A collaborative campaign to expose the truth about Accenture

About Exposing Evil Empire

We gave Accenture the nickname evil empire.

What goes on at Accenture is bad, really bad. Not all the facts are out there, but some of them are. And that is a start.

Our goal is to expose Accenture for what it really is. We hope that evil empire will go out of business and its employees find good careers elsewhere.

Who We Are

We cannot tell you our names. Accenture being a multi-billion dollar business with an army of aggressive Managing Directors (MD:s) and lawyers, is too powerful for us to be able to reveal ourselves. What we can tell you is that we are a group of current and former employees.

We are sure Accenture will do everything they can to find out who we are and destroy our efforts to expose truths about them. If they succeed, we realize they can do a lot of damage to us. But so be it.

For us, joining Accenture was the biggest mistake of our careers and lives.

Since our Accenture days, we have learned that life is too precious to be abused by Senior Managers and Managing Directors who will stop at nothing to get that promotion.

Why We Created the Exposing Evil Empire-Campaign

To tell you the truth, there were many reasons for us to create this campaign. In the end, we believe in doing the right thing. We believe we can help others avoid our mistakes or at least help others get out of Accenture as fast as possible. Destroying something evil and helping others get away from it, we feel, is a good cause worth investing our time in.

Our Dilemma

While our goal is to bring down evil empire, we believe we can do this without making anyone unemployed.

So what about our colleagues at Accenture? A minority have … erhm… “what it takes” to go all the way to become Accenture Managing Directors – in other words, not very nice people.

But many of the people at the lower levels of the organization are well-meaning, talented, enthusiastic and smart guys and gals, just like us. Do we really want to make these good people unemployed? Of course not. They are in the same situation we were in.

We hope to motivate and inspire them to take the next step in their careers; there are many great jobs out there.

We also believe that by exposing Accenture, both you and the world will be better off. As a result, your next corporate job will be more enjoyable as well. Our goal is a better career life for all.

We believe in fact-based critique and humor rather than being aggressive or rude to other people. Not even to Managing Directors. ;)


Together we stand, divided we fall – we warmly welcome you to join our struggle. The most effective way to expose Accenture is for everyone to share their personal experiences. If you feel you want to do something, please tell your story or see what other ways you can contribute.

Feel free to contact us.

Well Accenture, we did not start this conflict, you did. And now it’s on.

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  1. Ever thought about looking at correlation of company/client/victim share price and accenture involvement .. ? A game of top trumps would be good here !?!

    Also look at Sainsbury’s and NHS in UK..

    See if anyone can fix google with a “successful accenture erp project” – none found, do you mean x# of failures etc, etc..

    Attrition rate of staff interesting – I had heard 48% in India and they were only able to hire 3rd class grads there ..

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, I have been waiting for my DOJ from Accenture and googled related things which led me to this.. Uff! Thanks for waking me up.

  3. If you’re going to rag on a company or person, perhaps you should actually have som evidential information to support your cause! I’m totally against some of these companies bit you absolutely have no supporting reasons for readers to understand your W’s…! Go back to school…!