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Accenture Amsterdam – How it is to Work for Accenture in The Netherlands

Accenture's office building in Amsterdam

The Accenture Amsterdam office has a poisonous and psychopathic atmosphere like the firm in general.

The working hours and environment in the Amsterdam office are extreme, and it has consequences. Out of everyone who burn out in The Netherlands, 40% come from Accenture.

Quick Facts about Accenture Netherlands

Employees:ca. 2300
Managing Directors:ca. 40
Notable Managing Directors:
  • Manon van Beek
    Country Managing Director, The Netherlands
  • Anja Montijn-Groenewoud
    Global Managing Director of Management Consulting – Resources and former Country Managing Director, The Netherlands
  • Sander van t’ Noordende
    Group Chief Executive Products Operating Group
  • Bas Telgenkamp
    Managing Director Technology Growth Platform
  • Joost A.C.N. de Haas
    Executive Director Management Consulting
Main Industries served:
  • Resources
  • Financial Industry
Main clients:
  • Nuon
  • Pon
Revenues (2012):EUR 640 million

Employee Comments

Heard in the office, when passing some HR Reps:

HR Rep: “[Sigh] It is so annoying when consultants don’t know when to resign.”

Employee Health

Of all the people that have a burn out in the Netherlands, Accenture employees represent 40%.

In other words, 40% of everyone that burns out in Holland come from Accenture. (Source: Accenture’s company clinic, HCC.)

Considering that the company had 2000 employees and the country has 8 million workers, the probability of burning out at Accenture is about 3000 times as high as the country in general. Other health problems like RSI and back problems are very common.

One estimation states that at least 20% of consultants have any of the above health problems at any given time.

HCC (formerly Schermer Trommel & De Jong) is the company “clinic”, and the Accenture account was handled by Dr. "H". This doctor is notorious for covering Accenture’s back and helping getting rid of burned out employees, by any means.

His tasks are: “guiding” sick employees to leave Accenture, taking the role of “good cop” when out-managing an employee, secretly reporting things told in doctor-patient confidentiality to Accenture (such as “I can’t take it anymore, their harassment is too much”), prescribing work hours to sick employees to keep pressure on them (thus forcing them to quit instead of getting well), and making sure there are no medical records with diagnosis or proof of illness in case there is a lawsuit against Accenture. He is an expert at this just like Accenture’s external labor lawyers. This law firm has the same aggression and ethics as its employer.

Accenture’s lawyers collaborate closely with its Company dr. when an employee needs to be out-managed.

If you have been harassed by Accenture, its lawyers or Company dr, please contact us, comment (below) or write an article to expose what is happening at Accenture.


Management consulting salaries at Accenture, approximate yearly (starting) salaries:

Managers:* €60.000
Senior Managers:* €80.000
Managing Directors:* €120.000
* = Managers and above do not get overtime pay. This means that a typical 3rd year consultant working normal overtime (+50%) will get a pay cut if promoted to manager (assuming he dared to report all his overtime).

Technology (SI&T):

Resources for Accenture Employees

Accenture being such a tough working environment, you might need all the help you can get as an employee. Here are some useful resources:

You might also want to join a union that can give you an income insurance or legal help insurance.


The Accenture Amsterdam office is located near the Amsterdam Zuid station, in the ITO Tower (floors 13-17). It is an open office landscape and has a really long desk called ‘the snake’ that goes through the entire office space on the 14th floor.

Worker bees enter on floors 13-15 while clients and others whom Accenture wishes to impress are received on the 17th floor. Floor 16 is the canteen.

Accenture Netherlands also has a (very) small office in Almere.

Help make this guide about Accenture Amsterdam better!

We need photos, horror stories, examples of failures and scandals.

Send us your additions or simply add them in the comments below and we will update.

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May 27, 2012
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