are always varying degrees of course, but Accenture is by far the worst place I have ever worked.

  13. Champions and fellow betrayed people,

    I agree with what you have mentioned, however, just one point here: it is not evil … IT IS ILLITERATE AND STUBBORN MANAGEMENT EMPIRE …. the HR sucks and is only an extended branch of Operations delivery.

    People who never learn from their mistakes

  14. I had joined Accenture thinking that it’s a good company to work for, but after 2-3 months I got to know it’s a Disgusting company.

    The managers here are illiterate and pathetic. They do not know how to speak. They have ego problem. Most interesting thing is, the HR department is supporting them. I have ruined my career by joining Accenture…

    Overall, Accenture is a pathetic and disgusting company to work for …

  15. Accenture is the most sadu company I have ever worked in.

    Freshers, if you get a chance to work in some other company and you are GOOD at something (except at LICKING your manager’s ass) drop it right now, just drop it, Accenture is not for you.

    Go for your dream job, you will fight for it if you don’t have a job. Once you get into Accenture, you might think of staying there leaving your dream.

  16. There is internal pressure on the Marketing and HR employees to go scout these sites, form an army, and sway the balance of the reviews as there is no way Accenture’s rating is true. The only truly satisfied employees seem to be those that were just hired and born yesterday or the Multi-Millionaire Partners at the top who are extremely arrogant but seem very unhappy at the same time – trapped in all of their status and money, unsure about what else to be or what else to do…so they stay and act out all of their unhappiness on their staff because they can’t do it to the customer, at least not to their face.