A collaborative campaign to expose the truth about Accenture

Exposing Evil Empire is a collaborative campaign to expose the truth about Accenture.

Our goal is to reveal Accenture's unethical business practices against clients and how it really is to have a career at Accenture.

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They think they're agile. Never-ending requirements and nitpicking from 10 different people doesn't sound agile to me. One contractor's experience of working for Accenture. » Read more
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Accenture's Project Sales Document Leaked

An internal Accenture document of the firm’s ongoing sales efforts has been leaked with information normally unavailable to anyone outside of the executive ranks of the multinational firm. This gives an insight into the sales process and tactics of Accenture, which ... » Read more
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5 Tips to New Accenture Employees

If you are a new Accenture employee, these tips can help you get staffed on exciting projects and get the most out of your career at Accenture in terms of professional development and merits. » Read more
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Accenture, Nazis, Hells Angels, and the Opus Dei (Hope this Article Doesn't Upset Anyone)

Question: Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? Accenture Knows.